rub a dub dub, baby pickles in the tub

Last night was mr. pickles' first big boy bath.  He sat up in the sink all by himself and LOVED it.  I showed him how to splash and that may have been a mistake.

We were soaked.  The whole lower half of my shirt and pants was dripping, the curtains (you can see this in the picture), the rug...soaked.  It was so cute, though.  I couldn't help but say "splash!" in a really annoying, high pitched voice every time he splashed and boy, did he giggle.

I will do nearly anything for a baby giggle.  Won't you?

smoochie smoochie pickles.


  • oh, does my camera SUCK.  I will post examples sometime but am looking for a new one.  (this one will be returned.)  It takes decent pictures of a stationary object in perfect indirect lighting but um, that is not exactly my life.  I took lots of flash pictures last night and even most of them were out of focus.  Steady shot my ass.  (Patrick would say he'd give me a...  oh, nevermind
  • speaking of Patrick, he'll be home tonight!  (cue choir of angels)  He's been in San Diego since last Thursday so we are all very excited to get him back.  xoxox  
  • James sent him a text yesterday morning, "dad how much money do you have  give it all to me  james  (and then a bunch of heart emoticons)"  how sweet.  :)
  • Wendy took Ruby yesterday afternoon and let me tell you, it was a much needed break.  Thank you, Wendy!  xoxo
  • I did have a babysitter come over on Saturday for a little while and when I came home it looked like the Cat in the Hat had been watching them and left before he pulled out his big cleaning machine.  sigh.  
  • I asked her to come so I could go to the Glitter Workshop and do some shopping.  I love it there.  Have you been yet?  Naomi posted some pictures on her blog...go look.
  • I've listed some items in my etsy shop again.  Take a peek if you want to, I have free shipping on lots of items!  Blog readers & friends will get a little treat with their order.  :)  (there is also a link over on my sidebar near the top)
Alright, gots to go comb some hair.



  1. hey pickles.....gramma loves you xo

  2. What kind of camera did you get? I want to get a new camera and am thinking of a 4/3s or a dslr - not a point and shoot. I REALLY want something that takes pictures fast so that I can catch action. Don't know when it will happen though....


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