sing us a song, you're the (portable) piano man

That James sure is clever, ain't he?  Using my Brest Friend as a keyboard holder?  Nothing short of genius.

(As his mother, I am also quite proud of the camo shirt layered under the Star Wars one and the band-aid on his forehead covering up a Ruby-related wound.)

(In the photo I chose not to share, he was on his tip toes.)

(You're welcome.)


Patrick and I had a talk recently in which I made a little confession.

I am such a better late afternoon mother when he is out of town. 

Does that sound strange?  It kind of does to me but it's the truth.  Late afternoons are the hardest part of the day and it's much easier to let myself get swept up in all the dramatics when I know he'll be home in a while to pick up the pieces and give me a break.  When he is gone I know I am on my own and things will be much nicer if I keep my business together, so I do. 


I have tried pretending he is not coming home but it's just not the same.

I guess I'll just be thankful that it works this way.  That I can dig deep when I have to.  :)

(and I am not saying that every afternoon is a hot mess around here, mother.)  ;)


In other news,

well.  I don't really have any other news.  Um, wait a minute...I guess Pickles has decided it's his turn to be sick and went and rustled himself up some sniffles today.  That baby is crawling everywhere and I love it.  I love laying on the floor and watching him come towards me like a baby tank, he just crawls over whatever is in his path.  I also love when he smiles at me.  It makes me feel so happy.  It makes me want to eat him.

(Years and years ago I wrote a poem about being afraid to have babies because I might want to eat them.  Whoa...I predicted the FUTURE!)

That reminds me of this:

S:  (talking to Patrick on Sunday)  Well, maybe not now but sometime in the future it will be.
R:  (from couch)  Mom, are we going to the future today?
S:  No, Ruby.  Not today.
R:  Oh good.  I am too tired for that future place today.


I need to go get some sleep.  In bed by 9 was my goal.  I have 27 minutes to sew.



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