Wednesday, March 31, 2010


She did it! Ruby was a very good girl at the dentist yesterday.  The hygienist loved her and said she'd like to see her again.  :)  This is what Ruby did when she asked her to show her pretty teeth.

James did great, too.  The bad news?  He has some slight decay in two areas, between molars.  :(  They said all of his teeth look great, as far as brushing (he needed hardly any scaling), and when they see this sort of decay it's usually from sugary liquids.  Hmmm.  Chocolate milk at lunch every day?  sigh.  All the hot lunchers get to pick between chocolate and white milk every day and guess what they pick?  I have agreed to let him have it because it's one way he can be the "same" as them at lunch time.  I get the low sugar Nestle Quik powder (processed on equipment with milk...not safe for everyone) but his soy milk has sugar in it to begin with.  So, we talked about some changes in that regard.  The dentist didn't seem very concerned but it made me feel like a failure.  You know, good old mom guilt. :)  He suggested James rinse his mouth out good after lunch which is something else I'll try to remind him to do.

After the dentist we stopped at the zoo hoping the tree playground inside would be open.  It wasn't.  It was windy and kind of chilly so we decided to just go in the reptile building and then leave.  After the reptile buildign we decided to just go see the prairie dogs.  Then it was the bears, then the tiger, and we ended up staying for nearly 2 hours.  It got warmer and felt less windy the longer we were there.  I was also having some good Braxton Hicks contractions so I was happy to keep walking.  :)  It was also really fun to see James trying to read all the signs and asking real questions about the animals based on what he read...who their relatives are, who their predators are, that sort of thing.  He particularly loved the small bee hive they have and I want to find a place to take him to see more of that.

Yup.  There's the baby's room...just waiting for us.  I love walking by and in that room every day.  It is so clean and peaceful.  I think that's what I love about nurseries...they remind me of the calm & peaceful times with matter how few and far between those times may actually be.

Ruby picked out a new bike helmet.  It has 2 big bugs on it and is covered in silvery webs.  This from the girl who is seemingly afraid of asian beetles this year. 

Her choice of head wear for breakfast?  A crown, of course.

The two of them were at each other's throats right from the start this morning but a half hour in their rooms (well, James was in our room) seemed to hit their reset buttons.  I have a doctor appointment at 1:30 and decided to just stay home until then...relax and enjoy the morning.  They were making me rethink that but luckily that's changed.  I'm hoping we can hang out in Madison for the afternoon and meet Patrick at a park when he's done with work for our first picnic dinner of the year.

I have to go now but there is ONE last thing on my mind today.  If I am feeling pretty good physically, which I am, why should I induce before giving him the full 14 days past due to come out on his own?  I went through this same turmoil with Ruby, too, and finally cut the cord at 9 days.  (literally, right?)  I just don't know if I want to commit to an induction at 7 days past due now.  This is the last time I'll go through I kind of want to wait and pray that it happens on its' own.  We'll see what my doc says today.  Maybe I am fully effaced and dilated to 8!  ;)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

random tidbit

I started my first blog nearly 7 years ago.  It was going to be about my pregnancy with James but I never got past the first post:

Week 6: Today is my first visit with the midwife. I am pretty excited and a little nervous. I'll update when it's over.

Pretty compelling stuff.  The address was which is still there but totally empty.  :)


The kids both have dentist appointments this morning and Ruby claims she's going to let them look at her teeth this time.  I think she will, she seems excited and they are really nice there. 

Yesterday was such a good day for us.  What a gift!  I am very thankful and hoping today can somewhat follow in those footsteps. 

That's all I've got.  I wish you all a happy day...your comments have really boosted my spirits lately and I appreciate every one.  xoxo

ruby's tuesday

Monday, March 29, 2010

goodness, I do tend to go on and on sometimes

First of all, thank you for your input & commiseration regarding my troubling day with Patrick on Friday.  I tend not to talk about any bad stuff between him and I until it's over, out of respect, but that just came out of me.  We ended up making up when he got home from work, thank goodness.  We have our own "special" way of making up for the smaller things that get us mad at each other.  He came home having done what I was mad at him for not doing, so I forgave him.  (this was an important thing, not just some little thing I wanted him to do.)  He forgave me for waking him up that morning with my own, um, how should I say this, loud verbal alarm clock.  (my bad.)  We didn't sit down and discuss any of this, just let our actions show love instead of disgust.  :)  I remember when we were first married and I wanted to talk about, that was exhausting and got me absolutely nowhere.  (if you haven't gathered, Patrick's not super chatty.)

