lots of kids art, that is not your own kids art. I'm sorry.

I wanted the tv downstairs for a few reasons.

1.  I was sick of the noise it created.  There is enough noise in our house already.
2.  I thought the kids would watch less of it.
3.  I thought when they did watch it, they would be far, far away and it would be even quieter up here.

This is what happened:

It is quieter up here and I love that.  We listen to music more often or just have silence going under the sound of our own little tornado of life.

They definitely watch less TV.  A lot less.  Ruby will sometimes watch up in my room or we will all watch together on the weekends but no one really wants to go downstairs alone.

When they do watch it, and they are downstairs, it is a nice little break up here.

I was moaning to my mother how I thought it would lure them downstairs more often but it really doesn't.  My children seem to circle around me, wherever I am.  My mom said it was because they love me so much, because I am so much fun.  HA!  Has she seen me lately??  ;)

I know this is the kind of thing people will tell me to appreciate now, because it changes.  I really do.  I just sometimes *need* them away from me for a while and during those times I just make them play upstairs or downstairs.  (like when I'm trying to get dinner on the table or, God forbid, on the phone.)

One of the benefits of the TV being gone is Ruby and her art.  She is at the kitchen table at least 10 times a day coloring, cutting, painting, taping and gluing.  James usually joins her after school for a while.  I do love the stuff they come up with but don't tell...a lot of it gets recycled, too.

I feel kind of bad about that.

Moving on.

And so, to cement this as a post that only a mother could love, here are far too many pictures of Ruby's latest creations:

And one from James that cracked me up.  The first part of the sentence said, "I do not like..."

Oh, and that was by James G., not just James.
It helps that the bulk of their creations are done on paper from a free ream of dot matrix printer paper that we got from the library.

 We are set for at least 3 weeks.  ;)

We finally got our tree up yesterday afternoon.  The kids and I did it while pickles was napping and it was a lot of fun.  Ruby requested we sing Christmas songs afterwards.  You know, after we put on the garlic.  (garland.  hehe)

I am loving this felt garland I made either 2 or 3 years ago.  I had small strands to make a mobile but sewed them all together and got this:

How do you know how many garlands are too many garlands?  We are currently at six, not counting the ones on the tree.  I guess I love garlands.

And finally, a picture of my boys yesterday afternoon:

James' school concert is at 2pm so I need to go get ready.

Happy weekend to you all!



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