Friday, April 30, 2010

cheers to sarah & yed

My beautiful cousin Sarah is getting married tonight.  I am so thrilled for her & Yed and so excited to see where this life together will lead them.

I love you, Sarah!!  Congratulations!!! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

holy cats

Nicholas has his 2 week check (wha???) this morning and then we have to head to the bank to meet with the mortgage guy.  A while ago 2 hours didn't seem like nearly enough time to get 3 of us ready but Nick has been sleeping for the last hour so Ruby and I are good to go.  whew.  Now I'm going to wake up the little buddy for his bath and 2nd breakfast.  I moved him up to a size 1 diaper yesterday.  sob.  I am looking forward to see what he weighs. 

We made it through Target yesterday (closest place to get a few groceries outside of our little store here in town that doesn't have most of what I need) so that was awesome.  Teresa commented that the checkout line was the worst...and it was!  But he never fully started crying and my breasts didn't squirt the checkout guy so I'll call it a success.  After that we got James from school, came home for more milk, and then walked over to a park right by our house.  There were some other kids & moms there and we stayed until dinner time.  Very nice.

Yesterday a woman commented to me how sweet these early baby days are but so hard to enjoy.  I don't know...I think it all depends (for me) on how much sleep I get.  Also, I am consciously letting stuff go if I just want to hold him or read a book to the other two.  It's not always easy (hello dishes!) but it feels right.  This is probably the last time I'll hold one of MY OWN tiny fat ones.  I plan on enjoying every minute that I can.  And thanking God every time I wake up feeling even mildly refreshed.  I don't want to miss this.  GAH.  The love.  It kills me.  sniff.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ruby's tuesday

(with special guest, Nicholas)

I love how she looks when she looks at him, especially in the last picture.  She looks SO much like her dad here.  xooxoxox

p.s.  am contemplating trip to grocery store and am v. scared.

Monday, April 26, 2010

the weather sucked

but there was some good stuff going on this weekend. First, someone got to meet their grandpa:

(had I more time I would edit out the marker on the wall)

my littlest buddy:
I can feel the shift as more of our time is spent out of the bedroom but this is where we spent most of last week:

(kind of (ha!) plain but I don't want to put anything back up until I cover up the big brown eye (sore) that is that wall )  (our bed is super comfy which is most important to us)

You can plainly see how difficult he is:
(sleeping after a diaper change)
Patrick saved Sunday morning with this little get up:


And now here we are.  I have a list in my head of things I have to do, the world only happily stops for a week or so, and a list in my head of things I want to do.

have to:

balance checkbook, call mortgage guy, fill out insurance paperwork, fill out medical history form, call James' teacher about his field trip, get some groceries

want to:

not do too much today, make a list of ideas for after school, make dinner now so I don't have to later, get us three outside a little

I'm hoping and praying for a good day.  I'm tired but feeling good.  (the night sweats (and following chills!) are here but my leg swelling is going way down, thank God.)

xoxo  :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

here are the pictures...

in the mei tai:

to the library:

treasures she found (a good night!) (the screwdriver was from home):

my view:


Thanks for all the positive baby feedback.  :)  I suppose I've always blogged about my life and now, well, this is my life so it only makes sense, right?

There are actually so many things I want to record (I might have said that yesterday) but it just takes too much time to do so right now.  I have a little time now so I'm just going to let it all roll out while I can... 

We took Nicholas to the doctor on Wednesday (he's doing great...only one ounce away from birth weight) and got lunch to eat at McKee Farms afterwards.  It was warm and sunny and so fun to put him in the mei tai for the first time.  I thought it would be way too big but with a fleece blanket tucked around him it was perfect.  Ruby loved chasing the birds and collecting trash treasures and Patrick and I wished James were with us.  We also decided that it would be a near perfect life to just eat picnics every day at different parks.  Can you imagine?  I will miss Patrick's help next week, for sure, but mostly I am just going to miss him.  He is such a good partner for me.  (sniff.  sniff.)

