Friday, February 26, 2010

we could get used to this

We didn't talk much during dinner last night.  (which was eaten on our bed!)  We just enjoyed the silence.

Patrick broke it a while later saying we should do this every month. 

Maybe every other, I said.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have totally lost my will to move

I am officially out of steam.  The kids are *mostly* packed, the car seats are cleaned off, I've taken care of lots of business...but there is still lots to do.

Did I mention our oven took a big crap last Friday?  It did.  So our meals have to be stove top and I haven't defrosted my hamburger yet (to make hamburgers tonight) and I HATE defrosting meat for some reason so I am putting it off which only makes everything worse.  Also?  My daughters boots STINK.  I just ran them through the washer with vinegar (and my favorite Charlie's soap) and am hoping they can survive a tumble through the dryer.  Hmmmm.  What else can I complain about now that I have your attention???

Oh, all right.  I'll stop.  I remembered this morning that I never updated you on how I did with my goals last week.  Kathy busted me on facebook last night but I only accepted a friend request, which I've done 3x this month.  I know it would bug me if someone took forever to respond to mine so I made an allowance for that.  Otherwise, no facebook.  With composting I am doing fine and feel like I'll stick with it now until it's super easy again in the summer.  Exercise has been great as I got a lot of walking in this week already.  (good thing, too, as now it's cold and I won't even consider it.)  Pop.  Well, pop and I seem to have settled in to a twice a week rendezvous.  And I'm not talking about an 8 ounce serving here, people.  OH NO.  Have you seen the Big Buddy?  (at least I hold back from the Mega Buddy.)  Oh, and eating out?  Not so good.  Again, I'm not sure, let me think.  I know we had Culver's and Milio's (mmmmmmmMilios) and Noodles last week.  We spend SO much money eating out.  I might have to go cold turkey for March and see if we can.  Twice a week seems like a flimsy limit and I am obviously not taking it seriously. 

This is what I feel I've learned the last two months from my goals:  1.  Exercise will stay.  I love it (even in small amounts) and am honestly excited to do my beloved Yogilates again.  (even if my sister claims I only like it because of the name.)   (so??)  :)  2.  Pop will stay.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I learned nothing from skipping pop for a month except that I don't want to do that again!  OH, sweet pop.  At least I limit myself a little now.  3.  Composting in the winter isn't that hard and I will most likely keep it up.  (I just imagine moving that bin in a couple of months and seeing all that glorious compost that we made last year and knowing that I already have a better start on next year's.)  4.  I am lazy.  5.  I don't miss facebook that much but don't want to rule it out completely.  Maybe once a week for checking in?  We'll see, still pondering this.  6.  Meat free meals are not that hard or bothersome.  We have been averaging one a week without it being a big deal so I plan on continuing this route.  (of course, right now, with the oven being broken and me being #4, we are having meal free meals which is a little harder.)  7.  We eat out too much and I don't think I can go halfway here.  I need to come up with a more presentable way to present this to myself, if you know what I mean.  I know Patrick will go with whatever so I will keep thinking on it.  I would just so much rather it be an occasional special treat kind of thing instead of a regular occurrence.  Any ideas for me?

Alright.  I've had a nice long break now and all this blathering on about myself seems to have restored my energy.  (if only to make myself stop)  xoxoxo

putting it all off for a few more minutes...

I've got a busy one ahead of me.  It starts with a dr. appt. at 10 this morning and ends with James' conference at 7:15 tonight.  In between we've got another stop by the insurance agency (that went well yesterday.  I think we are switching auto and staying with amfam for life & homeowners.  she got a little creepy with me when I said progressive was half the cost of them but I didn't let her talk me into anything!), early release at 12:30 for James, cleaning off the car seats so they don't mar my dad's new truck when he moves them in there tomorrow, more packing for the kids, finishing a project to send home for my dear auntie, and I can't remember the rest. 

