Friday, May 28, 2010

week ending

J:  Mom, Nicholas just told me he knows third grade math.

Here is my buddy after our grocery shopping trip the other day.  Baby was pooped out.  Mama was, too, but we got nearly $200 worth of groceries and there only a few tears!  (and they were not mine!)  I am so thankful that Ruby is usually SO good in stores as long as James is not with us.  (those two feed off of each other and act like wild dogs.)

Yesterday morning my neighbor came over for coffee (that makes me feel like such a grown up) and then the kids and I went to have lunch with Patrick.  Patrick who is being the sweetest guy in the world lately.  mmmmmmm.  love that.

Yesterday afternoon was kind of depressing.  We had an allergy incident which always makes me sad.  James is totally fine but it usually takes me a day or two to shake the bad feelings.  It's mostly the reminder of how real this is, which is a good thing actually, but hard.  I don't have time to write it all out but it sucked.  A little later on Ruby got nipped by our neighbor's dog.  sigh.  She is fine, too, and the dog has had his shots but it was a strange situation that I had to deal with right after the stuff with James.  Luckily nothing happened to Nicholas.  :)

We were going to go to Picnic Point today but Heidi told me it has blue-green algae so we're going to skip that.  Not sure what the plan is now but it's another gorgeous day and a three day weekend lies ahead.  How nice.  Mom - Ruby is wearing one of her new outfits today and it looks really cute!  I'll try to get a picture.  OH, and Nicholas has done a seven hour stretch the last 2 nights.  What a little buddy.

I might not be back over the weekend, it's hard to say.  Please say a prayer for Melissa today as she is going to be working hard to bring a new life into this world.  xoxoox & Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the graduation

The graduation, it was hot.  Hot and somewhat pointless but cute, too.  She is going to preschool again next year...good thing she doesn't know what "graduate" means.  :)

We are doing good.  It's been a busy week so far but a fun one.  Zoe and her kids came over on Monday afternoon and yesterday Teresa and her son came for a visit.  I got to see a few friends I hadn't seen in a while last Friday, too, so Yay! for friends. 

Nicholas purposely batted at my hair last night.  It took all of his tiny baby power and it was SO CUTE.  James didn't bat at stuff until 8wks, I don't remember when Ruby did (sorry, middle child, no blog or journal then), but Nicholas is actually almost 8 wks past his due date even though he's only been on the outside for 6 of them.  My little nickel.  I just adore every ounce of him.  Especially when he sleeps so nicely during the day, like the last two days.  On Sunday I was about ready to tear my (and maybe his...okay, not his) hair out because he would not sleep outside of my arms.  He does that sometimes and it's hard.  I think the KEY with this baby is to put him down and pretty much the first yawn.  We'll see.  It's my new theory and you know how theories & babies like to laugh in the face of mothers.

In other news,

Oh wait.  I have no other news.

hahhahahaha!  I do.  My friend Melissa is going to have her baby boy in 2 days!  Yay!!!!!  And my sister and Dad are coming to visit in July!  Yayyyy!!!!
Who else is coming, family?  Thomas & Erin?  Sarah?  Mom?  You know you want to.  :)  It's the weekend of the 10-12.

Okay, now I have to go get Ruby out of her room.  She is so sassy today.  Fine with me, a little quiet time was just what I needed, too.  Now we're going to water some flowers.


Monday, May 24, 2010

as far as mondays go, this one is going fairly well so far

There's something about his little legs that drives me crazy. so. cute. I'm happy it's summer so I'll see a lot more of them.

And then there's the feet.  Everyone loves baby feet.  Right?
And, of course, the boy behind the cute appendages:
Can you see him back there?

There he is.  Our Nick.


We were so excited to get a package last week and even more excited once we opened it.

Zoe & Kari made Nicholas a quilt of his very own.  I love it and I'm pretty sure he does, too.