We went for a walk last night I used the mei tai  again and he is actually snoozing in it right now.  Love that.  I love having his little head right here.

OH, before pictures, there's one more thing.  Patrick swaddled Nicholas up good last night, hands included, and he slept over 5 hours.  IN A ROW.  I had to wake him up at 5am because my breasts were aching.  His longest stretch before that had been 3, maybe 3.5, hours so that felt incredible.  I rolled my eyes when he took him out of our room last night claiming that he needed a good swaddle.  "Not his hands," I said.  Guess who is having their hands swaddled tonight?  I wonder what will happen.  I had seen his hands drive him crazy (mouthing them) but he protested so much when I tried swaddling him that I let it go.  (one tends to do that when there is so little protesting going on)  Patrick was definitely the hero this morning...especially when I woke up again at 8:30 (Nick slept from 6 until then...swaddled) and he brought me coffee and toast.  :)  xoxo

A quick word about the other two.  ;)  James is doing great with all of this.  He loves the baby and kisses and holds him when he can.  He wonders when he can start teaching him stuff.  We were going to have him stay home a day this week but never did.  I feel okay about this because A) he barely complained about school in the mornings (a change over last week) and B) he has had lots of Dad time after school.

Ruby is a bit more verklempt about the whole thing.  She adores the baby but is kind of emotional and mopey, too.  If you correct her about nearly anything, especially involving baby, she claims she needs privacy and goes away to cry.  It is hearbreaking but passes quickly.  I think next week, when it's back to her and I (and Nick), will be good.  We'll find a new routine and I will make sure she knows I couldn't do it without her.  (the truth)  I am just making sure to give her tons of kisses and hugs and jobs to keep her feeling good.  She likes picking out Nick's "morning clothes" every day. 

I re-learned a lesson on Tuesday morning:  Never say anything except, "really good!" when asked how baby is doing unless you are open to lots of stories and advice.  I felt verbally cornered that morning by two really, really nice women who jumped all over it when I said Nick had been fussy the previous two nights (his second and third nights out of the womb).  It was all immediately "fussy baby, gassy baby, colic, give up dairy, when mine was like that" and on and on.  Like I said, I really like both of them but it was just TOO MUCH for me that morning.  Then Ruby came up and bit me on the stomach and I dashed out of there in tears.  Yikes.  I came home telling Patrick I was never talking to anyone again.  :)  He just put me to bed.  Seriously though...that will be my reply if I am not feeling open to suggestions.  I get it..we all want to share our stories  (I mean, look at me now...) but sometimes it's not so fun to have your business analyzed, you know?  And funnily enough, other times it's all you want...for someone to hear you and share what they know.  I just need to gauge my mood before I go there again.  ;)

(fyi:  if I say here that things are "really good" it's because they are.  And if I say something is hard, by all means, chime in because I wouldn't put it out here if I wasn't ready for it to be open for discussion, okay?)

My Dad is here now...hours I'm going to wrap this up.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics later.  xoxo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

you might get a little sick of this

but right now the family wants a lot of pictures. And it's not like there's much else going on over here. :)

James, grossed out by the cord:

good morning, mr. mcpeely:  (post date babies often peel.  or molt, as patrick says)

I love when he straightens out his retractable legs:

here he is looking out the window again:
my favorite from yesterday:


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm finding it hard to put him down

(these gowns can be a pain in the butt)

first trip to Target:

We are still alive!

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for all the sweet words and wishes.  We appreciate every single one.  He is finally here, you guys!  This is awesome.

I am so in love with this little nugget. I have so much I want to record but mainly all I feel like doing now is taking care of him, hanging out with the family and sleeping. Next week will be a shock when Patrick is back at work, that is for sure. I'm appreciating every minute with him here. (okay, almost every minute) ;)

A few things for right now:

R:  This is my penis fly trap.  It eats flies.
P:  (to me)  Did you hear her?  What kind of plant, Ruby?
R:  My penis fly trap.