However, when I found myself praying on Sunday morning about why my husband was being such a creep (I got mad at him again in the middle of the night on Saturday) (I think those prayers must really crack God up), He quickly reminded me that there are times when I need to specifically ask Patrick for what I need.  He doesn't just automatically know this stuff.  So on Sunday I woke him up with a loud crying alarm clock and told him that I basically feel like a mess inside and could he please just be EXTRA sweet to me for a while?  I am not walking around wanting to be treated like a princess, honestly.  But a little of that wouldn't hurt, you know?  And he listened and heard me and was very sweet and understanding.  For instance, I only had to ask him 150 times yesterday to fix the broken bolt on the swing set instead of the usual 250.  :)  heehee.  Now I know that he knows that I'm not looking for a free pass to be a rat to everyone.  Not at all.  But I do feel like I am super emotional and need a little more understanding right now.  I can't even tell you why.  I think a lot of it must be hormones with a good dose of anxiety thrown in.  I am working on this with God (finally.) as I know I don't have to go through all these feelings on my own.  He's got me.  This baby will come out when he's supposed to and the kids will be safe with good friends and it will all be good.  Amen.

(but I still might be a crying mess later and have to go to bed at 6:15.  amen.)

I honestly didn't plan on writing about all of that.  I just wanted to pop in and let you know I am still big with child.  The kids get one hour of TV this morning, which they are watching now, and then I've got some stuff planned out to keep us busy together.  Hopefully the afternoon will be spent outside.  I also REALLY want to have a good week with the both of them.  I know this means a few things for me:  Consequences must be swift and serious (no slacking on my part), The less time spent in front of the TV and computer, the better (for all of us), Have a general plan for the day, be outside, lay down while they have their TV time in the afternoon.

I really need to shut up now!  James had a fever all weekend.  Here's a shot from yesterday afternoon when they all fell asleep on the sweet.

And here is what I did when I wasn't crying, eating, peeing or sleeping:

Hooray for cute burp cloths!

You all must think I am crazy.  Were any of you this unstable before your babies were born?  I had a ton of anxiety before Ruby was born, mainly because I was so worried about "deserting" James.  He was so small (2.5) and I was totally scared he'd be scarred for life, even with any of my close friends he would have been TOTALLY HAPPY with.  My parents really came through for us.  I called my dad and asked him to come for the weekend on super short notice so he would be here until my mom could come on her scheduled day.  My Dad made that 600 mile round trip and I will never forget that.  Of course I didn't go into labor but it relieved so much of my tension knowing he was here, just in case.  Then my mom got here and we got to leave for the scheduled induction without a single worry about our boy. Thanks, parents.  xoxoxo

(OKAY.  This is weird.  James just came over and started reading all of this!!!)  (he just read that I wrote about him!)

This time I have almost no anxiety about James & Ruby.  They will go one of three places, depending on time of day, and I know they will be happy to go to any of them...and they will be together.  And then next Friday my mom will be here again, and if our second son hasn't arrived, she will once again wave goodbye to us as we head off to be induced. 


Friday, March 26, 2010

signing off for the weekend...

Spring break has officially begun as of 3:05 and we are all pretty excited about it.  I am celebrating with some tums and a nap.  ;)

Wendy came over last night to eat brownies and watch Precious with me.  Man, what a movie.  It was horrible and really good.  I am not in the mood to discuss deep things so that's all I'll say.  Have you all seen it?  Anyways, I was up late and then up again from 3 to 5am driving myself crazy with a brain that wouldn't turn off.  I got a little more sleep, got up, got mad at Patrick, got ready and went to meet Heidi for some coffee & thrifting.  We had a nice time and I forgot for a while how tired I was and why my husband ticked me off this morning. 

An aside:  It sucks when you're upset with someone for valid reasons but deal with it in a bad way yourself so then you have to be mad at yourself and them.  sigh.  The child in me knows I was "right" but the adult knows that's no excuse for being a bitch.  Hopefully we can set this right tonight.  How do you let it be known that you are MAD without sounding snotty?  Ugh.  Too much for me to handle on too little sleep.

