Friday, January 29, 2010

quiet, please

We saw the doctor yesterday (actually a PA that I really liked) and James definitely has an ear infection.  Both ears are infected but one was particularly bad.  My poor little moaner.  :)  He is feeling better already as some of the pressure has been released  (won't go into details) and is back at school today after a good night of sleep.  Ruby had a chest xray that ruled out pneumonia so whatever she has going on is just viral, thank God.  She also has a double ear infection so they are both on antibiotics for the next 9 days.  Her cough sounds awful but it doesn't bother me nearly as much now that I know we just all have a bad cold.

As an aside, I've definitely noticed that noise is probably the biggest anxiety trigger I have.  Not all noises but certain noises, repetitive noises, can really make me feel anxious and angry.  I realize it though, so when it's someone coughing over and over and over (or moaning) I know I just need to get an occasional break from it or I might lose my cool.  Patrick started coughing last night, too.  :)  Luckily I didn't call him any names.  (maybe just in my head)

Anyhow, Ruby the cougher and I are home today.  I finally got to that bit of sewing that's been on my mind.  That makes me happy.

Here is a small pillow cover I found at the dig.  It's a nice grey wool and I found it still sealed in the package with a fluffy insert.   (I think it's about 12" long and 8" high)  The sentiment is not one that I share but I thought it had potential.  I've been wanting to make a gift for someone for a while and thought this might work in some way so I brought it home.

Last week Patrick finally admitted that a favorite pair of jeans had been in rotation for way too long.  I saved them because the soft denim was such a pretty color after one bazillion washes and I thought I might be able to use them in some way.  Later on, it hit me.

Now this isn't finished but I like it so far.  I had the perfect fabric in my stash that ties the grey wool and faded denim together.  It was destiny!  I'll snap a picture before it gets sent on its way. 

I'm going to sign off now and have some coffee.  My only hope for the day is to get my house cleaned up before the weekend.  I think another nap is in order (we all slept felt so good) as well and I know Ruby wants to do some painting.  I hope you all have a good Friday and a great weekend.  I wish you good health and happy times.  :)  xoxoo

Thursday, January 28, 2010

you don't really have to read this one

The kids both have doctor appointments this morning.  James for an ear ache that kept him up howling for most of the night and Ruby to get her cough checked (not improving) and because her fever came back last night. 

The worst part of all of this is James' moaning, whining and howling.  Has anyone had a child who is very vocal like this when they're sick?  It makes me want to scream, it's so hard to listen to it for hours.  And last night he pushed us to our limit.  He was SO out of sorts even after the Motrin kicked in that he couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable, couldn't make any decisions (his words)...and kept up that horrible noise.  We both tried sleeping with him, comforting him, getting him what he wanted until we were finally like, "SHUT UP and GO TO SLEEP."  So he did.  (We didn't really say shut up but I felt shut up.) 

For the last how long now? Patrick and I have been getting up multiple times a night for multiple ailments and last night we finally lost it with each other as well.  I told him he was such a jerk and he ripped a towel out of my hand.  That was a fun little addition to James' concerto.  Thankfully, as it usually works out, Patrick and I are fine this morning.  We gave each other our "you are special" smiles and got on with it.  There's something to be said for years of on-the-job experience. 

So, while I felt murderous when I first got up, I am feeling better now.  Once again both kids get to be seen at the same time this morning, a trip out of the house is never a bad thing on a day like today, James and Ruby both went to school for most of this week (praise God), our house is fully stocked with groceries, James got his first report card yesterday and we are really proud of him, I will make time for a nap later and maybe say "screw it" to everything else and sew for a while.  And another big thing I'm thankful for?  That this little one is on the inside for all of this.  It seems like April can usually be a round of stomach flu but maybe since we had ours in January we won't get it then?  One can only hope.  Oh yeah!  And another thing?  I can totally still handle a little sleep deprivation, even better than I remembered I could. 


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hey you,

My mom didn't get the 9 1/2 weeks references in my last post...did anyone??  Didn't anyone see that horrible move all those years ago?  Maybe I should have titled my post 9 1/2 weeks to go, which is the thought that started it all.  :)  Anyways, thanks for the belly love.  (ed. to add:  I just looked at my comments and Kathy got it!  :)  For some reason, Kathy, your comments don't go to my inbox...) And, for my sister:

It's hard to take a cute picture of yourself without looking stupid.  Trust me, I've tried.  :)  Also?  I've noticed my glasses make the area around my eyes look browner, which is totally not needed.  Maybe it's time to get some contacts again.  (the area around my big brown eyeS browner, not big brown eye.)  (sorry, that is a favorite joke)  hahaha

Other scenes from yesterday:  breakfast:

The night before last Ruby went to bed early, without dinner, but woke up when James was coming in.  They still fell right to sleep.  Last night we played a rousing, seemingly neverending game of UNO right before bed (BAD idea) so James was all wound up and started begging for crackers.  He was also having a consequence for poor mealtime behavior and could not have a cracker, and he knew this.  He howled like a freaking wolf pup for soooooo long.  At one point I went in and asked him where his Pokemon cards were (did you send his, Mom?).  He told me and I took them away as a consequence for howling.  A few minutes later Patrick heard this from outside their door:

R:  James, you should have hid those Pokemon cards.

nice.  Now Ruby will more easily be able to school him in her devious ways.

