rough start

Mr. Pickles had a hard day yesterday with all the boogies and poopies.

(everything sounds cuter with "ies" after it, no?  How about a bad case of the divorcies or the chubbies?  :)  ) 

He had a hard time nursing before bed but once he was down he only woke up once and slept in until 8am.  Good, right?

Well, not really.  Nicholas is our alarm clock, you see.  So I also slept in until 8am, along with Ruby, while James happily played Legos.


That was the idyllic scene screeching to a halt.  James lost his poop when I told him what time it was and was so! mad! at! me!  I felt awful but didn't think I should give in and let him stay home.  (like I did after his first dental work appt. (he got a cap) and I regretted it about 2 hours later.)  I called Betty, our school secretary who keeps everything running, and asked her for advice because I felt guilty and flustered.  She agreed that I shouldn't set a precedent and that he'd be fine once he got here.  She would meet us at the door.  :)  (Betty is so awesome.)

(I should add that this happened last month but he was only 10 minutes late so he wasn't very upset.  Today was 30 minutes late.  the horror.)

So Betty met us and he was sad (and! mad!) but went with her and I drove home feeling awful.  I feel better now.  I will apologize again when he has calmed down.  I understand how feeling like you are different in any way (like walking in late) can feel awful to a kid.  I also know that one has to learn to deal with that sometimes.  (James does this nearly every day, though, already.  Thank you, food allergies.)  So, it was a bummer of a morning.

The good news is that Ruby was ready in time.

Oh wait, a funny thing.  As I was getting back into the van, James' kindergarten teacher walked out of the school and came over to say hello.  We talked for a minute about James and then she leaned in to say hi to Ruby.  Ruby kindly offered her some Twizzler bits.  at 8:30am.

my bad.  (got to get those out of the car!)

Patrick comes home later.  I miss him like crazy.

Those foam glittery stickers in the photo above?  Saved my butt this week.  $5 worth of stickers that provided at least 3 hours of fun for 2 kids?  DEAL OF THE CENTURY.  James worked very hard on a sweet Christmas scene.  He later pointed out to me how he had organized the presents under the tree..

sigh.  My first born.  I am so proud of him.  (andIpromisenottooversleepagainthisyear)

I am also sewing bean bags for my baby and their plumpness in my hand is very satisfying. 

I want to spend more time making stuff for the next couple weeks.  I am not sure what that means for this space.  We shall see.  I do have a cute pickles picture for later.

OH WAIT!   I nearly forgot.  I was imagining the Frosty mobile as a decoration for anywhere in the home during winter.  If you like it but don't have a baby, please leave a comment anyways.  Mobiles aren't just for babies, you know.  Try sitting under one some time.  :)



  1. GO PICKLES! I am so excited to see all of you, I love your family.

  2. Just add it to the Mom guilt pile! Hopefully it will be one of those things he doesn't even remember in a year. ;0)


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