Anyways.  I have to go call him.  Wish me luck and I wish you a good weekend, my dears.  xoxo

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Patrick and I did the kid hand off last night so I could have a little time to myself.  I was home by 8:45, due to frighteningly large calves, but it was still a nice break.  I turned in early and was up at 5:30, happy to find myself in a much better mood than yesterday.

At least we had a nice walk after school yesterday...Ruby was such a crab up until then.  "This is the best day, Mom.  Spring has so many treasures!" she said as she stuffed pine cones and old rubber bands in her pockets.  Almost made me forgive her for earlier.  ;)

(one of our smoke alarms just started beeping.  how irritating!)

Because I was up so early, running the dishwasher and starting laundry, James got up early too.  We had time for one game of Uno*.

We actually ran out of time and couldn't finish.  He was pleased with this because he had MANY more cards in his hand than I did.  He purposely draws a lot sometimes just to get a Draw 4 card.  Little rat.

I asked Patrick this morning to please find the little nails in the basement that I've been asking him for for 2 weeks.  He was down there digging around for a while and came up with these, claiming they were all he could find.

Nice.  Now, he does this kind of thing to me a lot but I still usually fall for it.  A few minutes later these were sitting on the counter.

much better.

Here's a dilemma I'd like your help with.  I got this hoodie at the dig last week but it has this rather large and ugly design on the front.  I thought I could easily cover it up but cannot think of what shape to use out of the fabric I like.  This patch is kind of long and awkward.  Beer bottle?  Bowling pin?  Swaddled baby shape?  Rectangle?  I seriously got nothin' over here.  Any ideas for cute (longish) shapes for me?

Ruby, this morning:

One thing making me happy today?  Ruby's preschool was cancelled and we don't have to go ANYWHERE.  I am celebrating with a scrunchie.

Take a good look because this might very well be the LAST REMAINING SCRUNCHIE in existence, especially rare because it is DENIM.  I am so wishing I still had my denim shirt to throw on.  (hee!)

And finally, another little show off, mainly for my mom.  She gave me this vintage needlepoint a long time ago after I scolded her for not displaying all the cool stuff she had at her house.  Of course it then sat in our basement for over a year...oops.  I got it out last week and was happy to see it fit perfectly in a frame she also relinquished to me at one of our visits to the dig.  Perfect!  It's not really my style but I do like it for Spring.  I want to find some pretty candles to put in my little pots.

Okay, time to go sit on the couch.  Oh wait...

Thank you for all the book suggestions yesterday!  The two Liz mentioned in the comments were 2 that I had forgotten about...thank you, Liz!  :)  Her Fearful Symmetry was a super creepy one that I actually had the nerve to read because of Liz mentioned it on her blog.  The ending was a little much for me but it was a good read.  Bloodroot was really, really good as well.  It made me want to be a hillbilly mama, in a good way.  I already added your suggestions to my library list...thanks, again.


*uno is also the number of weeks until my DUE DATE.  Did you hear that BABY???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

making your own lunch is hard

We got up bright and early this morning to be certain that James would have time to prepare his own lunch.  The first thing he said?  "What should I make?"  ha. 

Is that HAM in his hand?  Indeed.  And also salami, soy cheese and beef sticks.  He decided on a beef stick instead of a fruit or vegetable.  Whatever, I shrugged.  He also packed a leftover slice of pie and some chocolate milk.  It took him about a half an hour,

including the time he needed to clean up after himself.  Making the chocolate milk was his favorite part.

Ruby scowled at us over the half wall the whole time as she was banished for distracting him.

(my lens was fogged up here)

Overall I think it was a good experience for him.  One we will definitely revisit if there is more complaining.  Let it be known that I always give him a choice between a couple of main dish options, except on Fridays.  Fridays is my pick and it's usually the only day he has Sunbutter & Jelly. 


After the boys were on their way Ruby and I got ready for yet another journey to Madison for a doctor visit.  All is well, blah blah blah.  We had planned on going to a park afterwards but it just never warmed up so we went to one thrift store and then came home.  Ruby was a little rat at the thrift store so our departure was rather abrupt.  I wasn't really feeling it anyways so no great loss.