A while later, he was still howling through a shut door, I was in the kitchen sitting at the dark table.  I heard little footsteps and a second later Ruby came quietly around the corner.  She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me, quickly recovered, and came over to the table.  She placed her hand on my cheek and quietly asked, "What are you doing down here, Mom?  I was just sneaking to get James some crackers."  I sent her back upstairs and they finally fell asleep. 

Also, I made these hot mess mini meatloafs (omitted the eggs) last night and while they didn't look like much, they tasted great over mashed potatoes.  Before the bedtime drama, the kids had a good time helping me with the potatoes.  See?  Proof:

I never really mentioned how James felt about the whole bedroom transition.  He was totally for it right from the beginning and hasn't complained once about sharing his room or all of Ruby's girly stuff in there.  He is looking forward to sharing with his brother some day but seems happy to have Ruby in there now.  It was so cute to here his wailing and her soft sing-song voice responding to him last night.

I have to go now and shut this thing off for a while.  I really like Ruby going to preschool for a lot of reasons and one of them is that it stops me from sitting here for an hour in the morning.  :)  I've found it's harder to get going after I do.  I much prefer the routine we have now on her school days when I don't do anything on the computer except a quick 10 minute pit stop after breakfast.

xoxoxo, loves.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

30 1/2 weeks

They should make a movie called 30 1/2 weeks where a man blindfolds his pregnant wife, gets an ice cube and turns around

to see that she has fallen asleep.

He is not surprised.

After her nap he seductively spoon feeds her some of everything in the refrigerator.   She accepts it all, burps and...

falls asleep again.

He sighs and steps over her as he goes up to bed.

ruby's tuesday

R:  I colored his ear red.  Now he's shark attack Santa.

Monday, January 25, 2010

scratching that nesting itch

I won't bore you with the details, well, I might share a particularly funny one later on, but I got very sick on Thursday night and was in bed all day on Friday.  Thank God I felt better on Saturday, weak, but no more horrible stomach cramps or anything.  James was better on Friday and, so far, Patrick hasn't gotten it yet.  How does he rate?!  Lucky dog.  I was so thankful that he was able to take care of me and the kids on Friday and hope he won't get was awful.

On Saturday afternoon, just to get out of the house and breathe some clean air for a while, we went to get the kids' bunk beds.

Patrick put them together yesterday and we all love them.

We gave Ruby the choice of where to sleep last night and she picked the new bed, so we went for it.  We only had to scold them once at bedtime and Ruby only woke up once during the night.  (the promise of a sticker chart for a whole night spent in bed got her back to dreamland...this morning she only wanted a couple mini marshmallows as a reward.  fine by me.  I have no great hope or fear about tonight...time will tell.)

(taken with the flash last night)

I went to Target yesterday and got a truckload of storage baskets which was very satisfying, especially because they were 50% off. 

They each have a wheeled one at the end of the bed and James has 4 blue ones under the bed (playmobil, small lego, lincoln logs, wooden blocks.)

Ruby has 4 blue and white baskets on this (soon to be white) red metal shelf (holding stuffed animals, junk she's collected and cannot part with treasures, stuffed animals, more junk treasures.)  Her doll house and the bulk of their books are still in the baby's room and will stay there until you-know-what is finished.


I was going to paint each of their entire dressers this blue color but now might only do the drawers as I think the blue will just be TOO MUCH with all the other blue in the room.  (do ya think? I can hear you all laughing...)

I am quite pleased with the blue lamp I scored at the dig and how this earth pillow my mom gave James matches everything perfectly.  I predict some maps going up on the wall some day.

In the closet we just split the hanging space in half, put in James' little blue drawer thing (that has his underwear, socks, and misc. toys), and Ruby's drawer thing that has more of her, you guessed it, treasures.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much of their stuff we fit in here without it looking too cluttered.  I hadn't been counting on the under the bed storage which obviously played a huge role.  Nice.