An amazing thing is happening tomorrow.  I am meeting my father at noon and he is bringing my kids back to Duluth with him for the weekend!!  He will hand them off to my mom on Friday evening and she will meet me on Sunday to give them back.  It's a lot of driving for all of us and Patrick and I can't even believe they were willing to do this.  (except we can, really, because they're both good like that.)  We've never had even a night in our house by ourselves.  Now...we get THREE!  woo hoo!  I cooked up this little scheme during one of my worst nights of insomnia, sometime in January.  Looking back on it now, not sleeping most of that night was totally worth it.  :)

That all being said, I got a little choked up last night when I thought about coming home Thursday afternoon to an empty house.  I decided I'm going to take Hwy 12 home so I end up on the West side of Madsion and can hang out somewhere until Patrick is off of work.  As much as I love time away from my kids, I am going to miss their little selves.  Patrick has meetings on Friday so he can't take the day off.  I plan on taking care of some appointments (eye, hair, oil change) and just relaxing.  On Saturday we are going to start priming and hopefully get some paint on the walls on Sunday.  (he can paint while I am going to retrieve our charges)  Sounds dreamy.  We also plan on going out to dinner and seeing a movie one night.  I think Patrick might have other plans as well but I might have squashed them last night.

S:  In your perfect world, how often would we have sex?
P:  Once a day.
S:  I hear what you're saying and think I can compromise with you.  (long pause)  How about once every two weeks?


I'm not going to go into sex life details (you're welcome) but will say that my husband is not deprived.  We definitely are doing it somewhere between his dream number and the national average for women 35 weeks pregnant.  (which last I heard was a negative 4.)  hehehehichehe. 

I hope my Dad doesn't read this one.

Now it's time for some coffee.  xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

humbling moments in pregnancy

1 of 1,000,000:

-Having your 3 year old daughter try on your new underpants... front of your husband.

O magazine overview - march 2010

I snapped some pictures as I read through O magazine on Saturday morning and thought I'd share them here.

I know, kinda strange, but I thought it might be fun.  :)

the cover

this ad does NOT make me want to buy these jeans

oh, goodie!  I love Peter Walsh.  Remember Clean Sweep?  (happy sigh.)


man.  she's pretty.

I might be visiting this site if my, er, situation doesn't improve after baby.


I cannot stand Dr. Pill.  I never read this column.
too bad I got a new bike last year.
(I am excited to see the rest of the Liberty line at Target next month.)

this article makes a great case for organic milk, especially for kids and nursing moms.
(see how the organic labels are rated here)

now I want to go back there.

do you have someone who will listen for you like this?  are you able to listen like this for someone?  It's not as easy as it sounds but it is SO important to have and do both in your life.

There was a lot more to this issue, of course, but these were the things that struck me the first time around.  

Do you read Oprah?  I don't watch her show but do like her magazine, mainly because it has a decent amount of good articles to actually read.  It's not all eye candy, you know?  (not that eye candy is bad)


Monday, February 22, 2010

if I were on facebook

this would be my status:

I can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can watch the Bachelor.

BUT I JUST's the reunion show.  ugh.  That bites.

I am so into nighttime tv right's great.

monday's minutiae

I spent my morning, while Ruby was at school, taking care of business.  I made a new chart for bill payment (I check them all off as I pay them every month), balanced our check book and, here's the biggie, went over our auto & life insurance policies.

I've known we were severely under-insured for, oh, about the last 4 years.  I finally have an appointment with our agent tomorrow and took the time today to figure out what we need and get some online quotes to compare with what AmFam will offer us tomorrow.  (I found this site to be extremely helpful, with tons of articles, company ratings and calculators)  I am kind of nervous to face a real life agent and not get talked into something I don't think we need.  (like our 2 current expensive whole life policies...we're definitely switching to term policies)  I do value their experience but know that they are ultimately in it to make money so I've already decided that anything she presents to me that is outside of what I know we want/need will be taken back home to ponder and research.  I already feel so accomplished!  I think I might finish my day of productivity with some...wait for it...FILING!  woo hoo!

In other productive news, we picked paint colors for the lower level!  If all goes as planned (insert hearty laughter here) we will be child-free and painting (with Mythic non-toxic paint) this coming weekend. 

