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Last night Patrick and I did his expense reports for his last 4 trips. (He has gone four times since Nicholas has been born...that is more than the whole previous year!) 4 trips, $2500.00 in expenses. About half of that was charged and the rest has come out of our monthly cash. No wonder we've been feeling poor lately. He also found receipts for 2 trips he took, one in 2006 and one in 2007, that he never turned in reports for. sigh. Those are on the agenda for tonight. He is an accountant's nightmare. (but he's my little nightmare and better late than never, right? And right in time for the holidays!) (no coincidence there.) We were up until midnight because the internet was down until nearly 10pm. yawn.

The weekend seems so long ago already but we had a good one so it deserves mentioning. Ruby and I had a lunch and shopping date on Saturday (Panera & Target) and we all went to church/trader joe's/the zoo on Sunday. After we got home I baked blueberry muffins, banana bread, made red sauce for dinner and taco meat for last night's dinner. There was some football and a few naps mixed in, too. Later that evening Patrick surprised the kids and came upstairs with two blue plastic things tied to his head with a belt. They squealed with a mix of terror and glee and things got really crazy for a few minutes.

I got one picture of the get-up but when I jokingly told Patrick last night that I had put it on the blog, he gave my fingers the "labor squeeze." ouch. Guess I can't show you. Too bad because it's really flipping funny.

Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment and then will take all the kids to get groceries. WTH am I thinking?? We don't need much, I already got a turkey, but do need to get some berries for a yummy sounding pie that my sister-in-law Cheryl told me about. Razzleberry! James also wants a chocolate pie so I have to do some recipe hunting. We are staying home for Thanksgiving, just our family. I'm sure we'll have pangs of missing but it sounds kind of nice, too. And my whole clan is coming in December so I won't have to miss them for too long. Now if we could just get ourselves to North Carolina...

Nicholas slept until 8:30 today so he didn't really feel like going down for his nap at 9:00. (not that I didn't try. haha!) He was a little beast yesterday and I'm hoping today will go better. I think he must have needed the sleep. He is pulling up on everything and writing lots of daring checks that his little body can't cash yet. He will fall down, cry, want to nurse, nurse for .5 second and then be on his way again. I'm going to try some new soothing methods today that don't involve my nipple. I guess if he is bleeding, he can nurse. No blood? Here's a hug.


Did you know Christmas is in one month and two days? yikes. I have started a bit of shopping for the kids but Patrick and I still have to decide if we're going to shell out for a Wii or something. If we do, it would be the "family" gift and there would only be a few other small things. (well, Ruby would still get one "wow" present because she could care less about a wii.) Neither of us is sure that we want one but James is sure enough for all of us. :) The kids will also be getting: art supplies (my sister got them a ton last year and it was awesome), 2 books each (ordered from scholastic), new journals (kind of goes with art supplies), and some sweats ordered with the school name on them. Nicholas is getting alphabet blocks and one of those musical stacking ring things from fisher price. (a favorite baby toy of mine. hope he likes it!) If anyone asks, I might request a Children's Museum membership for the family.  I'm not sure how often we'd go to ours but Teresa convinced me how awesome the reciprocity deals are.  (I like ours but Patrick would hate the crazy.)  I am probably going to stay up extra late (again) and order my photo books by tomorrow through snapfish.  They have a b1g1free deal that ends tomorrow.  (sorry shutterfly, I love ya, but that sure beats 20% off)

Well, Nicholas is all tangled up in the computer cords so I have to go.

While all the chaos with Patrick and the big kids was going on Sunday night, pickles felt left out.  I let him go to town with some dot matrix printer paper and he was a happy boy.  :)


*title by mr. pickles


  1. What's with North Carolina?

  2. Wow....nice timing for his expense reimbursement, hmmmm? By the way, you didn't waste much time washing Nick up after his supper....he is covered in something awful looking......good thing gramma will be there before too long....."hold on little baby, I'm coming". :)
    I have to work late tonight....yuk. Only one more day though..........kiss those kids for me, ok? I love you all.


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