In case you're curious, we spent $700 on the whole thing...bed (converts to two twin beds, solid wood, very sturdy), 2 mattresses, 2 sets of sheets, 2 comforters, 2 pairs of curtains, 1 lamp, 1 shade, and, um, ten new storage bins.  This was a big splurge of all new purchasing for us, save the lamp, but it feels and looks good and it's done NOW, which doesn't always happen when you're thrifting pieces.  All my thriftiness earns us an occasional splurge in my opinion. 

Today I moved some stuff around in Ruby's old room so I can start filling up baby's dresser with his tiny clean clothes.  This feels good as I have been longing to do it for a while now.  There are pangs of sadness (on my part and Ruby's) for her little lost sanctuary but I'm reminding myself that A) this isn't forever B) she can roll with the punches pretty well and C) she is getting a new brother out of this whole mess.

If you read all of this I am amazed.  Thank you for once again following along as I document these seemingly small things that really do mean a lot to me.  xoxo

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ruby's rockets

Oh my gosh, I love these little rockets.  My girl.  xoxoxo

James definitely has some bug.  He kept nothing down all morning but his little body is now successfully accepting 2 peeled apple slices and one sip of water every 15 minutes, for the last hour and a half.  Progress, for sure.

I had my ups and downs today.  There were some tears, which is unusual for me, but I let them come and felt better afterwards.  I have this cold, too, and I think it's finally all catching up with me.  I especially hate peeing myself every time I sneeze or blow my nose really hard.  (sorry.) 

I might venture out this evening for a break as tomorrow probably holds more of the same for us.  I probably won't be back until Monday unless I have something fun and crafty to show you.  (something I started today, which did help me feel better.)

Thanks for the encouraging words, peeps.  xoxo

this is amazing

If you haven't yet heard about Craft Hope for Haiti, you can read about it here and do some shopping here.

As of yesterday they have raised $20,000 for Haiti relief (donated to Doctors Without Borders) based purely on sales of donated hand made items. 

I plan on donating 2 items when they start accepting donations again in 2 weeks.  Do you have anything to donate?  What a wonderful idea and what amazing support. 

sick and tired

I am posting this in hopes that it will get me up and moving. 

James was sick this morning, throwing up, so he is home AGAIN.  I am pretty sure his stomach is upset from all the mucous he's been swallowing as he WON'T blow his nose.  I don't want to talk about this anymore.  Who wants to read mucous when they stop by to read a blog???  I sure don't.

My point is that I have had enough of this.  (and yes, I'm going to whine for a minute and if you choose to leave me an anonymous mean comment I will delete it immediately.  that's not cool.)

I need to get up and do stuff and I know I'll feel better.  Patrick cuddled with me for a long time on the couch this morning and that helped.  I started thinking about my plan of attack for the day and it felt good.  Then he left and the kids started whining for water and juice and blah, blah, blah and I just felt defeated again.  But no more!! 

I am going to get up, start the coffee, make a list of things I'm thankful for, thank God for said things, start some laundry...and go from there.  Wish me luck.  :)  xoxoox

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm so happy.  My results for the 3 hour test I took this morning just came back negative.  No gestational diabetes to worry about.  My main concern about that whole thing was that it can contribute to Pre eclampsia.  (I know it usually is easy to treat with diet or meds but in my worrying mind, that's what scared me.  I would like this baby to stay inside as long as possible, thank you very much.) (but not longer than April 4th, okay, baby?)  So, anyways...I felt really good throughout the test so it wasn't a bad morning at all.  I didn't even feel hungry until I met Patrick at Panera and then wanted to order one of everything.  :)  The one thing I did feel?  TIRED.  That one cup of coffee I have in the morning sure impacts my body.  Maybe I should give up caffeine for February?  NOT.

Oh, another thing I found out?  You are supposed to avoid high sugar foods before the one hour test.  (even before your four hour fast)  Want to know what I had as my last snack that day?  Huh?  Do you?  PIE and ICE CREAM. 

I never said I was that smart.  (or that I always eat healthy snacks.)

Got to go make some coffee now.  I am still dragging and don't want a headache to surface before the crucial dinner hour funtime.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ruby slept for nearly 2 hours in this tote yesterday afternoon:

James, yesterday afternoon.  He wouldn't touch the pink play dohs.  He also flat out refused to see The Princess and the Frog over the weekend.  The little boy ways are setting in...  (but yes, he will still sport a fish sticker from the library)

He's looking a bit better today but last night was tough. Ruby's nights were the worst last week, too. (no puking, thank God.)

Ruby, yesterday afternoon. I swear her favorite part of painting lately is cleaning it all up.

We have had beautiful sunlight the last 2 days. 

Ruby was sick a couple more times last night but thankfully she was in her bed and we were ready for it.  (the first time was downstairs, quite unexpectedly, and landed all over Patrick (ha!*), the couch and the rug.)  She never had a fever and has been fine so far today so who knows what caused it.  We think of these episodes now as part of Ruby's normal life...she just pukes sometimes.  huh.