Our weekend was good.  I took the kids out both Saturday and Sunday so Patrick could get some work done and we had a nice time together both days.  Somehow James talked me into new swim trunks and flip flops on Sunday, though.  I suppose we will be ready now when the warm weather is upon us.  (because it WILL be upon us some day, I promise.)  Saturday (at the zoo) was another good reminder of one thing in life that makes me the happiest:  being outside with my kids.  A very good day, that was.  This will probably always be remembered as the winter of mostly hibernation but I do plan on getting out there and enjoying any and all mild days that we have ahead of us.  (like today!)

This little slogan is from a Clark's shoe ad.  I really like it.  It's my new (exercising) mantra.

I hope your week is off to a good start.  xoxo

I think we saw some seals, too

there was the great mitten rescue:
some snowball throwing:

the required lion shot:

the hot mess:
the happy mess:
the big brother who handled much adversity with grace and good humor:

and finally, the puddle to end all puddles:


Friday, February 19, 2010

signing off for the weekend...

Hello, friends.

I have no new pictures.  I apologize.  My neighbor had Ruby over today and while I was home by her son's nap time, so Ruby could come home, she just kept her all day long.  She said she asked Ruby after lunch, when the boys (she watches her nephew as well on Fridays) were sleeping, if she'd like to come home.  Ruby told her no thanks and settled in to help her fold socks.  :)  I wasn't sure what to do so I read my book, watched Survivor and then took a nap!  Very nice.

The cable guy came this afternoon (we rescheduled the other day) and fixed our problem pretty quickly.  The cord wasn't screwed in tightly.  oh.  huh.  Sorry about that, Charter.  He was a very nice guy and explained everything to James (you know, about screwing stuff in tightly)  and gave me his own cel number in case the reception starts acting up again right away and we do need a new box after all. 

Ruby is home now and exhausted.  Patrick just texted me a baby name that I don't hate, which is a great improvement over his last 3 contributions.  I am about to make some more of that chicken wild rice soup for dinner. 

Here's to a good weekend for all of us!  (I wish I could have a little beer.  That sounds so good right now.)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

good things thursday

  • saw the perfect little nugget that my sister is growing for the first time this morning  (her first U/S pic, she is 13wks)
  • sunshine, all day
  • my whole bedroom smells good from that blanket I hung out today  (may I suggest hanging one one your blankets outside to dry on the next sunny day?  a free little taste of spring!)
  • lots of outside time & walking today
  • U is for (?) book waiting for me on my bed
  • a most beautiful wedding invitation in the mail today (Sarah, can I share the pic of you guys?)
  • nice afternoon spent at the kitchen table decorating inside out cereal boxes  (I'll show you a pic of James' tomorrow when my battery is charged again)
  • loving english muffins with sunbutter & blueberry jam  (but craving peanut butter like I haven't in YEARS)  (not gonna have it, though, just in case...)
  • did I mention the sunshine and being out in it?  Oh my.  I am quite ready for warmer temps.  (I would like 34 and sunny with no wind for the rest of winter if possible, please)
  • lots of new books to add to my hold list after last night's solo trip to the bookstore
  • last night's solo trip to the bookstore
  • dinner with my kids last night...they were so well behaved and cute (I took them to Noodles before dropping them off with Dad.)

oh, what a beautiful morning

I brought one of our comforters to the laundromat this morning and it was so gorgeous out I thought I'd hang it on the line.  My mom used to hang clothes out all winter but you know how hard it is for me to put my boots on and walk around the house.  :) 

It's so fun to see our backyard again!  It's sunny back there today and there is no wind so it feels really warm.  There's our yard, just waiting for us.

It's not like it's gone unused lately, though.  Oh no.  The whole thing is a maze of all sorts of different little tracks.  These ones were tiny...each hole smaller than a dime.  I have to take the kids back there later. 

You know, to destroy them all.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

uh, I don't think so, James

J:  Can we go to Target after school so I can get some Pokemon cards?
S:  No, the cable guy is coming.  Someone has to be here with him.
J:  (frowns, is silent for a moment)
J:  Hey!  I know.  We can leave Ruby here!  The cable guy can watch Ruby and she can be here with him!

R:  (from other room)  I don't like cable guys and I'm NOT staying here!


J:  I like Pikachu.  He's cute.  He always says (James uses a tiny voice), "pika!"