I then scrubbed part of our kitchen and put a pork roast in the oven.  I ruin far too many expensive chunks of meat so I was a little nervous.  I was talking to my sister, telling her how I don't trust my meat thermometer, and she suggested getting our regular digital one to check it.  Brilliant!  At the first check it was right on (with the meat thermometer so now I know it works).  The second check?  It started beeping and flashing "HI" on the screen.  HAAHAHHAHAHAHAa.  It was a children's thermometer and we decided it wasn't meant to go as high as 125 or so degrees.  We laughed that it should have flashed, "DEAD."  heehehehee.

So now we're about to leave to walk and get James.  Ruby wants me to bring the stroller so she can collect stuff.  I don't know if I like the sound of that.

Have a good afternoon, peeps.  xoxo

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just me again

hello friends,

I totally went to bed this morning with my book and coffee and it was wonderful.  The book is The Things That Keep Us Here and it is so good.  It's about a flu pandemic, in current times, and didn't sound like much to me but I really loved it.  I actually have a few pages left for later. 

I knew there were a few books I could not remember and Teresa reminded me of one of them...High on Arrival.  This is Mackenzie Phillips' autobiography (I got familiar with her story when she was recently on Celebrity Rehab) and it is as much of a train wreck as you'd expect.  A quick read but sad.  I was glad she didn't go into too much detail about the incestuous relationship she had with her dad...sounds like she couldn't remember most of it.  shudder.  I wish I could remember the other books...if they come to me I will list them.  I read practically every night, sometimes for a couple hours, especially since there isn't much on tv right now that I like.  (bachelor is over, survivor we watch online, project runway is boring me this time, lost interest in LOST recently)

Have any of you read anything great lately?  I always love suggestions.

The cable guy has come and gone and gave me his direct number again.  He lives pretty close by and gave it to me last time but I had just thrown it away right before it started acting up again.  (of course)  He offered it again and said I could just call him directly if there's a problem with our new box.  Pretty nice.  James & Ruby turned into animals while he was here.  James was doing laps around him and Ruby started drawing H's (her latest letter) as fast as she could to show him.  Do your kids show off for strangers?  Geesh.  All I did was the splits.


I should go call that Grandma now, Susan, and put her mind at ease.  :)  Then I could get 2 things crossed off my list.  The crusty floor can wait until tomorrow.

Are you sick of these posts without pictures?  I am.  I thought about photographing the delicious & pricey cheese I bought at Whole Foods (just a small, affordable chunk) but that seemed strange.  I also thought about photographing my children but that seemed like too much work.  They are so energetic today.  (except the inner child of course.  He seems quite content.  sigh.)


good things

*after a STUPID mistake with a credit card last year (thinking a balance was paid when there was really $30 left and not paying that for 4 months because I didn't open any of the statements (because I thought it was paid)) our credit rating is back up in "excellent" territory!  (I probably never blogged about this because it made me absolutely sick.)

*speaking of that, did you get your free credit reports yet?  I pull these on Patrick and I every year around tax time always using .  (that was how I found out about my stupid mistake last year.  quite the shock!  I now check our credit cards online every couple months even though they have zero balances)

*not having to make James' lunch next week!  Yay!  As the year goes on he is getting to be picky about trying new things and sick of what he usually wants.  ?  This morning he yelled at me, "That ham sandwich BETTER NOT be for me!"  Guess who earned themselves the privilege of getting up early tomorrow in order to make their own lunch?  Remind me to set my alarm.  (he said he'll just give himself 100 Oreos.  Also remind me to hide the Oreos.)

*I had some contractions last night...mostly Braxton Hicks.  I had those constantly with James & Ruby and have hardly had them at all this time so it was kind of cool.  I only had a couple of the lower abdominal ones (also my first so far) but the uterine contractions were irregular for over 2 hours.  I never thought, "This is it!" but I wouldn't have minded if it was.  I am ready now.  anytime.