Yesterday I kept them busy with lots of fun stuff...experiments with food coloring and water, ISpy Bingo, play doh, painting, I am letting them fend for themselves while I catch up on laundry.  Oh yeah, and read my book.  (It is soooooo good.)  Tomorrow morning will finally be my glucose test and I am quite over the whole thing already.  I really appreciated your comments and emails...lots of support and good points.  Thank you.  xoxox


James, this morning:  Mom, I think we could put the small end of the air compressor in my nose, shut the other part of my nose, and blow this stuff out of my ears.

J:  Don't worry, Mom.  We can play Twister after that baby comes out.

R:  Please take that thing out of your hair, Mom.  I like when your hair points down.

S:  NO!  Put those blue ones back on.
R:  NO!  I tooted in them and they are stinky!  Smell them.

*I can laugh at him because he hasn't been puked on since they were babies and, OH MY GOSH, I have.

Monday, January 18, 2010

a lesson in gratitude

I feel like complaining about how James is feeling so lousy now and how Ruby randomly puked at dinnertime and how...well, you know, the life of a family with kids.  It's tiring sometimes.  You know what's even more tiring?  Dwelling on it. 

So, instead, let me tell you about my weekend, ok?  Because it was really good and I really appreciated every minute of it. 

It started out with Patrick home on Friday.  He had an extra vacation day to use by Friday so he, uh, used it on Friday.  We sat on the couch mostly and watched Erin Brockovich for what felt like days while Ruby alternated between watching with us and playing in her room.  That afternoon, after school, we took the kids to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at the cheap theater.  (what a deal that place is!)  Afterwards Patrick waited with the kids while I ran into a thrift store and found a few more cute things for baby G.

On Saturday I took the kids out so Patrick could peacefully work downstairs for a while.  He worked all afternoon and got a lot done.  The kids and I had a pretty nice time even though part of it was spent at WalMart.  Now, I don't hate WalMart like lots of people, I do prefer Target, but WalMart on a Saturday afternoon?  OH MY GOSH.  What a busy nightmare.  I did get them each a new comforter and some curtains for their soon to be shared bedroom, though, so that was good.  I called Patrick on the way home and he put the bacon on so we came home and had bacon and chicken noodle soup with bacon on top.  :) 

On Sunday we actually made it to church for the first time in weeks and it was good.  The drive to church was almost spiritual in itself.  We had had a frost the night before and it was just AMAZING.  I so wished I had my camera but we never would have made it to church if I would have.  It was just breathtaking.  After church we took the kids to lunch and then I parted ways with them to meet my friends for coffee.  I got home and wrote about making eggs, made eggs and proceeded to go to bed early. 

See, writing this all out has made me feel much better.  I may get woken up later with one or two kids puking but whatever.  My life is so good and so full of small things that make me so very, very happy.  What more could I ask for? 


p.s.  pictures tomorrow.  :)  (maybe.  unless I'm up to my elbows in puke.)

or not.

James is home sick with Ruby's cold.  The glucose drama will have to play out tomorrow.  Bummer...I wanted to get it over with.

At least I can have some coffee now.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

the last supper

until lunch tomorrow, anyways.

Yup, I failed the one hour glucose test and have to take the 3 hour tomorrow morning.  ugh.  I just barely missed the high end of normal so I have to fast from 8:30 tonight until I get there to start the test at 8:30 tomorrow.  Then I have to drink lots of gross stuff and they check my blood and pee* every hour until 11:30, when I can finally go home and eat.  (and eat and eat and eat)  ;)

I was feeling pretty guilty when I got the news on it's my fault (I haven't eaten the healthiest diet this time around)...but talking with a couple friends who've had it and reading more about's very common and not necessarily my fault.  (although I don't think the bowls of ice cream every night coupled with no exercise in months could have helped)  Of course, I don't even know if I have gestational diabetes (what this test is for, in case you don't know what the heck I'm talking about) yet so I did manage to put most of that guilt on hold and enjoyed my weekend.  Plenty of time to punish myself after tomorrow. 

((I say all this because we can be harder on ourselves than on anyone else.  I have 3 close friends who've had gestational diabetes and I never once thought any of them brought it on themselves...just making that clear!  I only judge myself so harshly.  Hello, Ms. Therapist?  This is Stephanie...))

So, right now our kids are tucked in and I will soon make some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and toast.  yum! 

I'll probably be back sometime tomorrow but maybe not until Tuesday.  I hope you all had fine little weekends.  xoxoox

*I hate the word urine.  Did you know urine is sterile??  I know someone who used to claim that it was okay to pee in their own bath water because urine is sterile.  They will never live that down.  Not on my watch.  :) 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

on the mend

Ruby and I are both feeling better today after kind of a rough one yesterday.