The back even matches some fabric I used in his room!  Did you guys plan that??  Thank you so much...we LOVE this.  :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

i guess it was only "just like that"

if you consider 42w1d worth of pregnancy, 11 hours waiting for the induction to work, 6 hours of hard labor, 2 blissful hours of sleep, 2.5 more hours waiting to fully dilate and about 5 good pushes just like that.

But it sure feels that way.

p.s.  Dear auntie Sarah,  put your (gas) money where your mouth is.  Love, Nick

Thursday, May 20, 2010

and just like that

there are three.

laundry list

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with baby fever.  Mine seems to be abating for now.  I'm sure it will rear up again but I really do feel like we need to shut the baby door.  (no, not that one!)  My sister and brother should take over now and pray that I don't steal theirs.  (except when they want me to)
  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes for Miss Ruby.  I don't have time to write out all of my sappy feelings for her.  I'll just say that being around her is one of the best parts of my day...every day. 
  3. Patrick made me coffee this morning and it is so good.  (he is taking over for my mom...she made coffee every morning while she was here.  Like a sandwich, coffee is better when someone makes it for you, I think.)
  4. Ruby is at her last day of preschool and Nicholas is actually sleeping outside of my arms.  A nice break.  Did I mention the coffee?
  5. Nicholas is getting so big and chunky.  And even cuter, if that is possible.  His face is still a mess and now he is getting cradle cap, too.  Just shows that love is blind.  ;)  He also coos and smiles all the time.  He is also getting stronger and busting out of his swaddles.  We must now resort to the super swaddle.  It is working as he was back to his normal sleep pattern last night:  5 hour stretch, eat, 4 hour stretch, eat, then a 3 hour stretch.
  6. He has no nap pattern yet and I am trying to roll with it.  I do miss my "routine" but know that this is temporary.  I fell asleep last night looking forward to him waking up to eat so it isn't bothering me too much.  (but there are moments, don't get me wrong.)
  7. I need some new shirts and better bras.  I have 3 pairs of pre-baby pants that fit me (drawstring, natch) but I am getting sick of them.  I need to lose about 5 pounds so a couple more will fit better.  I am starting Weight Watchers and Leslie again after next week.  (gave myself 6 weeks off)  (Although I would probably drop a little right away if I stopped eating snickerdoodles for breakfast.)  I have around 18 pounds to lose to get back to pre-baby weight.  Right where I was when I started exercising regularly all that time ago!
  8. I got the cutest gift in the mail yesterday.  It needs pictures, though, so I will be back with that later.

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    she is amazing, she is four

    look at her go!  she did fabulous tricks like this all over campus on saturday.  ;)

    i am typing one handed thus no capital letters. 

    i have no time for this most days, makes me sad.  preschool is over on thurs, thank God, so next week can just be our schedule.  cannot wait. 

    God needed a capital.

    nick is big.  and one month already.  we miss grandma.  more soon i hope.  xoxo

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010


    Okay, a bit of a bitch fest coming up...

    I just responded to your comments from yesterday and it got deleted somehow.  sigh.  Thank you for sharing your baby acne stories, Teresa & Kathy.  My sister in law emailed me that her sweet girl, Vivi, had it really bad and putting a good natural lotion on it really helped.  Patrick said last night that he looks like a 14 year old boy.  :)

    Sometimes during the day Nicholas doesn't like to go down for a nap.  He doesn't want to nurse to sleep or even really be rocked to sleep.  It's kind of frustrating because he is tired, and needs to sleep, but has a hard time getting there.  The sling usually works but sometimes I want to shower, you know?  Today I let him cry for 5 minutes and he fell asleep.  It felt like forever but was just long enough for me to eat a desperately needed sandwich.  Then Ruby woke him up about 5 minutes later so then I went and held him and he passed out.  These are the things about infants that can be hard.  I'm reminding myself that I'd much rather he do this during the day than at night.  (he still is giving us good long stretches at night.  thank God.)