* I have read a lot of good and not so good books lately.  A list:

The Outlander  (good)
The Postmistress (pretty good, not my favorite.  war is sad)
The Heights  (good but felt very familiar)
Cleaving  (returned unread.  Her Julia angle was good but to read just about her?  I don't find her very likable.)
The Gift of an Ordinary Day  (mind numbing.  she had me crying during the Introduction but then it was basically the same sentiment said over and over and over and...)
Through the Heart (different and very good)


I wrote all of that earlier and am now home from dropping the girl off at preschool.  These are the things I should be doing:

~sweep & mop kitchen floor
~wipe dried yogurt off of chair leg (just noticed this, ick)
~fold the 3 loads of laundry on my couch
~call Charter as our box is acting up again (and this time I know the cord is screwed in all the way)
~finish vacuuming
~sew another baby blanket that I cut out
~hem swaddling fabric  (I actually found exactly what I wanted for these down in my stash...thanks mom.)
~call Patrick's grandma as she won't stop calling us
~make grocery list

things I want to do:

~go lay in bed with a cup of coffee and book I am reading now that is really good but I don't remember the name of
~call seester

I am voting for something from the "want to" list.


Monday, March 22, 2010


I decided to check into refinancing our house last week.  You know, just because I was bored.


I'm glad I did, though, as we can go down a full percentage point and the VA has a simple refinancing program that doesn't involve an appraisal.  (no cash out, just a straight refinance)  It does, however, involve me tearing apart a few different places in our house this morning looking for our 2008 W2.  Thankfully I found it and even grudgingly got some more filing done.  (that was obviously needed.)  That was my Monday morning.  I hope yours was better.

We did get some painting done this weekend but didn't finish, of course.  We ran out of the green paint.  I'm not sure these photos show the shade really reminds me of the green of a school blackboard.  We both like it a lot.

Guys.  I've got nothing to say today so I'll stop pretending that I do.  :) 


Friday, March 19, 2010

taking a little break from rearranging the living room

to wish you a happy weekend!  I hope we get some more green paint on the walls downstairs...that will make my weekend a happy one.  :)

I am due for a nap but first, a few pictures for you:

Above is what I found at the dig on Thursday for a grand total of $5:  for me: pj pants for next winter, a t shirt, a thermal hoodie and a ls lands end tshirt.  for ruby:  2 pairs of shorts for next summer, 2 tshirts to turn into skirts (the snoopy one is one of cute!).  for james:  red sport shorts (he loves these).  for baby:  2 receiving blankets, 1 pr brown sweats and 3 onesies.  Not too bad for one hour of digging and five bucks.

Most of the cookies in this Nabisco Classics line are dairy, egg & nut free.  The Snickerdoodle is new to the line up and they are really yummy.  I love that there are a couple options for "safe" store bought cookies other than the Oreo.
I sewed up this simple fleece & flannel blanket, as well as a bunch of burp cloths, for the wee one using stash fabric.  It feels good to use what I have and it is nice and cozy.

My sister and I each ended up buying one of these.  I love it and hope the intended does as well.  (I actually wish I had an adult sized one for right now...)  I told Andrea not to tell me about any more cool stuff that she finds...I can't afford it!  :) 

I'm pooped.  Have a good weekend!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

and the machine grinds to a halt

I am so not a machine.


Ruby just acted pleasantly surprised when I gave her lunch.  At 1:30pm.

My kids are having dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner.

They had pizza last night and something simple the night before that, too.

I didn't sew anything today. 

I've been in bed most of the afternoon. 

I'm sneezing a lot and have a head ache. 

It's gorgeous out and I could not care less.


So, yeah.  That's how I am today.  Stuffy and sneezy and with an aching head.  I am glad I'm not swelling or I'd probably be nervous.  I am brewing some coffee and hoping that takes care of the headache as I didn't have any yet today.

I did go to the dig for an hour while Ruby was at preschool this morning and got some good stuff.  I'll show you later.  And I did sew a little something the day before yesterday that was super simple but is making me happy.  I'll show you that later, too.  Once I stop sneeezing and changing my underpants, that is. 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I fully realize that this may qualify me for some sort of help

One thing I needed for this baby was a contoured changing pad for on top of the dresser.  They are a lot of money new, like $25, so I wanted to borrow one or thrift one.  Two friends told me they might have one I could borrow but one of these friends I almost never see and the other one is my busy neighbor and I didn't want to bug her about it.