He's not all grown up yet.


sewing for baby

Not my baby this time, Ruby's baby.  Ruby caught on that I could sew baby stuff yesterday and a whole new world opened up in her mind.  We sat over lunch and she dictated her wish list to me as things came to her.



(furiously scribbling to keep up)
I must admit that I was extra willing to do the baby shoes first as I've wanted to try one of these patterns for so long.  I chose this one (3 seem baby footies), haphazardly reduced it, and we got to work.

Sewing through multiple layers of fleece on something so tiny was not easy.  These shoes are not pretty (to me...Ruby & Nora love them) but I got to see how the pattern works (and that it works!) and will definitely make them again for my boy.  (in cotton)

After these she immediately requested more items off of her list but, honestly, those shoes wore me out!  I managed to cut her out a (too short) scarf and that held her off until today.
This morning, first thing, she wanted Nora to have a hat, mittens, and a jack in the box.  (??)  The hat & mitts were simple enough, but a jack in the box?  That's going to have to wait.


(Nora and her peeps.  I hope they don't all suddenly feel chilly now.)

I also trimmed her bangs yesterday.  

(they were pretty long)
(much better)
And then I passed out.  ha!

Seriously, though.  I wish I had blogged or kept a journal my last pregnancies so I could look back and see if all this crap that I'm feeling is normal.  It's like I have one or two good days (where I feel mostly like myself, energy wise) and then a day or two when I am beat.  I know I need to listen to my body and rest at those times, which I am doing, but it's hard not to feel guilty about the kids.  Or James, mostly.  Ruby has me during the day, which is my best time.  James comes home at 3, which is my worst time.  I don't think he feels too neglected as I am always willing to talk or read with him while I'm laying down but nobody likes their mom in bed all the time.  (ahem.)  AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA.  

Oh, but seriously.  I can do this, only 6 weeks left.  And then I'll be tired for another reason but I will also be newly in love and be able to bend over.  Happy days!  Other things I'm excited for, you ask?  (even though you totally didn't)

  • lying on my back
  • lying on my stomach
  • bending over and breathing at the same time
  • underwear that fit properly
  • not peeing myself so often
  • not being out of breath from coming up the stairs
  • wearing different pants (eventually)
  • no more heartburn
And now I must return to my day.  I usually go to Whole Foods every other Wednesday as they have some pretty good one-day sales on Wednesdays and I start my grocery shopping for the next two weeks with what I find.  BUT, I am kind of pooped so I'm not sure.  I think I'll see what my sidekick is up for.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

vday, etc.

*I started this yesterday morning and then forgot about it in all the pants excitement.  I will continue now, for memory's sake...

I should totally be getting Ruby ready for school but she is so intently cutting paper that I can't stand to interrupt her.  Maybe I'll just give her a few more minutes...

How was your weekend?  I hope everyone either enjoyed or successfully ignored their Valentine's day.  :)  Patrick and I had a delicious brunch at a favorite place (Hubbard Ave.) thanks to Wendy watching the kids for us.  (thanks Wendy!)  We walked into a packed restaurant with a 45 minute wait and spotted 2 counter spots open.  SCORE!  We don't mind eating at the counter...adds a little something to the experience, I think.  You might have to ask a stranger for some more creamer (she looked over to see, what?, how many I had already used?!  Who died and made her creamer police??) or another stranger for some butter (it was a special occasion, stop judging me!) but it's still kind of fun.  Our food was delicious and Patrick was in a totally goofy mood and kept making me crack up.  On the way home we stopped to wash the car and he was making me listen to some 70s music (I hate most 70s music) and saying that whatever was on was his favorite song and could we please hold hands?  Maybe you had to be there but he was killing me.

After we picked up the kids we came home and I helped them clean their room while Patrick slept off our indulgence.  He woke up and I laid down for a while.  When I woke up Ruby was laying next to me with heavy eyes...she was asleep about 2 minutes later.  Little nugget.  James should have completed our family nap relay but he wasn't feeling it so much.  He's still on the team.