This is an obvious kid mistake but man, it cracked us up.

And then last night, as I was burping the baby:

S:  pat pat pat pat
N:  silence
S:  (burps)
P:  I think you need to work on your technique.


Monday, April 19, 2010

nicholas patrick

We finally named the little nugget on Sunday morning.  It was a fun process and sometime I will tell you all the names Patrick came up with that had me dying inside.  (until I talked to my sister and then we were howling with laughter.)

This is my first time online in days and it's kind of fun.  We are laying low and taking it easy...doing well.  My mom ended up surprising us and coming for the weekend, which was wonderful in so many ways.  (she will come back again for a week in a few weeks)

I am tired.  We love him so much.  He totally looks like one of our kids, which is kind of strange.  (that we have enough kids that they have a "look" to them)  He has dark brown hair.  So far he doesn't like gas pains or the van but does like his brother and sister and nursing.

Okay a couple old know, from a day or two ago.  xoxoxo

Friday, April 16, 2010

little nugget

He finally got here at 9:50am.  It was a long night with lots of contractions and I finally got an epidural at 5:00 this morning and then we got to sleep (!!) for 2 hours.  Of course my contractions slowed down so they gave me some pitocin at 7am to keep things moving.  When it was time he was out in 7 minutes with his cord wrapped twice around his neck.  He is great, though.  And big!  My biggest baby at 8lbs 1oz. 

We love him and I am pooped.  Patrick went home to be with the kids tonight and I am going to bed soon.  My cel & laptop have no connection in the room so if I haven't called you back that is why.  Plus, I'm tired.  :)


p.s.  no name yet. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

are you kidding me?

STILL no baby.  I am good, though, sitting here with my book and my broth and some sierra mist.  Patrick just went out to eat and I tried to get him to tell me every detail but he wouldn't.  All I know is he had some sort of roast beef sandwich from Pizza Extreme.

I am hungry.

We got here at 11:30 and they gave me the first dose of misoprostol at 12:30.  During the next 4 hours I dilated one half of a centimeter.  I know, my cervix is a total slacker.  I got another dose at 4:30 and am having more contractions but nothing to write home about.  (or blog about, except I guess I am)

We did bring the laptop so I plan on posting the birth on youtube ASAP and will link to it here.

Kidding.  But I should be able to update whenever I feel up to it.

What are you guys doing?  We are a little bored now but it's almost time for Survivor. 


okay...just one more

Yesterday was one of those days where God gave me just what I needed.  I know a lot of you are praying for me (especially my mama) and I know those prayers are working.

Ruby and I headed out right around lunch time yesterday and I ended up taking her to the new Roman Candle in Fitchburg for some pizza.  She was so cute the whole time and beyond thrilled when I got her an ice cream cone afterwards.

((It might seem silly to some but watching her enjoy that cone almost brought me to tears.  She almost never get treats like that out because James can't have them.  She LOVED it and it just made me wish and pray for the day that we can do something that simple but fun with James, too.  I know it's JUST ice cream but there's something to be said for treating your kid to an ice cream cone on a hot day.  (yes, we have ice cream at home but it's not quite as tear-jerking.  HAHA. :))

So, anyways.  That was really nice.  Then we got James from school and he started in complaining right away about no computer time (his consequence for calling his mother a dummy on the day before she gives birth to his other LIFE LONG companion) so I got us a snack and made him come up to my room with me.  He chilled out right away and miraculously Ruby played in their room leaving him & I alone for almost a half an hour.  I needed to "connect" with him a little and it seriously lightened my mood to have that time.

After that they played quietly (!!) while I snuck in a nap.  Patrick came home a while later and we had burgers in the backyard for dinner.  I won't tell you how he & I connected a little later on.  (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHaa!) 

We watched TV!  Really. 

A simple day but exactly what I needed.  I was thinking about it this morning, after my good night of sleep, and realized how it all came together perfectly.  That is not random, friends.  :)  Thank you, Lord.

