a big week for little pickles

Sunday - first time in nursery at church, first time crawling on all fours (he does this now on the kitchen floor as his knees slide easily, still army crawls everywhere else.  James saw him do it the first time and was SO excited.  very cute.)

Monday - first big boy bath in the sink

Tuesday - turned 7 mos old, got licked by first doggie, crawled up and down one stair at Teresa's

Wednesday - crawled up as many stairs as I'd let him for the first time at our house

Thursday - pulled himself up to full standing in crib, pulling up on everything he can  (I had just put this small chest of drawers in his room and he was playing with the lower 2 drawers yesterday, pulling them in and out.  A minute later he's pulling himself up on them and wouldn't stop.  I took the 2 drawers out and he hollered at me while I put them up in the closet.  poor pickles.  mama strikes again.)

Friday - TBD


I'd like to blog about other things but right now that girl on the left up there is screaming too loudly from her room.  It seems as if this is going on the third really hard day with her, from almost morning until night.  If I were to talk to my friend Jolee she would ask me if Ruby is at a 6 month mark.  She read somewhere (where, I can't remember) that kids go through a big adjustment period every six months or so.  That they add new "ability blocks" to their current load and need to "shuffle" it all to get a good grip again.  Ruby is at a six month mark and something is definitely underfoot.  I hope it passes soon and she goes back to the normal combo of sweet/salty that makes Ruby Ruby.

(item of note:  she is currently working on a swear word alphabet.  this is a dream of hers, to recite a swear word alphabet that she created herself.  She whispers the words to me as she comes up with them.  so far she has:  hate, stupid, pie hole, diaper head, butt pants, and apple poopy nose.)



  1. Oh Ruby. You make me laugh. I can only imagine what Jack's "shitty idiot" curse word alphabet would look like. (CLearly he uses worse curse words.)

  2. Oh my goodness, that Ruby! A swear word alphabet is rather diobolical isn't it? But in a hilarious four year old girl kind of way! Way to go on the shutterfly post, freebies are the BEST, no?

  3. I love the way she just made a good word a "bad" word so that she could have an a one:)


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