Before all the weekend fun, we had James' party at school on Friday.  I was there for an hour and a half and felt SO TIRED when it was over.  So tired that we came home and I retired to my bed for the rest of the afternoon.  I don't know how their teacher does it.  Man.  17 six year olds = one truckload of energy.

They sure are cute, though.

(opening their valentines)

(James was really cute about making a spot for Ruby right by him.)

So now we're back to Tuesday and it's time to get Ruby and I ready.  Have a good day!  xoxo

Monday, February 15, 2010

got pants?

I've made a bunch of those little pants now (4prs...they are mildly addicting) and decided I should probably make some shorts.  The first pair turned out pretty cute, I think.

before, American Eagle size M boxers:


after, (hopefully) size 3-6 mo shorts:

The nice thing about these is how easy it will be to open up the waist band and change the elastic if needed. 

Here is another pair of pants I made from a favorite old pair of Patrick's boxers:


(they're the farm ones on the left)

Does it bother any of you that I use old underwear for my babies clothes?  :)  It doesn't bother me at all.  Boxers come in such cute fabrics!

So as not to leave Ruby out, I also got a few tanks and tshirts to turn into summer skirts for her.  Here is the first one:

(please pretend that is vertical)
(yes, that grey bump is me)

And the finished product:


(don't stand like a sausage, Ruby!)  
(only my mom will get that)

And here it is lying flat, just cut off the top, sewed a casing for the elastic, and slipped it in!  Voila!  Easy skirt that my girl may or may not ever wear.  ;)

And now an update on my goals for last week:

compost - a grudging thumbs up
pop - a happy thumbs down (patrick and I rediscovered the root beer freeze last week and never looked back)
exercise - a limber thumbs up  (I am not exercising to lose weight, as someone emailed to ask me.  I am doing mainly prenatal yoga to stretch myself out and get my body ready to push out another small human.)
eating out - um...uncertain.  I can't remember really.  I know we've only eaten out as a family once (Patrick saved my tired ass and brought Subway home last Friday night) but I don't know how many other times.  (patrick and I had brunch on Sunday and he took James to Culver's on Saturday...that might be it.)
facebook - an out-of-touch thumbs up.  I miss the chatter between my local friends as fb has pretty much replaced random emails, but I stayed away from it again last week.  I just see that I have to actually call or email someone if I want to catch up or get together.  You know, the old fashioned way.  ;)


Hmmmm.  What else?  I am kind of done typing now but I hope to record our weekend tomorrow or something.  One happy thing?  I watched Survivor online last night and it was so fun!  I haven't watched it in years so it felt really new, and since I am totally in the mood to watch TV right now, like such a treat.

I hope you all had a good weekend and a decent Monday.  Thank you for all the baby pants love.  :)


no time to talk

I'm busy trying to turn some of this stuff:

into more of these:


(The striped ones are the ones I made out of the sleeves of a thrifted shirt.   The green ones are NB size (5-8lb) and even though both of my kids wore NB sized stuff for at least a month, it's so hard to believe they are ever that tiny!)

(I've made these before and the crotch was always too short after hemming the top.  Add at least 2 inches more to the top than you think.  Trust me.  ;)  )

(instructions found here)


Friday, February 12, 2010

mom-bership has its privileges

S:  James, do you want to make a Valentine for Grandma and Grandpa?

J:  Why??  They know that I love them.


(Ruby still made you one, Mom & Dad)


the AM version





Thursday, February 11, 2010

it's 7:46pm

and my kitchen is clean, my house is quiet, the kids are asleep, my husband is playing his game until 10pm, my baby boy is kicking me, I just had a chocolate cupcake & milk, I made 2 dozen cupcakes and 2 dozen muffins this afternoon, I got Ruby registered for Kindergarten in the fall of 2011, I went to Target with Wendy today, the sun has been shining for 2 days, I saw Heidi at the dig on Tuesday, I was missing my friends and am happy I got some friend time, my closet is cleaned out, I am excited to buy a few new spring clothes after baby arrives (for me and him), I could watch 2 good shows at 9 (project runway or celeb rehab) but also have 2 good books to read, will probably go to bed and read now, I now have a "body pillow" that Patrick made for me, Patrick told me again last night how much he likes coming home to all of us at the end of the day, got the very best news in the world today (not mine to share but it is THE BEST), I get to be at James' valentine's day party tomorrow, I feel deeply relaxed, very happy and extremely blessed. What a good day.  Good night.  xoxoox

show and tell

Here is that pillow after it was finished.  Simple, but I thought, sweet.  It was a belated engagement gift for my sweet cousin Sarah and her betrothed, Yed.  They are getting married on April 30th!  How exciting!!!

