One of my favorite things I made for the Craftacular last year were these little ornaments made from vintage Christmas light bulbs:

A woman emailed me last week to see if I could personalize 11 of them ASAP.  I considered it for a hot second but realized it just didn't fit into my plan to not stress myself out right now.  So I sadly told her no.  (I have some plain ones available in my etsy shop right now.)

But what a great idea!

At JoAnn's yesterday I used one of my coupons to buy a sharpie paint pen.  I love this thing.  (An older gentleman in the aisle recommended it over another I had in my hand and I'm so glad he did.)

If you'd like to make one for yourself, it's quite simple.  First get some old bulbs, I find they are plentiful at thrift stores at this time of year.  Second, cut thin ribbon into strips about 4-5 inches.  Hot glue one strip of ribbon onto the top of your bulb.  Next, find a cute wider ribbon (I used bias tape) and cut a piece to fit around the top of the bulb with a slight overlap.  Wrap this around, covering what you just glued on, and hot glue together in the back.  Next, get your handy paint pen, that you got for 40% off, and write a little something on your bulb.

Hang and enjoy.  :)



  1. these little bulbs where what I was going to get if I won your 10 gift card. Guess now I just have to shell out the money, because that made them SOO MUCH CUTER and they where pretty darn cute to begin with.

  2. Not that they are a ton of money because they are not I was just being lazy:) I will talk to you about an exchange (my money for your cool crafts:) have you thought about putting these in the craft store??? Man I just need to talk to you... these comment spaces are just not enough:)

  3. yes, call me zoe. :) glad you like them.

  4. Love these! (As I recite to myself, "I will not add these to my already too long craft list of to-dos before Christmas! I will not add these...")

  5. Mine are hanging on my fridge! Merry Merry Christmas! See you Soon!

  6. I just came over from One Pretty Thing and had to say that this is a great idea! I knew I was keeping all those old burnt out lights for a reason (if hubby didn't throw 'em away...). Thanks for the idea!


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