And also, thank God that I have no time for any more trips to Target.  I did some serious damage there the last 2 days.  My sister was at her Target at the same time I was yesterday and we bought our babies the same clearanced winter booties.  Then I impulsively bought my baby this little bamboo stuffed gator and she told me she *almost* bought it for my baby.  Then she went home and had...HAMBURGERS...for dinner.  NO WAY, right??  ;)

I also got some navy blue nail polish.  I like it but think it's much cuter on Ruby than on me.

Now I am really signing off until I am a mother of three.  xoxo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hot mess

This morning did not start out well.  James called me a dummy 5 minutes after he got out of bed and my husband was not being as supportive as I would have liked about all that today means.  I mean, HELLO?!  I have to get this child out tomorrow, after a really long time, and it's making me just a bit anxious.  Luckily (for both of us) he seemed to understand the magnitude of my emotions after we talked again and offered to do whatever he could tonight.  There isn't much really that he can do but I still needed to hear that.

I'm feeling a lot better now.  Ruby and I have been picking up the house and getting the last of the laundry put away.  Soon we will make yet another  (we were there yesterday) trip to Target to get some safe foods to send with them to my neighbor's house tomorrow night.  I had gotten most of it but, of course, forgot a few key items.  After that I think we will be mostly ready.  whew.

Here are a few pics of the little projects I finished on Saturday.  The first one makes me the happiest.  Heidi (Heidi again!) found me one of those in-the-car baby mirrors at the thrift store but it was kind of horrifying.  It was a large blood red teddy bear with black and white accents and the mirror for his belly, if you can picture that.  I got it because the one I got at Target was almost just as ugly and $11 more.  On Friday night I had the idea that I could sew my own surround for it and it turned out to be pretty easy.  I used bias tape as the casing, just sewing it around a circle of fabric about 2 inches wider than the mirror from the bear's belly.  I salvaged the weighted back piece from the bear as well and stitched that onto the back of mine.  MUCH cuter, in my humble opinion. 

I also finished 2 more simple blankets:
and finally got the swaddling blankets hemmed:
These were "made" from a super lightweight muslin I found in my stash.  My mom had given me one large piece (maybe 2 yards?) and I basically cut it in half, hemming the rough edges.  I think they're going to be just fine.

Alright, kids.  This might be the last time you hear from me!  I am praying, and would appreciate your prayers as well, that this boy comes out on Thursday without too much of a fight.  I will update as soon as I can, or maybe have a friend pop in to let you know when there is news.

Thanks for being there with me through all of this.  I know I've gone ON and ON and acted kind of crazy at times.  It has been so fun to have a place to share everything and I'm sure my mom and sister appreciate not having to be my only sounding boards.  :) 

Lots of love to you guys, xoxo, Stephanie

Monday, April 12, 2010

the good, the bad and the downright ugly

the good:

  • friends who come over to chat with iced coffees  (and friends who have thought of it)
  • friends who happily (as far as I know - haha) watch my kids for me
  • just the normal every day conversations that happen with other moms
  • everyone seeming so kind and interested about when this baby will come (family, you guys and people around me)
  • thinking about digging up, dividing and sharing some of my perennials with friends (doesn't seem as scary to me this year because some of them are obviously well-established)
  • city wide garage sales coming up (always a good time to get new plants!)
  • a nice Monday after a crazy (kind of on and off creepy with Patrick) Sunday
  • thinking that by next Monday we'll be home with our boy  (Lord, help us)
  • dilated to one -  Now that's what I call PROGRESS!  ;)
  • good non-stress test  (he gave us a couple good movements right away then fell fast asleep...I had to push on his head to get him to move again near the end.  sorry, kid.)
  • good blog reading - I am too lazy to link but go ahead and click over to any of the blogs on my sidebar...there's marathon running, moving onto sailboats, bathroom remodels, bald eagles, lots of crafting, sweet kids, elimination diet successes, lots and lots of sweet kids & their mamas who write about them - good stuff  (WI Holly??  I miss you!)  :) 
  • a pile of new magazines from the library
  • getting the last item checked off of my "need" list - a baby bathtub!  Thanks, Heidi.  (she found me the one that I registered for (and got) when I was pregnant with James...full circle)
  • nice days ahead
the bad:

  • I can't think of anything right now, really.  Had you asked me 4 hours ago I would have said my children and their voice boxes
the downright ugly:

  • nothing.  that was just the catchiest title I could come up with.


