this thanksgiving, our joy was contagious

No, really.  It was. 

The joy was contagious along with the pink eye, cough and GI issues troubling my eldest 2 children.


It may not have been the standard Thanksgiving celebration but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.  "Pass me the gravy and the hand sanitizer, please."

The whole weekend was really good and felt like it was about a month long, in a good way.

There was turkey and pie and Black Friday shopping (for bras!  alone!), naps, Holiday Fantasy in Lights (although I do think "fantasy" is a bit of a stretch), movies, cleaning, crossing names off of lists, ordering books and cards, tons of laundry, a walk, playing outside.  Very good.  I loved it.

Now the week is starting with the harsh reality of life with small children who have coughs/dry throats/runny noses.  Last night, between the hours of 11pm-6am, I was woken (is that right? woken??) up SEVEN times, maybe even eight.  Does that even count as sleep at all?  I think not.  I think I will always refer to this as "that one night that it got dark and I fell asleep and then it was still dark but I did not sleep any more."

the end. 

Pray for me, Patrick is out of town again.  (he was the 7th wake up...I can't complain about a kiss goodbye, really.)



  1. Oh no!! What a mess. Will you call me if you need anything?? REally??


  2. oh my goodness seester! i wish i could help! i will pray that you dont collapse :) i love you , im glad you found bras though, call me whenev xoxo

  3. thank you, Heidi. I will. promise.

    (I might need you to watch the kids all day tomorrow? Would that be okay??) heehee. :)

    thanks for the prayers, seester. so far, so good. I think it's all the extra "support" I have now. MWAH HAHAHAHHAAA.

  4. I will not offer to help, because I do not want the kids for the day;) I hope that things are better now.


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