She is making beds for her small animals out of empty cracker boxes and I am anxiously awaiting the results from my one hour glucose test I took last night along with my complete blood count results.  I was pretty wiped out yesterday afternoon and didn't bother changing for my appointment.  My doctor asked me if I was in mourning or maybe planning some burglaries after my appt. as I was all in black.  hee.  I like her a lot more this time around...she finally feels like a real person to me.  I guess I always appreciate when someone can joke around a bit. 

I'm going to sign off for the weekend and wish you and yours a good one.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

my own personal Xanadu

I was talking with Wendy this morning and she had me laughing at myself.  My friends and family may have noticed that I reference the "lower level" constantly and see it as a source of hope and as an escape from the crowded feeling I get when my 2 kids are lapping the upstairs and screaming while I try to make dinner.  (and knowing that soon there will be another one with us)  It's true.  I see the lower level as solving many of our space issues and really, everyone needs their Xanadu, right?

Patrick had a week off in September, when my dad came to put in the carpet, and I laughingly thought that most of the work down there would get finished up that week. Ah, silly girl, when will I learn?  It was a damp week and my husband has a need to put about 400 coats of mud on the walls and so they never dried and so therefore never got finished and everything was halted.  Then my exhaustion began, then we were all sick for the month of October, then November was taken up with the Craftacular preparations and December was Christmas and, we are...with a little more mud still needing to go up.

To my dear husband's credit, he has worked on it fairly regularly when given the chance...a few hours here, a few hours there.  A big part of it is me...when the weekend rolls around I usually need a break and he is the one that provides that for me, obviously.  He is not up to working on it during the week, after work, and he really likes that time with the kids anyways.  (Why he hasn't worked on it the last 2 years is not something we will discuss.  Bygones.  I'll just say that me getting super pist and hollering doesn't really get me anywhere.)  (not taking all the blame, either, just saying that didn't help.)

Well now, here we are.  With it being so close to usable that I can almost taste its' sweet usability.  Soon, I believe with all my heart, we will be picking out paint colors.  (by Feb.14th, maybe??  I'll ask him tonight.)  After it's painted I can start moving stuff in!  It will still need the following:  ceiling, trim stained and installed (will wait until summer when he can have fresh air in the garage for this toxic job.), electrical done, and someday a fireplace and bathroom.  But all that means nothing to me...we will be able to use the space and our new carpet!  There will be room for other kids to come over and have some room to play!  There will be a place I can send my children to while I am making dinner, instead of their bedrooms!  Bliss!

Wendy and I were laughing specifically about how I say nearly everything can go into the lower level someday.  This got me thinking and measuring, because it's true, I do say that about almost everything, and I should know if it will really all fit, shouldn't I?

The good new will!

Behold my very unprofessional sketch of the Mythical Lower Level, or as I've come to think of it, my own personal Xanadu.

There is room for our futon, our new dresser (I've decided it can hold our TV (if we decide to put the TV down there) on top and all of our games in the deep drawers below), our chaise lounges, a long desk for my sewing machine and our other computer (to get it out of our bedroom), shelves on the wall for the crafty stuff I use most, lots of storage for books and toys and still plenty of room in the middle for playing.

This will free up quite a bit of room in our upstairs (and our bedroom) so the baby toys and gear will have some floor space.  I may decide to keep the chaise lounges up here (or maybe one of them) and maybe even the TV.  I won't know for sure until we start moving stuff around and since I love that, I am very excited.  I see myself thrifting a couple more shelves and then buying new baskets to stash stuff in on them.  fun, fun, fun.

We've also decided that we are getting the kids bunk beds and making them share a room, even though Ruby doesn't want to.  Patrick really feels like the baby should have his own room and I think he's right.  The kids will adjust...they'll have to.  I have plans to paint their roomy plastic dressers I got when they were each babies so they look a little bit better and buying them each new bedding.  Their closet will hold hanging clothes for both of them and then toys on the bottom, with some room left in the room itself for Ruby's dollhouse and James' favorites in his small storage cabinet.

The baby will have Ruby's room with our usual baby suspects taking residence inside.  (crib, nursing chair, vintage dresser that holds a changing pad that they have both used)  I tend to want my babies to sleep in their own rooms after a while and I do think this will be easiest if he actually has his own room. 

Oh my gosh.  I don't really expect anyone else to find all of this interesting but it was fun for me to figure it out and write it down.  Now I can email this to Patrick, too!  :)  He and I both like how the small things we've done upstairs in the last couple of weeks have felt so it's fun to think about doing the rest of it. 