A fake version of Ruby's famous scowl:

Me at Target on Saturday. I was with Ruby. No make up. I did get that ugly flower covered up on my sweatshirt and am happy with the results:

You can see that my belly has not grown much over the last 4 weeks or so...this is common for me.  I'm glad because it means I am more comfortable than most when I am this far along.  I actually pulled some weeds yesterday which I have been dying to do.  I was on all fours in our backyard, surely not my most flattering position, but it's not like I'm trying to get a boyfriend, you know??  ;)

And finally, just another Ruby picture:  (love those bum dimples)

I am scheduled for a non-stress test at 2pm and to see my doc at 3pm.  That means I need to find a place for James after morning mission.

I am scheduled to be induced Thursday morning (14 days over) if he doesn't come any earlier, which I'm assuming he won't.  I know, I know.  It could happen any time!  HAHA. 

Time to go wake up the kids and husband.  I hope you have a good Monday.  xoxoox

Saturday, April 10, 2010

sarcastic not cryptic

No baby.  That last post just came to me and I thought it was funny.  It reminded me of a coffee mug I saw once that said, "Creamer is for babies!"  :)  I will not be cryptic once this baby comes, trust me.  I will be SHOUTING it from the rooftops and showing everyone my empty womb as proof.  kidding.  (probably)

Yesterday was a busy day so I haven't had time to respond to all your fun comments.  (the last 2 posts yesterday were auto posts, set up in advance.)  For the record, the cooch text was from my sister, not my husband.  Can't deny her credit for that little gem. 

Time to resume the usual Saturday morning routine:  coffee and wishing someone would bring me a cake.  ;)


Friday, April 09, 2010

this just in...

due dates are for babies!

my support system is second to none

a text I received yesterday:

tick tock tick tock
call me when you're done
showing your cooch to the doc


Hello friends who are not 41w1d pregnant,

As usual, I probably won't be around much (if at all) this weekend.  Don't worry though, I promise you I will not have gone into labor.  That would be just plain crazy and not my style at all.  According to my doc there are no changes down there other than a few cobwebs and some weeds growing.

Side note:  If you live in the Madison area and happen to notice a rotund lady with bad roots and dirty glasses on your trampoline, just let me her be.  Please. 

*thank God it's friday and my cervix is still shut up as tight as a small town dairy queen in the middle of january

Thursday, April 08, 2010

reading between the lines

(I got this little coat rack a few weeks ago and love it)

Yup.  Still here, still pregnant.  41w today.  I have talked to so many women lately that have gone to 42w that I know I am in good company...this is not that unusual.  (positive self talk)

I'm still feeling good.(might be lying)  I wake up puffy, which seems strange, but it goes away once I am up and around for a little bit.  I am also getting puffy earlier in the day (like 8am) but since all I feel like doing the last 2 days is laying down, this is not a huge problem.  I see my doctor tonight.

Today I feel bored (and pissed off) and it's only 6:23am.  Patrick woke me up at 5:30 with some HORRIBLE snoring.  He has my cold now so it is understandable, but I have to admit to feeling some (ha!) anger towards him as I stumbled out of our room after trying unsuccessfully to get him to shut up.  Our weather is sucky these last couple of days but should improve tomorrow.  I just need to think of something for Ruby and I to do together today.  (besides eat and sleep) She loves helping me with just about anything so that's always an option.

