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I think sometimes I might sound all chipper on here about a lot of stuff in my life, even the hard stuff.  I want you to know that is because I write about it after it has happened and I have had some time to process it.  I want you to know that I do try to see the good in a bad situation and to give thanks to God even when some days are hard.

I have so much to be thankful for.  So much.  Everything I need, I have. 

I was stopping by to show you a few cute pictures of my baby and his bean bags, and I still will, but the headline on Yahoo about 2,000,000 people losing their unemployment benefits hit me hard.

This is why I try not to complain about Patrick working a lot or having to travel.  He has a job that comfortably supports all 5 of us.  5 people on one man's shoulders.  That is a lot of responsibility.  I pray I will always, in all moods and circumstances, let him know how much this means to me.  (I also know I will fail at this as I am kind of a baby sometimes but I will and do try.)

Sometimes I wish I could slow down and thoughtfully write about this kind of thing but I honestly don't have the time.  All I have time for is this rush of emotion and I hope what I am trying to say gets across.  I am thankful.  I am blessed.  I need to be thankful for every minute with my healthy family in our warm house. 

Jeesh.  Where did that come from?  Praise God!  Sometimes it just overwhelms me, the love He has for me.  For all of us.

Should we talk about Jesus?

;)  I'm kidding.  Not that that would be a bad thing but right now I want to show you my baby.  (do you all think I am crazy?  just a little emotional this morning, I guess.)

Patrick said it seems too weird to come home and see him standing up.  Slow down, Mr. Pickles.  That is an order.

Sorry about the snot in this one.  Teresa gave us this LeapFrog table that we had had (from Auntie Cheryl!) for our other two kids but I had given away.  Thank you, Teresa.  He loves it.

I am slowly, slowly getting the house decorated.  One ball and red candle at a time.  (this pretty mix of new and vintage balls hanging in my kitchen window are always a favorite of mine.)

And finally, I love this old painting I thrifted a couple of years ago.  The dog chasing the boy is my favorite part.

I forgot!  Here are the bean bags:

I have a feeling that the big kids and Patrick will get more use out of them initially.  Simple and cute. 

Now I have to go do a quick clean up of the house before Ruby gets home.  15 uninterrupted minutes of cleaning equals at least 2-3 hours worth of cleaning with children under foot.  (quite literally in pickles' case.)



  1. Little Nicholas is STANDING! Get out!

    so glad that Leapfrog table is getting some good use. Please tell me you cleaned out all of our muck from the corners (ewww, gross, sorry again about that!).

    Beanbag toys for a baby! Brilliant! I think I want to gnaw on one too. And you have the most precious choice of fabrics there too!

  2. just dropping by to say praise Jesus for all that He has done for you and me. so many blessings. oh, and i want those bean bags. i have nothing to do with them but they make me want to go camping in the 50's in a wood-sided suv with a plain Thermos. with a little boy with a cowlick and overalls. xoxo

  3. Hey....I want to praise Jesus, too. mama

  4. Love this post. Cannot believe Nicholas is standing. Crazy!! The bean bags are adorable. Once again you are brilliant.
    God is good. It is amazing how He moves in our lives. I too am thankful for Him and all He does.

  5. I do not want you to forget that even through Patrick all of you on his pay check that YOU work HARD to make that money go very far! It would be harder if you did not have such a wonderful way to make all these wonderful things with thrifted stuff. (just did not want you to forget about all you do for that wonderful family of 5 of yours:)

  6. my big boy............I could eat him right up. give him a kiss from gramma, ok? well, kiss all of them from gramma, ok? oh, and i'm with zoe honey, you are pretty fun to see in action.

  7. Love that idea of the Christmas ornaments hanging in front of the kitchen window. I don't have curtains in my kitchen or dining room ( we live 700 ft off the road surrounded by trees, no worries on people looking in).
    Know that you are not alone feeling blessed that your husband can provide and being grumpy about all the travel. I'm right there with you sister!

  8. Thank you all for all for taking the time to comment here. Each time I get an email that someone commented it makes my day a little more fun. xoxo


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