this -n- that

James took a picture of his bare bum with my phone the other night.

He is definitely not getting a cel phone until he is 18. 


We had a fun Halloween, a nice Sunday.  Saturday was kind of hard for Patrick and I again but I think we are moving out of this icky patch we've been in.  We had had such a nice week (after arguing the weekend before) that it was really hard to have everything start up again on Friday night. 

I am not taking the blame for everything but I know that I haven't been myself the last couple of weeks.  I am hoping that after the funeral I can start fresh.  I think I just need some time to mourn and be sad and then I'll feel better.  Haven't really had that yet, haven't really let myself. 

A friend asked me last week why I would even mention it on here when Patrick and I aren't getting along.  I guess I feel almost obligated to as I am always going on and on about how much I freaking love him and how funny he is, etc etc etc.  I never go into details about our disagreements, and we don't have them all that often, but of course we do from time to time. 

(another friend asked who had the poops in our house last weekend.  :)  When I said we had a "poopy" weekend it meant shitty.  I was just trying not to curse.  hee.) 

Okay, then.  Moving on.

Last night after trick or treating, James started talking about bobbing for apples.  He asked if we could do it next year but I said, "How about now?"

They loved it and I got major fun mom points.  After the apples we bobbed for (wrapped) candy.

After the wrapped candy bobbing James totally lost his poop (read: shit) and had to practically be carried up to bed.  Once he was changed into jammies and had brushed his teeth he calmed down, thank goodness.  sugar + excitement + staying up late = hard times for buddy. 

I have to add that seeing James & Ruby dressed up and running from house to house together made me tear up.  Patrick felt it, too, it was just that kind of night.  The kind when you are so thankful.  And then there was baby pickles all cuddled up in his stroller just taking it all in.  sigh.  (no, I never made the pickle costume...bad mom!)  Ahhhhh, Halloween, we'll see you next year.

 And just so I don't leave pickles out, here is a picture of him at Target last week.  He had munched on his first real biter biscuit during the trip and was so filthy. 

(thank you heidi for the cart thing...we love it! and thank you teresa for the little cute!)


p.s.  remember in grade school when everything was something -n- something?  My favorite (from the era) was Steph -n- Kurt.  tlf.  (ha!)


  1. I keep thinking about your "not my first rodeo" comment from a few days ago, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about how your parenting has changed, maybe, over the course of parenting 3 kids. I know my number 3 sometimes gets the best of my parenting, and sometimes the worst.

    So glad you are enjoying that vest. I have distinct memories of all three of my boys wearing it. It is super cute, and I love that it's still out there in the world.

    I know that this week isn't good (so sorry again about your grandma), but let's get a time that we can get together. Enzo is still asking for his friend Ruby to come to our house. :)

  2. we'd love to come over, teresa. let's talk next week. :)


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