the panasonic lumix DMC-FP1

So, I bought this version of the Lumix.  The reviews were good and the zoom lens is non-telescoping so I thought it would be safe from sand screwing it up.  (the problem with my last 2'd think I'd learn!)  I hate it.  Teresa said they bought one for their son and it takes pretty nice pictures so maybe I just got a bad one?  Who knows, but it is going back.  (Amazon has a nice return policy.  I have until January 31 to return this camera for a full refund.  They pay shipping as long as I can print out the label at home.)

Here are a couple examples of the poor quality photos I've been getting:

Really?  This was using their "Intelligent Auto" mode.  HA!  I am not sure if the "noise" is visible on the blog but it was all over this picture.  And look at the color quality?  ugh.

Here's another, showcasing Ruby with her afternoon artwork and our messy art shelves in the background:

yuck.  Again with the grainy!  That never happened with my Sony, especially on a shot using the flash.  (which I would not have had to use with my sony...the kitchen lights were plenty to give me in-focus shots.)

Now, I know it was pretty cheap - $150 regular price, but I didn't expect quality this poor.  It must be a bum camera, right?  I will probably spend $100 more and get another Sony.  (BUT WILL NOT TAKE IT TO THE BEACH OR PUT IT IN OUR "SANDY" BACKPACK.)  Sorry about the caps but I need to get through to myself somehow.  :)

I would love a DSLR but at this point I still want a camera that fits in my pocket.  So, the search continues...


We had the nicest time at Teresa's house today.  We talked, Ruby and her son played, she made yummy cookies and mr. pickles got up close and personal with his first doggie. 

Now it's nearly dark and I haven't turned the lights on in here yet.  Pickles is napping, Ruby and James are downstairs watching TV and I have been catching up on some favorite blogs and looking at cameras.  Soon the show will end, the baby will wake up, I will turn the lights on and the evening ruckus will begin but this sure has been a nice break.

Patrick should be home by 11:00.  Yay!



  1. I have 2 canons and I LOVE them both. I would HIGHLY recomend a power shot.
    Good luck.
    Welcome back Patric.
    Love pickles in the tub.

    Sorry about not leaving comments lately.... Guess I kinda made up for it here:)

  2. I am on my 3rd Power Shot and I love them. One died after 5 years (we got it 2 days before Grace was born) and it may have died because I dropped it. I really don't remember. So we bought another one and of course it had better zoom and better everything. It's not throw in my purse-able though, a little too big, so I bought a little pocket power shot, which incidentally also has better everything than the first one, and it goes everywhere with me so I can stop missing the shots I wish I had my big camera for. I like them a lot! (Although I'd love an DSLR, too, but the budget won't support that right now.)


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