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Surprise, surprise, Ruby woke up with a fever in the middle of the night last night.  She is fine today (that seems to happen to her from time to time) but couldn't go to school.  I was very sad and discouraged at 2am (most everything except perfect baby snuggles are discouraging at 2am) and had to wake up and go to the dentist by 8am.

They ground and drilled at my teeth for nearly 2 hours and then I paid them over $1000.00 for the pleasure.

Yes, I got a crown for Christmas!  :)  A dental crown.  I have a temporary one on for the next 2 weeks. 

Man, that hurt.  Not at the time but now I am so sore.  Patrick brought the kids to me afterwards and it worked out well, having Ruby along, after all.  I got a couple of errands done that I wouldn't have had time for (if I would have had to be back to get her by 11:30) and now we are all back home.

Mr. Pickles is napping and I just gingerly chewed a sunbutter sandwich.  Ruby is working on Christmas gifts for some loved ones.  :)

If there is one thing I am discouraged about right now it is my cookie baking.  I am hoping that I'll get some time on Saturday to focus on this.  I'm going to talk with Patrick tonight to confirm his assistance with child wrangling for that day.  He has some stuff he is planning on doing (outlets downstairs...yay!) but I think we can make it work.  Hopefully Ruby will be fever-free tonight so she can go to school tomorrow.

Last night Ruby asked me why I picked Patrick to be the Dad.  I told her I picked him because he was so kind and funny and also very cute.  I asked her if I had made a good choice.  She thought for a minute and said I had.  She also said that she didn't think Riley at school would be her choice because he is kinda boring and not that funny.  :)

The kids and I did errands for 5 hours yesterday afternoon, a personal best.  We got home past Nicholas' bed time but he had slept in the van and was in a good mood.  Patrick cut arm and face holes out of a big box we have and was chasing the big kids around, acting like a robot.  Nicholas was totally bewildered.  He had the funniest look on his face...I'm pretty sure it was the baby version of what the...?  Patrick said he is going to go for a walk wearing the box on Saturday, just to see people react.  I hope he does.  (after I make cookies.)

I also hope you are all having good weeks.  :)  xoxo


  1. OK, catching up here and I just have to say, that in the first pic, we have the same exact three vintage Fisher Price toys! (See, I knew we were kindred spirits!) XOXO


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