But I wanted that darn changing pad.  You see, my room will not be complete until it is resting there on the dresser, and you might have gathered how much I want things to be "complete" right now.  Have you?

I jokingly told my sister over the weekend that I had some foam in my basement and I was just going to make my own.  She told me I should and I laughed it off like, right, I'm not that crazy.  hahhahahhahahaaa.

And then I made one.

And it wasn't that hard.

I had one pack of foam that I got at WalMart when we first moved into this house over 5 years ago.  I was going to make a headboard and that just never happened.  I got it out Saturday evening and started cutting.  I used the changing pad cover I had to get a rough estimate of the needed size.
At first it was a little big and awkward
even with a child on it to weight it down
even a rather large child (who didn't want to be up there at all).

So I trimmed the sides and ended up stacking those trimmed side pieces on both long sides so it had more of that "contoured" shape with the cover on.  I then covered the whole thing with a large waterproof crib pad I had thrifted and was going to use to make a portable changing pad.  (which I no longer needed because, guess what?, I thrifted one!)

I have some spray adhesive that I'm going to have Patrick use to spray all the layers together this weekend. 


Ahhhhh, insert the happy sigh of a crazy pregnant woman here.

And then this is the best part...On Monday Rachel told me she promised she'd dig out that changing pad this weekend and I just laughed and said, "Don't worry about it...there's no hurry."  Like I was all cool and normal!  AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHa. 


getting back into the outdoor groove

(Is there anything cuter than kids playing?)
(maybe kids sleeping?)


We had another fun afternoon at the park yesterday and I plan on taking Ruby for a walk after my doctor visit today.  Next week will only be in the 40s so we have extra reason to enjoy this now.

I am so sick of going to the doctor every Wednesday.  I find myself hoping baby doesn't come early so we can just do whatever we want during Spring Break, which is the last week of March.  I'm sure after the first couple of days I'll be going nuts with both of the kids home all day but it will be so nice to have a week where we don't have to wake up and be anywhere.  We also have a couple of fun things planned that I'm looking forward to...things at home.  (except for the flipping dentist.  do you think I could talk them into a house call??  probably not, eh?)

I woke up kind of grumpy, can you tell?  I am up early though, which is very nice.  Our coffee is brewing and since I made another batch of muffins last night (this time before 6pm) there are fresh muffins again.

I think I need to make time for a nap today, too.  I seem to be hitting my mid-week slump.

Have a happy Wednesday, dear friends.  xoxoox

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the hospital bag

I woke up Saturday morning knowing I had to make myself a new tote for the hospital.  I've been holding onto to this vintage shift dress for ages (found at the dig, of course) and decided it would be perfect as a tote.

I cut off the bottom half and turned it sideways, opening up one of the long sides of the dress as the top of my bag.  The lining was sewn to the dress (nice quality) so instead of fussing with taking the two apart, I just turned it inside out and sewed it together.  This left me with raw edges inside so I "serged" them with a small zig zag stitch.  I then took advantage of the top back of the dress, with the zipper, and made a small bag for toiletries and such.  (I am still afraid to sew on a zipper.  Tell me how stupid that is, please.)

I didn't have the perfect fabric in my stash for straps so I set it all aside until Sunday when it was driving me nuts and I decided I should just make do with something I had.  I went with a linen blend I had on hand and added a contrasting decorative stitch that would give it a bit of color.  The ultimate strap fabric would have been more of the dress but that wasn't going to happen, obviously.  I do like it this way and am happy with the size of it.  The straps are long enough that I can wear it messenger style if I want to.

Here's the little pouch full of little stuff:

I would like to take a moment to thank Heidi for this project.  She innocently asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had packed my bag yet.  WHAT?!!?!??!?!  I hadn't even thought of it so of course this threw me into a tailspin.  Thanks, Heidi.  :)

If you are like me, you might like to hear what's in the bag.  If you're not like me you can go now.  ;)

  • 2 prs pajama pants (1 new, 1 thrifted)
  • 3 new white tshirts
  • 2 nursing bras
  • 4 prs underwear
  • 3 prs footie socks
  • 1 pr new spring slippers 
  • sling
  • toiletries for me & patrick (but he will have to have his own change of clothes in his own bag and he will have to make his own bag if he wants a new one)  
  • 2 long sleeved onesies 
  • 1 sleep gown for baby
  • 2 sleepers for potential going home outfit (one of them was what James came home in)
  • extra blankets for padding car seat if he is tiny (remind me to tell you about how we almost killed tiny James the first time he was ever in his car seat)
  • tiny hat & socks
whew!  I will also bring my phone, camera, and a swaddling blanket (will tell you about that tomorrow)  (don't let the suspense kill you.).  I had more baby stuff in there but it's not like Patrick won't be coming home while I am there...he can always bring me back what we might need.  (like a margarita.)  (strawberry blended, please.)

