i've been diagnosed with CADD

It's fairly common among the crafty set.  Like depression, it can come and go and leave you feeling unsettled and slightly like a maniac.

It's Crafting Attention Deficit Disorder.

There is so much stuff I want to make!  I even made myself a list and then I went and started something new!  FOCUS, Stephanie.  Focus!  gah.  I wish I could run away to a cabin in the woods for 3 hours a day and just finish this stuff.  My bedroom at night is fine but it's not the same.  There is this bed and this husband and a tv and a stack of books and it's just too hard.

The good thing is that I'm not feeling stressed about this.  I just want to make it because it is fun for me right now, not because I feel like I have to.  Will little Jacob be sad if he doesn't get a stuffed rhinoceros*?  I doubt it.  (Unless Andrea told him which I specifically asked her not to!!)

Wendy invited us over this afternoon so I am trying to get my business together so I don't have to come home to a house that looks like a bomb went off.  Pickles just went down for a nap, Ruby is watching TV, I am going to shower and then quickly do the following:

address envelope for mailing (sold 2 wine bags on etsy!  woot!)
wash small dishes left in sink
put laundry in dryer
start a new load (well, collect it all and bring it down first)
give Ruby a bath
gently direct and assist Ruby in picking up her toys in living room
feed us all lunch
brush and floss
pick up pickle toys
start van

Sorry, had to add that last one just because.  I hope I made at least one of you choke a little or spit out coffee.

*I was kidding about the stuffed rhino.


Liz is the lucky mobile winner!  Ruby picked your name out of a bowl a bit earlier...please send me your address and I will send this off to you.  :)  I love Liz's blog and always enjoy her posts on Advent.  She encourages me to celebrate this special time in simple way.  Thank you, Liz. 

I have a couple more items I'd like to send to someone.  I hope to do that next week.


The dirt cake was a hit.  Patrick and James came home and showed me their snowflakes they made out of coffee filters.

??  What ever happened to building fires?  Ha ha, I laughed at Patrick cutting out coffee filter snowflakes.  That cracked me up.

And one more gratuitous pickle shot:

Have a super weekend everyone.  Here's hoping my palms stop sweating so I can get this house picked up.

Can you say too much coffee???



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