Last night she was visiting me in bed (I always go lay down now when Patrick gets home (like I'm not already) and I was thanking her for all the help she gave me during the day.  She asked me to tell her a story about all the ways she helps was so cute (and painful as I just wanted her to go to sleep).  I added on a part about all the different ways she can help once her brother is here, just for good measure.  ;)

We got some disturbing news about Patrick's life insurance yesterday.  Due (yawn) to how he answered some questions during his interview, the rate they gave us was 3x what they originally said...over $200 A MONTH.  The questions were about his scuba diving and he answered them based on what he'd LIKE to do over the next 2 years...not based on what he will LIKELY be able to do.  sigh.  Chances are that he will not be taking 10 or more (blah, blah, blah)dives deeper than 120 feet, you know?  Our agent is going to try to get the underwriters to base the rate on the last 2 years (2 dives deeper than 120 feet) instead but we aren't that hopeful.  Now we have to decide if we want to make room in the budget for the original (checks watch) amount we wanted or go for a year at a more affordable lesser amount and then try to get them to reconsider next spring.  (based on actual dives this summer) 

I do realize that the above holds zero interest for anyone else but me.  Sorry. (but not really)

I am ready for a nap, me thinks, or maybe some coffee.  (or a nice dose of zoloft)  yawn.


It is now nearly 2 hours later and I am in such a better mood and so much more awake.  I had a good time threatening suggesting to Patrick that he set up that futon downstairs just in case he is snoring again tonight.  He didn't even roll his eyes...just thanked me for his food and kissed me goodbye.  Good man.

As I reread what I wrote earlier I added some comments, in blue.

Speaking of his food...he and I had a talk last weekend that I hope will fend off some bickering in the early baby days ahead of us.  Almost every morning I make both James and Patrick a lunch and have some to-go breakfast and coffee ready for Patrick when he leaves.  Now, this is nothing fancy...he normally has a bowl of yogurt with fruit and granola or an english muffin with sunbutter and jelly.  His lunches are mostly sandwiches (2 please, with lettuce) or leftovers, but he really appreciates this.  See, Patrick likes to sleep until the last possible minute and would leave starving every morning if I didn't do this for him.  Also he is usually busy at work and sometimes puts off going to get himself something until 4pm when stuff slows down.  He really appreciates when I make the effort but doesn't expect it, either.  It also saves us a lot of money.  HOWEVER.  I know that soon mornings will be a little crazy and it will take more of an effort for me to do these things for him.  So I asked or laundry?, and he chose food, which means he agreed to do laundry in the evenings.  I hope this works out as I know he appreciates the morning food and I will really appreciate the night time folding.  What compromises did you and your spouse make after a new baby's arrival?  Did any of it actually stick?  :)

I have to go read (watch tv) with Ruby a little bit before school.  Have a good day today!  xoxo

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

best vegan "cheese" so far

Before I forget I have to let you know about this new vegan SHREDDED cheese I got at Whole Foods the other night.  It's from Daiya and it is really really good.  We haven't tried it melted yet but have had both flavors (cheddar & mozzerella) raw on tacos and spaghetti and enjoyed both of them.  I loved it because, along with the pleasant taste, there is no funky smell when you open the bag.  James requested it on his tuna sandwich today, too!

who needs 9v batteries?

I think I mentioned a chirping smoke alarm battery last week or the week before, right?  Turns out that our smoke alarms give us a few warning chirpy periods before turning over to the steady chirp.  Of course between then and Saturday, when the steady chirp began, I forgot to get 9v batteries about 50 times. 

I was sick in bed and Patrick was just about to leave with the kids when it started and became obvious it wasn't stopping this time.  He searched in vain for a battery and then ended up switching the bad one from our room with the good one from the baby's room.  We could still hear it, of course, as the rooms are all of 3 feet apart.  He told me not to worry about it and shut my door.  I soon fell asleep.

I woke up later and couldn't hear anything but a quiet house.  (ahhhhhh.)  I pictured a blanket or something taped over it but he went beyond that...

Maybe today I'll remember the batteries.  If not, this is quite effective.  :)



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