it still makes me nervous

to see James with a slice of pizza in his hand.

It makes me happy, it's a step in the right direction I suppose, but I still don't quite trust it.

If he had to go back to no dairy I'd be fine with that...that's what we know, what's familiar.

I'm just glad he didn't have to back tonight.

It was so fun, and so strange, to see him dig into the pizzas with his friends.

Patrick and I said a little prayer as we watched him.

Thank you, Lord.


p.s.  chuck e. cheese is flipping exhausting.  :)


  1. I just realized I was holding my breath while I read this. I can't even imagine how long you held yours. I'm so happy for James. Chuck E Cheese is insane.

  2. what Susan said. that would be scary. how incredible to see him eating pizzas with his friends though. i hope we eventually get there. won't it be great to get to the point when the anxiety with food is completely gone? i long for that day. when i don't have to keep a watchful eye on him around food. when he is near a table loaded with different foods, and he can pick and eat whatever he wants. i am sooo happy for you and James that you are closer to that day.


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