best teething biscuits ever

Nicholas has 2 teeth now (his bottom two) and more on the way.  He is kind of tired of the baby mum mums. (Although he will still eat them, he has a rather disappointed look on his face when I pull one out.)  The organic wheat biscuits I bought were exciting at first but taste like cardboard and he doesn't really like them anymore, either. 

I googled teething biscuit recipes earlier in the week and happened upon this super simple idea.  You take one slice of bread, cut off the crusts, roll it up (kind of smooshing it together) and microwave it for one minute.  Once it cools it is hard and ready to be gnawed on.  I upped the flavor factor by spreading his with a thin layer of earth balance (margarine) and sprinkling it with cinnamon and sugar.  He loves them!  (right now, anyways.)  They keep him busy for a long time (bonus!) and he hasn't gotten a big chunk off yet.  They get kind of slimy as he goes but he doesn't seem to mind.

Here's to easy, cheap and tasty teething biscuits!


p.s.  I got a new camera and it kind of sucks.  I will be returning it soon.  sigh.


  1. Thats a great idea, sorry about your camera though...whats up with it? seester See you in 49 days :}

  2. Too bad I am not having more babies to use that idea on. It sounds like a good one!

    Have you heard about the deal on uddercovers(dot)com? Pick a cover, use 'thanksgiving' in the promo line and you get it for free, just pay shipping and handling. AND when you do that, you get another offer to sevenslings(dot)com for the same thing, pay just shipping & handling.

    And then I figure I can see how they are made... =0) and have them in my gift box...

  3. My cousin just had a nursing cover up like those uddercovers and her mother in law had made it. you should google a tutorial. thanks for the tip...another one I'm passing on. :)


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