I find it hilarious

that last Friday afternoon I was so calm about everything.  Because on Friday night?  Forget it.  I found myself hunched over my sewing machine, swearing, and made myself stop.  That is not how I want to spend the next less than 3 weeks.  Sewing at night is fine if everything goes well but not so fine when things go wrong, as they often do when I sew.  I don't have the patience to deal with it when I'm tired and it immediately becomes un-fun.

So.  That's that for the handmade Christmas.  :)  If I get to something, I get to it.  If not, there's always the rest of the year to send someone a little surprise.

Saturday night I tried going to do a little shopping by myself.  About an hour after I left Patrick called and said Nicholas woke up and was not happy.  sigh.  I grumbled to myself and slouched out into the snowy night to head back home.  I passed by a horrible accident with 3 cars and 2 firetrucks and 5 ambulances and just started to cry.

I asked myself what is most important to me this year, in these next few weeks?  Here's what I decided:

1.  Almost the first thing that came to my mind was baking cookies for James.  I have a life long love of Christmas cookies, especially the ones my Grandma made, and I have a strong desire for him to experience that beautiful cookie tray, too.  (okay, beautiful might be a stretch.  my grandma's were beautiful, though.)  This might sound strange but I can't explain it any better.  When I thought of what was most important?  There it was.  For me, cookies = love at Christmas, I guess.

2.  Talking about Jesus with my kids and going to church with my family.  (second only to cookies.  :)  )

3.  Finish shopping in one more well-planned daytime excursion.

4.  mailing cards and presents

5.  wrapping gifts for family with Patrick while we drink wine or hot chocolate

6.  put up tree and watch a Christmas movie together

That's it.

Of course I want my house clean before my family comes but my mom is coming early so I know she will play with pickles while I vacuum.  (thanks mom.  xoxo)

So now I am trying to stay true to that stuff and forget the rest.  There is a birthday party in there but that should be easy as a certain Mr. Chuck E. Cheese is taking care of most of the work. 

You all must know by now that I love my blog and posting here every morning.  If I don't get to it I feel like I might be letting someone down but honestly, I'm sure no lives are hanging in the balance.  :)  So, please excuse slow or no posting here for the next few weeks.  Thank you.

What is on your list?  Pray or meditate on that and then go for it.


p.s.  I did somehow find time to take 150 photos of this monkey bowl we thrifted last week.

I wish all my dishes had cute little monkeys hanging off the edge.

Oh wait, no I don't.  So hard to stack!


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