oh deer

I think I'm in love.  Is it wrong to say you're in love with something you made yourself?  I don't think so.  At least I'm not as in love as I was last night after I finished it...I couldn't get to sleep I was so pleased and excited.  Strange, no?  You probably know how I feel, though, if you are a crafty type.  :)  It doesn't happen very often but when something turns out EXACTLY like you imagined it, that's pretty magical.

Especially when something you spent far longer on, two days earlier, turns out kind of blech.

I'll show you the blech first.  I don't hate it but I definitely don't love it.  Just not my style, I guess.  I had never made anything patchwork of this size before and I guess I think it's too country bedroom-y or something.  I have the second all cut out, and I will finish it, but I don't love them.  And yeah, maybe next time?  I should cut back on the GINGHAM.  (I like gingham but come on, Stephanie!) 

For the back I used my favorite button up shirt trick in, surprise!, gingham:

The kids love them.  That counts for something.  ;)

Now, on to my favorite pillow ever which came out just like I imagined and was so simple:

Super cute and cozy!  Squeeeeeeee!  I cut out the deer from a favorite plaid shirt and sewed it onto a panel of thrifted sweater wool using my machine's blanket stitch.  I didn't use any stabilizer or anything, just pins, and it worked great.  I then used that same shirt for the back. 
I'm going to make a coordinating one with maybe a bird or a tree.  Love.  LOVE.

I needed that after the patchwork pillow downer.

Edited to add to Allison's Tell Me Tuesday! Click on the link to find lots of other great handmade items & ideas...



  1. ohmygoodness.....it is ADORABLE! Even the other one isn't as bad as you made it out to be, but the deer one is PERFEK! Thanks for the chicken recipe, too.
    Love.......mama mawanza

  2. thank you mom. and thank you for all your comments lately. it means a lot. xoxoox

  3. I love this idea! I'm starting my bags made out of coffee bean burlap bags this week and plan to use shirts like this and jeans for the lining since they are already finished. You take it to another level! Do you sew up the button side or leave it as is so it can be taken off and washed?

  4. I love it!!!! Sell some at that super cool crafty store!! I'd buy one in a second. Way to go :)

  5. It is perfect seester, I LOVE it too!If you make a bird one I will buy it. I called it first!! I can picture you lying in bed with a big smile on your face- hee hee xoxo Seester

  6. I love them all, even the first one.

  7. Thank you Susan, seester & Zoe. :)

  8. LOVE the deer pillow - SO CUTE!!!!

  9. OK, so this has been a fabulous thing for me, doing this link party, but this moment right now, RIGHT NOW, when I clicked on the thumbnail of YOUR SWEET PILLOW and I came here, to YOUR BLOG, this is the best moment.

    Really. XOXO


  10. Steph--I HAD to feature this as my number 1 fave from last week's party. Go grab yourself a button!


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