holy cow, where did this all come from?

I haven't mentioned it (or maybe I have?) but Nicholas has been sick since last Monday.  He is either ferociously teething or picked up a little bug at church.  It hasn't been too bad, just super snotty (me=human kleenex) and a bit grouchy.  It was a bummer as he had just ended a cold, like, the day before but such is life.  I keep calling it kennel cough even though he hasn't been coughing.
Right now he is chewing on a frozen bagel. 

Yesterday afternoon Ruby came down with pink eye.

I felt so lucky when we didn't all get it at Thanksgiving when James had it.  :)  When I told her what it was she exclaimed, "Oh!  My friend Caleb has pink eye!"  The choices on the infectious buffet at preschool this week were pink eye and lice.

I'm glad we got pink eye.

Right now Ruby is up in our room watching cartoons and occasionally coming down the stairs to tell me what she wants when she is older.

We got some snow yesterday so I went out and shoveled this morning.  Patrick and I ordered a few gifts from Amazon earlier in the week and we seem to be getting packages almost daily.  I didn't want our sweet postman to have to trudge through the snow.  Once I was out there it felt so good that I did our sidewalk and most of the neighbors.  We are totally going for a walk today.  It is gorgeous out.

Right now I am sitting here in fresh jammie pants and my favorite sweatshirt.  (Mt. Wachusett!  woot!)  The coffee is dripping and the snuffly baby is gnawing happily next to me.

Oh, this is funny:  Wendy is normally at our house a few times a week, if not more, for preschool pick up and drop off.  I'd say 95% of the time Nicholas is in his high chair when she steps in.  :)  I promise he is not in this thing all the time!  She just happens to come at his meal times a lot and it is so funny.

My sister is completing her first semester of RN school.  I am so proud of her.  She has done an amazing job at both becoming a mother and school, worked so hard.  Yesterday when I talked to her she was making cookies with Jacob in the Moby wrap.  (don't worry, mom, she took him out before she leaned over to put the cookies in the oven.)  (yesterday I totally leaned over to put cheese breads in the oven with pickles in the bjorn.  he was fine.)  Anyways, Congratulations Seester!

My brother and his girlfriend are completely moved into their new house.  It is gorgeous and they have done an amazing job decorating and designing.  Thomas did all the tile work.

 Gorgeous, right??  I told him I wanted to move in and he said I could!  See ya, family!  ;)

I also loved this picture he took of their backyard.  This makes me want to be in Minnesota every time I look at it.


What I don't love is that a favorite uncle is in the hospital.  They just found out he has Leukemia and we are all waiting to here more news from the Mayo Clinic.  Please pray for my Uncle Larry if you think of it.  He is the warmest man and I love him so much.

How can I segue from cancer to cookies?  I can't.

I bought all this earth balance (vegan margarine) for cookie baking when I can totally use butter this year.  Oh well.  I do like earth balance but will use butter in the shortbreads as nothing beats that flavor.

James ate 3 slices of pizza the other night.  Regular pizza with regular cheese.  It was on his birthday actually, and I had a moment.  At 6 months we found out he had food allergies...at 7 years he ate a slice of pizza.  What a long road and while it isn't over, this is still a wonderful and happy progression.  Last night he had cheese toasts and complained that there wasn't enough cheese.  hee!  He can tolerate melted and baked cheese.  I see tuna melts in our future and told Patrick we'll be having pizza every week for a while.

Maybe next year I'll be able to use eggs in my Christmas cookies?  Who knows.

I might be done catching up.  See what happens when I don't post much all week?  Thank you if you've stayed with me all this way.

And just because I think they are darling, I will share one more thing.  I recently saw these little cake stands in a magazine.  I ripped the picture out and had it stuck to my bulletin board.  $120 for a cake stand made out of a thrifted candlestick?  That is so not my world.  At the dig a while back I found most of these components (I got the red plate at Target for $1.49) and made my own for about $1.50 each.  (I figured in the cost of the tiny bit of E6000 I used.)

(they are not glued all together, this is two individual cake plates.)

This is what I started with, two candle holders and 2 dinner plates:

They make me happy, just sitting there on my counter.  Right now they have bananas and muffins on them.  Soon there will be cookies....



  1. I am very happy to hear about James!!!! It made me smile. Love the cake stands (they would make great gifts..... just a thought;)


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