My nose just got all tingly.  I am really ready and excited to meet our new son.  I am so thankful for him, that we get to do this one more time, and that I have really felt pretty good for the last few months.  (If I had to say how I felt overall during this pregnancy it would definitely be TIRED.  But you know how you forget labor pains?  I am already forgetting how hard this has been sometimes.)

I know all I am doing these days is talking about the baby and showing you stuff I made but since this blog is about my life and that really is ALL I'M DOING, so be it.  I wonder what will happen after he is here.  I've never had a newborn and a blog.  Built to Last didn't come along until Ruby was 6mos.  I guess we'll find out...thank you so much for hanging out with me through all of this.  xoxooxox

Monday, March 15, 2010

roll on

Wendy invited us to the park after school and even though I was really tired I said yes.  It was gorgeous out today and it would have seemed criminal to pass up a chance to be outside.  I can sleep when I'm dead.  (or, in about 5 minutes...)  I have more pictures that I'll upload tomorrow but this one is a favorite.  Silly kids.  It was so fun to sit there in the sunshine and chat.  :)

I mainly stopped by to share what I accomplished in the hour after I tucked the children in.

7:15pm:  goodnight kisses, leave room
7:16pm:  preheat oven, find muffin recipe
7:17pm:  start mixing muffins and decide to make a "trial run" of the rice krispy treats that we're bringing to school on Wed.  (green, natch.)
7:20pm:  hear HORRIBLE howling from kids room, waddle upstairs, find out Ruby had tossed James his water cup and it exploded all over him and his bed
7:21pm:  try to console James
7:22pm:  tell James to be quiet or he'll be sleeping on a wet bed
7:23pm:  strip James' bed (not secretly minding too much as this was on my list for tomorrow) and hunt for new bedding
7:24pm:  sigh loudly and trudge down to the basement to get clean comforter off of line down there
7:25pm:  trudge back upstairs, offer more kisses and  general threats against poor behavior, leave room
7:26pm:  oven is hot, start mixing muffins
7:30pm:  realize no muffin papers available, sigh heavily & wonder what the hell I am doing making muffins at 7:30pm
7:34pm:  muffins in oven, start counting marshmallows
7:36pm:  marshmallows & margarine heating, pull out state tax forms
7:41pm:  add vanilla, green food coloring & cereal, spread in pan, leave plenty on spoon to eat immediately
7:44pm:  start state taxes, get water
7:46pm:  check krispy treats, still soft, get bowl and spoon & improvise
7:50pm:  look longingly at new Oprah magazine, continue on state taxes gloomily
7:54pm:  muffins beep, check them, decide 2 more minutes
7:59pm:  smell muffins, think OH CRAP, retrieve golden brown muffins, hope for the best
8:01pm:  cover krispy treats to avoid further temptation
8:02pm:  resume taxes
8:10pm:  finish taxes, happy with higher than anticipated results, good spirits restored
8:12pm:  get more water, wish I had some kool-aid, get magazine and come upstairs
8:15pm:  look at clock and again wonder what is wrong with self as I should obviously be in bed, decide to blog about it


8:50pm:  wonder at how much I can accomplish in a real life 25 minute window vs. how much I can accomplish in 25 minutes online  (see above)
8:52pm:  rewrite above statement
8:54pm:  publish


Thank God it's Monday.  I love our weekends but I also love the silence of a Monday morning...especially one where I can have the windows open and laundry on the line.  (happy sigh.)