    My mom is here but she has a really bad cold now.  :(  I am still letting her hold the baby, facing away from her, but in more limited amounts.  I think I would almost feel better if I got sick then Nick would get the immunity from me.  Right now I am just afraid he will get sick but she was holding him before we knew so he's already been exposed. 

    Also?  The weather SUCKS.  Tomorrow should be better.  My mood will follow.  :)  Actually, now that the baby has been down for a while and I am dressed and got stuff picked up I feel better.  Ruby & I are going to make cupcakes for her to take to school tomorrow.  My baby girl turns 4 on Saturday!!  Holy cats. 

    From the other night:

    S:  (nursing Nicholas and sniffling in the chair)
    P:  Are you sick?
    S:  No, I'm crying.
    P:  Why??
    S:  I want more babies.
    P:  (big sigh)  How many?

    Heehee.  I do but don't think we will.  This baby boy has definitely given both of us a bit of baby fever, though.  However, I don't want to be 50 with a kid in first grade.  ;)  Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean, right?

    One more thing:  I have been reading blogs when I can but haven't really had time to comment as I usually am nursing the baby and only have one hand.  I love commenting on the stuff you write and promise I will get back to that when I can.


    Tuesday, May 11, 2010


    I am missing this space a little bit.  There has been so much happening (with the baby and the rest of my life) that I haven't been able to write about.  Nothing MAJOR, mind you, but all the little stuff that I normally write about...the important (to me) stuff of life.  Someday, right?  I am also already missing the tiny Nicholas and mourning for his babyhood as it passes before my eyes.  As much as I hate not recording lots of our little moments, I would hate missing them even more.

    That being said, the littlest rat is asleep right now so I have a few minutes.  (if my mother would shut her pie hole, that is...hahahhaha)

    I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day.  Did you?  Mine was good.  My dad sent me flowers.  awwww.  (sorry about the picture...craptastic weather today)
    Here's one of Nicholas.  His face looked awful this day and is actually a lot better today.  I do think it's sad when people look at him and go, "Ohhhh"  and that is it.  Like, would it kill you to lie??  He's a BABY.  Of course, I think he is adorable with a face full of baby acne or not.  So there.  :)

    And one more, just because:

    (my cozy little nugget)

    Here are the adorable onesies Allison made and sent for Nick.  Love them.  Thank you Allison!  :) 

    And here I must put a note:  Nicholas has received MANY adorable presents that I have not photographed and put on this blog.  (see time constraints above)  I LOVE all of them and have been so grateful for all the baby love & cuteness sent our way.  seriously. thank you.

    And here are some vintage barkcloth panels my mom brought for me!  I love them and they will be pillows some day.

    Oh!  One more thing.  It finally happened.  Ruby cut her hair.  It could have been a lot worse, people.  This was my first clue that something was amiss:

    How it all ties together, I'll never know.  Some things in a girls life are private, you know.


    Monday, May 10, 2010

    dairy free & egg free banana whoopie pies

    I finally got to make the whoopie pies last night and, man, they some kind of tasty!  I used this recipe from Martha and changed it up to make it safe for James.

    Banana Whoopie Pies:

    2 C flour (I used white whole wheat flour)
    1/2 t baking soda
    1/2 t baking powder
    1/2 t salt
    1/2 C mashed banana
    1/2 C Tofutti sour cream
    1 stick softened margarine (I used Earth Balance buttery sticks)
    1/2 C granulated sugar
    1/2 C brown sugar
    1/4 C firm tofu  (I didn't drain it or anything)
    1/2 t vanilla

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment. Sift flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt into a bowl. Combine banana and sour cream in another bowl.
    2. Beat margarine and granulated and brown sugars with a mixer on medium-high speed, until pale and creamy, about 3 minutes. Add tofu and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, beating until incorporated. Add banana mixture in 2 additions, alternating with flour mixture.
    3. Transfer batter to a pastry bag fitted with a 1/4-inch plain tip. (I used a ziploc bag with the corner cut off...worked just fine)  ;)  Pipe batter into 1 1/4-inch rounds on baking sheets, spacing rounds 1 1/2 inches apart.
    4. Bake until edges are golden, about 12 minutes. Slide parchment, with cookies, onto wire racks. Let cool. (Unfilled cookies can be stored for up to 1 day.) 

