now why didn't I think of that?

Good thing I have smart friends.  Zoe and Kathy both suggested that I actually go to a real life store and, wait for it, try cameras out!  Brilliant!  I am going to do just that as soon as I get some time on my own.  Maybe this weekend?  Also, 3 friends have suggested Canons so I am definitely going to give them a look. 

(as a p.s. - go look at Kathy's new header.  It is beautiful.)


My darling husband is home.  He is cute and smells good and had tons of hugs and kisses for all of us this morning.  He went into work late so we got to have coffee together and it was very nice.  I'm so glad he's home.  I am also so thankful that the time he was gone went as smoothly as it did.  I don't even feel all tired and stressed out, just happy.  Love that.  Thanks, God.  Thanks, friends.  xo

(this morning)

Patrick loves to get us all cozy.  Either in bed or set up on the couch or just in his arms.  He will adjust and rearrange and bring footstools or do whatever and then (jokingly but probably wishing it would happen) say, "Okay, now go to sleep."  My husband loves to sleep and while it is not my favorite past time (except for at night and the occasional afternoon nap) I try to let him sleep in on the weekends, even if it kills me sometimes.  We are at a point where we need to rearrange some of each of our personal needs and wants to align with the reality of 3 kids, one of them a baby.  I spent some time (actually a lot of time) while he was gone thinking about our lives and coming up with some ideas to talk with him about.  We always had a good balance and I am sure we can find it again, it will just take some adjusting. 

I also realized the key to my weeks not feeling so crazy:  I tend to schedule appointments in the mornings because a lot of times there are a reduced number of children to drag along.  I think once in a while this would be okay but if I have two or more things taking up my "free" (ruby at preschool) mornings then I feel off balance the whole week.  Having this bit of quiet time at home during the morning is a huge deal to me and I think I need to try and keep it relatively free of scheduled stuff.

James has a dentist appt. tomorrow morning and I have one next Wednesday morning but after that I am going to try and be more aware of when stuff is scheduled.  Taking Ruby with for Nicholas' appointment would not be much harder than just taking him so why schedule it during my one daily break?  silly.  (also, pickles will need less appts. as time goes on so this might not even be a big deal...)  (hindsight.)

So now it's time to go fold some laundry.  Actually, a small mountain of laundry.  It's the one thing I let totally slide while the husband was away.  I washed it, and hung some of it up, but left most of it on the counter downstairs and I can hear it calling now.  (just like James called down this morning that he had NO pairs of SOCKS, MOM!!)



  1. Thanks for the shout out. You are sweet! (No surprise there!) Glad your hubby is home!

  2. We had a great time at our impromptu playdate yesterday too. Thanks for being so understanding about Dash the doggie sniffing and licking Mr. Pickles. But!!! You forgot the Us Weeklys!!! I'll tuck them away somewhere safe. :)

  3. GAH! I knew I forgot something!!

    And you're welcome, Kathy. My pleasure.


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