My little pickle poppers is very sick.  He has a cold and pink eye and just seems miserable.  Teething, too?  His pink eye seems mild, more goo than pink.  Just thought you should know.  :)

I am baking cookies, this recipe, which is no fail but only makes 2.5 dozen.  No fail as long as I don't burn them like I burned nearly 3 dozen on Saturday night.  (a different kind.  sigh.)

James should be home soon and I promised him a game of MouseTrap.  Man, I hate that game almost as much as Battleship.  ;)  Maybe he will have changed his mind to Yahtzee?  One can hope.

Here is pickles, scratching my bum with his little fingers.  I must go now.  My poor little boo.


oh yeah, Ruby is better and kind of sassy today.  I will link to the 4 year old info I found soon.



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