But how is he supposed to paint when he's putting together bunk beds and cribs??  :)  I guess I need to commit to giving him some good chunks of work time over the next few months, don't I?


debbie downer wuz here

Man, this cold Ruby has is awful.  It got a lot worse yesterday afternoon and stayed bad through the night...high fever that Motrin wasn't totally bringing down (nor Tylenol), coughing, horrible snotty nose...just a BAD cold that kept us up a lot last night.  If I hear, "Mom, I need a kleenex" one more time...I don't know, I guess I'll give her one.  (even though they are right next to her.)  All she wants to do is have me sit on the couch by her while she watches TV, or just lays on me.  I held her for almost 2 hours last night while she slept and it was very sweet until I could absolutely not take her sick little breath in for one more minute.  ugh.

And, to help my mood, because you know it's all about me, I finally took some time to follow the tragedy in Haiti last night.  Oh my God.  Honestly, I had been putting it off until I had some time to spend really paying attention and praying.  You guys know, I don't have to try and put into words how awful it is.  Of course it makes me feel like an idiot for complaining about how tired I am and how sick of being home with a sick child I am.  Um, yeah, at least I am in a HOME with my living CHILD who merely has a cold.  Do you ever wonder why, after stuff like this happens, that it seems to happen everywhere else?  Yes, the US has had it's share of tragedies, with an ongoing one over in Iraq right now, but it seems like the TRULY horrible things happen other places.  Is it because God has a special place in hell for all of us spoiled Americans?

Did I really just write that?  I don't really believe that but I have wondered how did we get so lucky (so far)?  I don't think there is any explanation (that we can know) for these kinds of tragedies.  I just pray that many of the people have a strong faith...I don't know how I would find the will to go on after something like that if I didn't have my faith in God.  (seeing all the pictures of the kids just kills me.)

And now I'm writing and thinking of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and feeling kind of dumb, because of course we have dealt with some horrors here in the good old USA.  I guess I just haven't, personally.  sigh.  Survivor's guilt or something.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?!  This was just a big brain dump that I might delete but might just put out there, too.  I bet lots of us have a crazy mix of feelings when something like this happens.  (or maybe I am just nuts.)  I'm going to stop now.

Um...have a good day?  (I say sheepishly.)  xoxoox

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

as my house falls apart around me,

I sit down here to tell you about my excellent morning of thrifting. 

I got up this morning knowing that I had to get out for a while today.  Ruby had me up at 4am, her fever had spiked and she needed some Motrin, and I never really got fully back to sleep after that.  I pulled into the Starbucks drive thru at 10:15 and eagerly took the latte they passed out the window to me.  (I also had one of their egg, not so great, the oatmeal is better.)  It was just so fun to be out of the house, I thought, even if I didn't find a thing I decided I was glad I made the trip already.

I had pretty much given all my baby clothes away, not being certain if we'd have another one and wanting someone who really needed it to have it instead of holding onto it just in case.  (our church has an excellent outreach to new moms)  I also knew that if we did, the baby stuff is easy to find at thrift stores and rummage sales.  Today was an example of that.  I got all this baby stuff (4 onesies, 3 sleepers, 1 hoodie and 2 pairs of socks) for $14 and it's all like new.

The best part came as I was about halfway done looking through the newborn stuff and Ruby told me she had to pee.  "Really?" I sighed, and grudgingly left the baby stuff to take her to the restroom.  On the way I saw a vintage oak dresser in pristine condition priced at $35.  THIRTY FIVE dollars.  I mulled it over for about 5 seconds and then wheeled it over to the guy for a SOLD tag.  I knew if I took my hand off of it it would be gone.  Between him putting the tag on it and writing up my ticket, 3 people asked about it and I heard a 4th asking as Ruby and I walked away.  (she did get to pee, btw)  I love it and could picture using it in almost any room in our house.

The possibilities are endless.  Welcome to the family, sweet old girl.


(and may I always be gracious to Ruby when she has to pee.  amen.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Is it just me or does anyone else find that almost all of their status updates on facebook involve food? I always find myself wanting to post what I've eaten, what I heard about, what I'm currently eating or what I want to eat sometime soon. I'm self conscious about it now and usually stop myself before all of my facebook friends think I'm obsessed. (Which I obviously am, so why hide it?)

I'd like to invent a new facebook for the food obsessed and call it foodbook. It would be a place where you could feel free to geek out about everything food and not worry that your old high school boyfriend will be laughing in his den that evening thinking to himself, "no wonder she is such a porker!"

Who knows html?  Call me, we'll talk.  Thanks.