    Here is where the original recipe and I parted ways again.  I have Tofutti cream cheese but thought these would be good with chocolate frosting so just made a simple chocolate butter-cream with margarine, powdered sugar, vanilla, soy milk & some cocoa.  I don't have an exact recipe but you could try this one.

    I also decided to just frost most of them singly so they would go a little farther:

    My mom thinks they are even better today.  I would have to agree...yummy!


    Friday, May 07, 2010

    now with no pictures!

    Hi you guys.  My camera is over on the windowsill and I just can't muster the strength to go get it.  sorry.

    I just called school to have James take the bus home.  This will be his second time this year.  His first was exactly 3 weeks ago today...the day his brother was born.  awwwww.  It's raining and I just didn't have it in me to wake Nicholas up to drive 6 blocks and fetch James.  I'm thinking of making banana whoopie pies when he gets home.  Perhaps that will make it up to him?  

    I'm tired out this afternoon.  We had a nice day at home today but now I'd like a nap.  Nick was a nursing fiend again last night, not settling into bed until 10:30.  He slept well after that but I still feel zonked.  I'm so glad it's Friday.

    I can't wait to show you the adorable onesies Allison made and sent for Nicholas.  Oh man, they are cute. 

    Guess who I hear?  Gots to go.  Have a good weekend, friends.  xoxox

    Thursday, May 06, 2010

    a sleepy trio

    I went in to get something out of Nicholas' room yesterday and saw something in his crib that hadn't been there before.  (stuffed rat)  I went downstairs and had a serious talk with Ruby about how she can never put toys in the baby's crib without asking me first.  She looked up at me with worry on her face and asked, "Did he swallow it?"

    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    things of note

    • James is having his first hot lunch of the year:  hot dogs.  We sent a bun & his milk and the little guy was soooo excited.  He told me this was the third time they'll have had hot dogs this year.  Sorry I missed that, buddy.
    • Ruby picked out her first glitter nail polish at Target yesterday.
    • Yes, I used Target as my grocery store again.  The thought of Woodman's just exhausted me.  I will do a "real" shop this weekend with just the littlest one along.
    • I took all of the kids on our first outing (without papa) after school.  We went to a wonderful greenhouse in Oregon (kopke's!) and everyone had a good time.  I got a gift I wanted to get, Ruby picked up stray petals on the ground, Nicholas slept in the mei tai and James got a canned lemonade out of the machine.  fun!
    • Nicholas slept in his crib for the first time last night.  I don't know if this will happen regularly now or not but it went well last night.  (his crib is about 7 feet from our his own room)  (yes, our house is small)  :)
    • People keep telling me he is getting bigger.  No he's not!!  ;)
    • I have been going to bed when he does the last couple of weeks - usually between 7:30 and 8:30.  Last night he went down at 7 and I stayed up!  Ruby and I went outside and did some weeding and planting and just enjoyed the gorgeous night.  It felt like a "regular" evening.  It felt good.
    • I got 5 thank you notes written yesterday.  woohoo!
    All right, here are some pictures:

    Nick's body is looking more peeling...but his face is still kind of a hot mess.

    munch, munch, munch

    with auntie seester

    As Ronan said to Andrea, "You know you're a redneck when...
    your family reunion is spent in the mini."

    HAHAHAHHAHA!  What can we say??  It was windy.  (that's my mom, James, Ruby, my sister & Nick in the front seat of the van last Saturday.)


    Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    I was robbed!

    He took all I had!