I was kind of like a crazy woman again this weekend.  I was slug-like for a couple of days mid-week last week and then Friday came and my energy was back.  I told Patrick I wished I could bottle this nesting urge and give him some.  HA!  He just wanted to relax and do fun stuff this weekend, which is fine I suppose, but he better be ready to work come Saturday morning.  :) 

For me the weekend was a nice mix of fun stuff, napping and projects.  The first thing I'll share is this easy wall hanging I put together for the nugget's room.  I got the frame & print at the dig for $1.  I painted brown over the Matisse print (one of those cardboard type ones) and painted the frame off white.  Then I mounted (with scotch tape...nothing fancy) the vintage animal playing cards I had also found at the dig a while back.  I love the illustrations and colors (the photo makes them look a little washed out but they aren't) and wanted to display them in some way.  I love how it turned out.  Easy, cheap and satisfying...the best kind of project, I think.

There's more I'd like to share but Miss Ruby will be home any minute.  Hope your Monday is off to a good start.  xoxo

Friday, March 12, 2010


My mom was concerned that some of you might really think we still swaddle James & Ruby. Really? I was trying to make it sound that way AS A JOKE. Ha ha, get it?

This shot was fully staged. I realize now she should have also had the nuk in her mouth. hee.

Have a good morning! I'm off to meet a friend for coffee and maybe a little thrifting if we can find one thrift store in the area that neither of us have been to in the last 5 days. :)


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm sorry, but it's all I can think about

(painted glasses make me happy)

Hello to you on this rainy morning.  Rainy morning.  I love how that sounds.  I've decided today is a good day for arts & crafts but first I have to pay some bills and figure out exactly how much money I've spent lately.  I fear it's a lot.  Nursing bras don't come cheap, you know.

I'm pretty much to the point where I feel I have everything I want to have before baby comes.  I got him a tiny hoodie for him last night.  It's very cute and brown.  I do mourn all the hoodies I had for James and gave away.  A good hoodie is hard to find.

I say "pretty much" because my sister sent me a link to this this morning and now I want it.   It's basically a cross between a bassinet and a bouncy seat...the best of both worlds in my experience.  It takes away the stigma of having to say your child sleeps in a bouncer or a car seat, as I have had to do with both of mine, and looks so flipping cozy.  And it's tall, which is really nice.  Hmmmm.  I know Patrick will say no, just like he did when I wanted the baby papasan bouncer.  bastard.  (HA!)  (which I now see only comes in swing form.  My kids have never used a swing far, anyways.)

The other thing on my mind now?  These swaddling blankets by aden + anais.  We are BIG swaddlers in this house, still sometimes swaddling James & Ruby.  (whoops!  did I say that out loud?)  We've always done okay in the past with the old fashioned baby least in the beginning.  As the babes aged & the seasons changed we've turned to cut up pillow cases (in the softest old cotton) and tshirts.  I'm thinking...100% cotton muslin?  Sewn in a square?  Sounds pretty easy.  I found some unbleached muslin online and am going to call JoAnn's and see if they carry it in the store so I can go feel it.  Might be worth a shot if I end up with my own lightweight blankets for 1/4 the cost.  (If I can't find any cotton that feels really good, these might be a splurge I will consider.)

And now I will stop because I have to do the financial stuff before Ruby gets ho e.  And because you're probably very bored.  :)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(imagine Charlie Brown's teacher saying something that you can't understand...that's my title today)

It rained for most of the day yesterday so when the sun came out for a little while in the afternoon it looked especially pretty to me.

I did get the dresser cleaned off yesterday, along with the rest of our room, and that was about it. I was kind of bored & tired all day but didn't really feel like doing anything, either. Ever have one of those days? Of course the kids saw the clear space as a perfect place to put their toys. (it's clean again now and will stay that way for at least one to two days.)
James has been giving my belly LOTS of kisses and hugs lately.  I was happy to capture one of them at bedtime last night.

Ruby, on the other hand, is too busy for such things.

I have an appointment with my OB at 9:45 so it's time to go get ready.  I realized that I have been lying about my due date.  It's not Easter, it's April Fool's Day.  HA!  I was thinking the other day that if I was 37 wks tomorrow, which I am, then I will be due 3 weeks from Thursday, not that Sunday.  duh.  I will chalk that up to pregnancy brain.  Not that due dates really matter...only if I have to be induced again, which for some reason I think I will.  I don't know if I will let this kid go 9 days over, either.  We'll see...



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