I also made these simple rattles to send off to my sister and some other expecting & new mamas in my life.  Patrick and James thought they looked like number ones.  HELLO?  Number ones don't usually have eyes or ribbon ears.  sniff.  Men.   (these were from Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing for Baby.)

Since I finished these things and started my blanket top I have totally lost interest in sewing.  I feel it creeping back, though.  I have been so LOW energy since last weekend but the sunshine the last 2 days is really helping.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the bear made me buy it

I would like to learn how to crochet just to make these.

Someday I hope I print out some of these for myself Ruby.

I've had this recipe saved since last summer.  Maybe I'll actually make it this summer?

It's almost Valentine's Day...have you made your Love Ninja yet?  (I haven't but I'd like to.)

Awesome tutorial.

This was very helpful as I am now mouse free.

Vintage valentines to love.

Just one of the cool things I've found on this awesome blog.

I bought this jam because of the bear on the label. 

It has not disappointed. 

(I have a thing for bears.  Once, many years ago, I had a dream I had a rather intimate relationship with one.  I KNOW.  I have no idea where that came from but it wasn't creepy, you'll just have to believe me.)  (I bet a good many of you just hit UNSUBSCRIBE.)

Mine is STJEFFĂ…NNI.  What's yours?  (via How About Orange ... a wonderfully fun blog.)

The grocer was out of plain creamer yesterday so I got one of the newer flavored creamers in White Chocolate Mocha.  ick.  (here's a coupon if you don't believe me.)

I really want to make these with the kids.  Maybe some bites and let them make some shapes.


I could go on and on but must stop due to an impending dr. appointment and a super pigsty of a house.  My kids built a major fort in the kitchen on Monday (how wonderful! and creative!) and now I have just about HAD IT with tripping over all this crap in my kitchen. 


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

mother/wife/daughter/friend by day, archivist by, well, the rest of the day

One of my favorite things about having a blog is looking through my archives.  Whenever a new month starts I usually take some time to look through the last 2 or 3 years of the current month.  If I'm feeling down, I can find myself thinking my life was more fun then, or that I was funnier, but I know this (probably) isn't true.  Today's drivel is tomorrow's charming memory in the archives!  It's so true.

My life is pretty much the same year after year...I like mostly the same stuff (with a few new things to add), my kids are still as adorable to me (although in different ways), I am still just as crazy about my husband (and still don't share it when I'm not...not until after it's over), I still hang out with the same group of women (with a few sweet new additions here and there and my same favorites from my past), my mom is still my biggest fan (for my blog and probably my life.  xoxo, mom.), I love my family and always look forward to seeing them, I love to read, the same smallish things still make me very's kind of comforting to see who I am so clearly, through this little blog.  (I'm sure a journal gives you the same I right, journal-ers?)

The one thing my blog doesn't make note of is the ugly thoughts I can have.  Yes, I've talked about being sad or stressed or depressed, but I'm talking about the ugly little thoughts I have that I am so not proud of.  I've learned that when I want to write a big post about how someone has DONE ME WRONG that that usually means I just need to chill out a little, take a closer look at myself and talk to God...not compose a diatribe.  Consider yourselves lucky that I have learned that.  ;)

And just like that, I am over this topic.  Another thing I've learned?  It is NOT easy to write long or well thought out posts.  Those women who do it all the time?  They deserve some real credit.

Here are just a few of my favorite things from the last 3 Februarys of our lives:


Ruby hoping family hugs die

My weekend with Sarah

watching James make stuff


 happy parenting moment

learning to play together


 my dad is so funny

my husband is so hot

oh my good Lord.  this face.

And now we return to our currently scheduled February.

What do you like best about blogging?  Please share.



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