    (does anyone remember the SATC where Carrie got a Brazilian wax?  didn't she say something like that afterwards?  heeehehehe)

    I think our buddy might be having his first growth spurt.  He napped again in the afternoon and then woke up around dinner time (how convenient, Nicholas) and wanted to nurse for HOURS.  It got to the point where he was banging his head against me because the milk wasn't shooting out per his request.  Well, buddy, I do need a restocking period.  I handed him over to Patrick when he got home so I could eat and slam some water and we nursed again for over an hour.  He then refused to be put down so I gave him back to his father so I could get some sleep.  He woke up at 1:30, after 3 hours or so, and was a snuggly little bundle again who nursed and then happily went back to sleep.  Babies are crazy little creatures, aren't they? 

    I was struck once again by his absolute cuddliness this morning.  My God, this baby is cute.  (go ahead and roll your eyes...I would if he wasn't mine)  ;)    Thank God that days end, you know?  What if a day just went on and on and on without a break and a fresh start?  ugh.  So anyways.  I am feeling refreshed and ready for whatever today brings our way.  I am well hydrated and my only plans are to go to the grocery store this afternoon.  And a walk.  :) 

    I just went to hang some laundry and realized a couple other things I want to do today:  write at least 1 thank you note and respond to at least 1 of the sweet emails I've received.  (note the lowered standards)  You know what I forgot to mention yesterday?  My mom is coming next week!!!  Definitely a good thing.  I can't wait, Mom.  :)  xoxo

    I am keeping a close watch on my mood.  I told my sister yesterday that I don't feel depressed but I want to take some anti-depressants anyways.  You know, for a little boost.  I think the only boost I need (so far), though, is sleep.  I always wake up feeling good and slowly dwindle down to, "OH MY GOD," by the end of the day.  Still in the normal range for me. 

    I will post pictures later if I can, otherwise tomorrow.  Also thankful for?  spell check.


    Monday, May 03, 2010

    1p + 2s = happy

    So Nicholas was sleeping on my lap when we last spoke.  I hit publish and thought I might as well try laying him down again.  He slept for 2 hours.

    Thank God.

    I realized today that I have a certain threshold of messiness that I can handle.  Floor not swept?  Fine.  Beds unmade?  No problem!  Dirty dishes on every inch of the countertop?  Not okay.  Pee all over the toilet?  Want to cry.  I didn't get the fun outside stuff done but I did get the house picked up and sailed to Massachusetts with Ruby so it all turned out for the best.  I had to wake the boy up to nurse before we walked to get James but it was too windy and we had to abort the walk in favor of the minivan. 

    When we got home Nicholas finally had his BM.  Another moment to thank God for.

    Brennan (pictured above with Ruby) just came to the back door and Ruby squealed when she saw him.  "You are so cute, Brenny," she said, "I missed you."
    She saw him yesterday.


    (that's 1 poop + 2 hours of baby sleep = happy)


    Today is one of those days where I want my baby to sleep, so I can get stuff done, and he keeps waking up.  sigh.  It's noon and he hasn't taken a normal nap yet...and he needs it.  We both do.  :)  When he does this it's usually because he needs to poop so hopefully that will happen soon.  Our house is a wreck.  The sure sign of a good weekend. 

    On the plus side:  (because I have been praying to see the plus side all morning) 

    • he slept 6 hours last night  (he's been averaging one 4.5 hour stretch followed by a 3 hour and a 2 hour...pretty darn nice)
    • it's gorgeous outside
    • we spent Saturday with my mom & seester & Ronan  
    • preschool is over in 3 weeks (I hate all the back and forth trips)   (oops, I just said HATE)
     I'm going to be honest here and say that today is not a day that I want to sit around and hold a baby all day, even one as cute as Nicholas.  Here is what I want to be doing and am trying to accept that it's just not meant to be today:

    weeding garden, putting new mulch down, getting groceries, writing thank you notes, dishes, laundry, and finally, changing a poopy diaper!  (hint hint) 

    But now I glance down at this little nugget on my lap and know that none of that stuff matters that much.  We have food for dinner and clothes for tomorrow and I think I will be happy if we can just get outside for a walk.  That is my new & improved list:


    (pray for me because I'll probably feel frustrated again in 20 minutes) 



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