((Are you on facebook? Are we friends? If you want to be my new fb friend, then email me and we'll make it happen. (whistle, click, click*) ))

*ala fantastic mr. fox, hear it here at approx. 2:15

it must seem as though I never have a complete thought

My little crabby patty took a nap yesterday afternoon, allowing me to finish her little blanket.  The sad part was when she woke up with a fever.  (thankfully she was in a much better mood.)  I kind of expected it because my neighbor called me yesterday and apologized for sending her son over when he was so sick.  He didn't seem that sick to me - a cold is all - but after he left last Thursday he spiked a fever that lasted through the weekend.  We will see how long Miss Harper has hers...her hot little body actually felt pretty good pressed up against my back last night.

Right now we are camped out on the couch with a box of Kleenex and a Backyardigans DVD.  Yesterday I took some pictures of stuff to list on etsy this morning (while she was at school) and I might still get to it today.  We'll see. 

(side note #1:  I love how she says she has "the cough."  It sounds so old fashioned.  "Mom, do I have to stay home today because I still have the cough?")

Anyways, here are a few pictures of the kids last night.  It was the first time James really played with the dollhouse since we brought it home.  They had a lot of fun together.  (side note #2:  Ever since reading that book NurtureShock I am always observing their they resolve conflict, how often they play nice, who compromises, etc.  That was a pretty good book.  I guess I can't really interpret what their play habits mean but I pay attention now.  I think they'll be okay...there seems to be a good blend of stuff going on..and compassion, which is apparently important for good long term relationships.  huh.  who knew?  ;) )

Oh, well first, here is her blanket.  Ooooooh,  check out those rounded corners.  I am so fancy.  (I used a dinner plate)  She likes it and used it last night until she came in our room.

Her room normally looks like this, or worse:

James, mad at being busted playing with a dollhouse:

But he didn't really care.  See the Lego motorcycle?  He plays on his own terms.


Monday, January 11, 2010


So here is the job Patrick was working on...putting up this small coat rack at the kids' level. I also finally finished the curtain hanging there...I think I've had that fabric since last summer. Feels good.

Wendy's daughter got a small sewing machine for her birthday and when I asked her for gift ideas she suggested I give her some of my fabric scraps.  How fun!  Of course I had to go out and buy her some cute fabric...especially when JoAnn's had an additional 50% off all of their clearance fabric.  I got a cute little variety of pink & purple with some smaller scissors and matching threads.  I loved buying this gift.  I hope someday I can do this for Ruby.  I really hope Megan likes it.

Here is a close up of the mermaid fleece. I bought some of this to make Ruby a small blanket as I thought it was sooooo cute. It's laid out on my floor right now, getting measured and cut. (I cannot stay down on my knees as long as I used to.) I found my favorite kind of vintage sheet down in my stash that is perfect for the back...I love old stiff & cool cotton sheets.

When my neighbor came over to get her son on Thursday she brought me some note cards she made. She photographed Ruby and our lilies last summer and made prints of them for these adorable cards. I thought it was so sweet of her and I love them.

So now I notice that I've said I love stuff about 1,000,000 times in this post. How about some stuff I don't love? How I hurt myself exercising yesterday morning and had to go to bed for 2 hours instead of to church. Luckily, the tylenol, rest & heating pad helped and it didn't stay so sore. I WILL NOT be working my obliques again (on purpose) until after I have this child. I also don't love how Ruby was still up when we got home at 9:30 last night and how she is SO CRABBY today. (although I did love my 1.5 hours alone this morning....sooooo nice.) (and I did love my date with Patrick last night...dinner and a movie compliments of my mom & dad...thanks you two!)

I am madly craving pop now, after 10 days without it. OJ and seltzer is good but not quite what I want. Do you want to be my bff? Bring me a LARGE diet Coke with lots of ice. :) xoxoxoxo


There's almost nothing sexier than a man doing something you asked him to do.


Friday, January 08, 2010

little bits

Thank you all for the happy wishes on behalf of Andrea & Ronan...this really is so exciting!  I can't wait to buy her stuff.  :)


I made this soup last night and I have to say that it was DELICIOUS.  I used chicken and added some left over gravy and the flavor was great.  I also used low fat soy milk and my roux still thickened right up and the soup had a nice rich flavor.  (used Earth Balance margarine)  I'd like to try a standard wild rice soup recipe but that requires more planning ahead than I can usually manage these days.  Anyways, should try it next time you have extra chicken.  :)


Earlier in the week I had invited some friends over for coffee and thought about a last minute cancellation after I agreed to babysit yesterday...thought it might be just too much for me, you know, having to get dressed two days in a row.  Well, I decided not to cancel and I'm really glad.  It was so nice to see my friends and even with the 8 kids that were here it didn't feel too crowded or hectic. 

Our group is so big now (even with the big kids at school) that I have hesitated to invite everyone over because there is just no room.  Of course, someday, when the mythical lower level is finished, there will be PLENTY of room...I can't wait!  So today was nice.  Not everyone could make it so while I was sad not to see everyone, it worked out well. 

When I think about this I feel very blessed.  How nice to have such a big circle of friends that I can't fit them and all their cute kids in my house at one time.  :)  Someday...


Our babysitter (that we thought flaked on us last month) contacted us through her mother to let us know that she had tried to call us back.  So she's coming on Sunday!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to a little time with Patrick and maybe a nice dinner with some of the gift cards we got for Christmas.  We also need to spend some time with a baby name book as we aren't really any closer to even any possibilities for this little one tucked inside of me.  My family had lots of suggestions for us over Christmas but Patrick shot them all down.  His favorites were the ones the guys came up with like "Bruce Lee G....." and "Steven Seagal G...."  They are all so funny.


And just a shot from our morning:

I probably won't be back until next week...I hope you all have a warm & snug weekend.  xoxo

Thursday, January 07, 2010

my sister's new years resolution

GROW A TINY FAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, my dear little seester is pregnant!!!!!! I can hardly type that without weeping. I am so happy for her and Ronan! It's like it keeps sinking in a little more every day and I just cannot believe I get to be an auntie!! Love it. So happy!

I also love this email I got from her this morning:

I am nauseated from the time I wake up. All I can eat is baked potatoes and chips. I had ginger for breakfast. At 10:30 when I woke up. :) HOw are you feeling? xoxoxo

Heehee! She's really pregnant!!!!

(I don't love that she's nauseous, mind you, that sucks.)

happy, happy, happy. xoxooxoxo

my first two hours alone

and I am babysitting my neighbor's son. sigh. There's always Monday, right? He is a very sweet kid but he & Ruby were at each other's throats all morning and I think I have to put up a baby gate because he will not stay out of the lower level. (where Patrick's tools are so very tempting...) I wanted to help her out it's just that I had a fun plan for myself today. :( Alright, I think I'm done pouting now.

Now, my family members might choke but I have to say that I had this shower curtain first! (for like 5 years now but I still like how fresh it feels) My bathroom looks almost exactly like my mother's !! She has a tall shelf in her bathroom (that is much cuter than mine) so I came home and copied her. James has had this one since he was a baby but didn't mind me taking it. I'd like a cuter one someday but until I find one this will be fine. I got the little lamp at Target yesterday and Patrick and I both like how cozy it feels in there at night. (yes, we are kind of strange)

Here is another thing I wanted to do after we got home...clean this corner out. It was full of everything you see on the top of the shelf in the next picture and made the kitchen always feel messy and cluttered to me. I'd like this stuff on a desk someday but again, for right now, this makes me happy.

You can see my January check list on the bulletin board. I can't wait until Saturday when I can make a couple of checks. :) (for getting through the week with no pop and having our one meat free meal)
I am at the point now where I can't do any exercises lying on my back so my favorite Yogilates is out. I got a couple of DVDs from the library that I'm going to try over the next couple of days, ones specifically for pregos. I found an online prenatal yoga that I did yesterday and it felt really good.

We are getting a lot of snow today so it is very pretty and much warmer outside than it has been. Little neighbor boy has settled in nicely with some crayons and I'm thinking this day is going to be just fine.

If not, I'll be back later to vent. :) OH! How could I forget we had our first visit to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday afternoon! We went with Wendy and her girls as it was Megan's birthday and my kids loved it. James got a little psycho with the ticket thing. He was flushed and his eyes were wildly darting back and was kind of scary. They actually have a few things there that he could eat so I think we'll make another visit there sometime. (as long as I have a coupon!) :) (I got my coupons, Wendy, you were right...they were in my spam box.) (If you sign up on their website they send you coupons.)


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

last night

a quiet game of Clue between a mother and a son turned into something else entirely.

first, she appeared....a few minutes later dad came in...
then it all broke loose
while I sat and watched (my belly)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


This is the picture I took of James last was hard to get a good one as A) he kept moving and B) his little light glows red so they all looked like he was sitting in a fiery pit.

Ruby had a big day today...she started preschool! I decided before Christmas that it would be a nice change for both of us and we were lucky enough to get a spot at the little school right by our house. She already has 2 friends that go so I thought the transition would be pretty easy. Today went great...we'll see how Thursday goes.

I missed her so much while she was gone.

KIDDING. :) But it was fun to pick her up and hear all about her big day. My big girl/little girl. xoxo


I'm kind of lonely today. I miss Patrick. We got to spend so much time together while he was on vacation and now I miss having him around. sniff. He is just extra funny lately, too. He said something hilarious about my sister last night but I don't think I can share it here. When can I, Seester?? (wink wink) xoxooxoxoxoxo

*From now on, when I don't know what to title my posts, I'm just going to number them. okay? ;)


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