Wednesday, June 30, 2010

be careful what you wish for

For instance, I wished I had a mobile for Nicholas.

My auntie Lee heard this from my mom and sent us the best darn mobile that money could buy, the

Fisher Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile.

The bond was immediate and I have to admit, slightly frightening.

Suddenly, Nicholas wanted nothing to do with us. We'd enter his room and instead of the big gummy smiles we were accustomed to, he would barely glance at us. Nap? Who needs a nap? He wanted to play! Bedtime? fuggedaboutit. For reals. The baby would not sleep.

I tried a couple of different things.

First, I covered it up.

You can see here that the boy was not fooled.  All this got me was one ticked off 9 week old.  Feeling desperate, I tried again.

As you can probably imagine, this did not go over well.

And, Patrick needed his sock back.

We resigned ourselves to a new way of life, one that revolved not around feeding and sleeping but rather around such things as battery life and determining which "mode" he was in the mood for.

It took some time but we've adapted pretty well.  He is still meeting his milestones and gaining weight so the doctor said not to worry, this should pass eventually.

I have to admit, though, it is pretty hard getting in that crib to nurse him.


Of course, I am kidding.  I wanted to write about how much the boy loves this mobile and this little scenario popped into my mind.  :)  He seriously loves it and it did hog his attention for a couple of days but now he just loves it in a normal way.  I have also laid him down a couple of times with just the soft light and rainforest sounds on and he has drifted off to sleep...just like a baby in a commercial!  A-mazing.

Thank you Auntie Lee!

I have the best aunts.  Seriously.  My grandma raised some wonderful women.  (my mom being one of them.)  I've always wanted to write about my struggles with James when he was a newborn and how much Lee helped me through them.  She is an RN in a NICU in St. Paul and also a lactation specialist.  (I'm sorry, I don't know her official title.)  James had food allergies (unknown to us at the time so I was not eliminating the stuff that probably caused him lots of pain), he was a tiny little thing and he had a tight frenulum that no one noticed until Lee did.  Breastfeeding did not come easy to us but it was sooooooo important to me.  She spent so many hours on the phone with me encouraging me and trying to help me figure out the whole nursing thing and just new motherhood in general.  It was amazing to have her support.  I remember her calling one morning and I was so happy because James had slept one five hour stretch the night before.  He was EIGHT weeks old and he had just given me a 5 hour stretch.  Oh my gosh...that was hard.  I was one tired mama.  (Ruby and Nicholas came out sleeping 4-5 hour stretches.  Thank God.)

So, that is a little bit about Lee, another member of this amazing family I have been blessed with. 

I mean really, in house lactation consulting AND awesome mobiles??  fuggedaboutit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It is pretty close to 11pm and here I am.


(sorry, had to)

I just miss this darn blog. I know I can't start every post all summer with, "I've been so busy" or "I just don't have any time" but that's what it feels like so far. The thing is, I'm forgetting stuff! Cute stuff that I normally make this here blog remember for me!

For example:

S: Did you play in the fort, Ruby? (the fort her brother built with his buddy today and she couldn't play in until he left)
R: No.
S: what?? why not?
R: The TV was too awesome.

I understand. TV can be pretty awesome sometimes. But that fort was killer, Ruby.

Okay, that was funnier at the time.

I am loving me some husband tonight.

No, not right now.


He is just very cute and I love him so.

I also love my bed and my contacts are sticky so I should go.

that totally rhymed.


p.s. Thank was a much better day. And I'm glad you all approve of the menu. I'd have you all over if I could. :)

Hey. That's not a bad idea...

(for us locals) (maybe someday later this summer...)

Monday, June 28, 2010

this post has nothing to do with munchable Nicholas thighs

I grounded myself from the computer today.

I woke up kind of ornery and really wanted nothing to do with my kids.

(at least the oldest two)

They burst into our room bickering at 7:30 and I just wished I could go back to sleep.

Luckily Nicholas woke up so I had a few moments to compose myself before I faced them.

All I wanted to do was laze around online so I unplugged that computer and stashed it under the couch.

(after I checked my email, of course.)

The morning continued to be out of whack but at least I didn't ignore them like I so desperately wanted to. :) We went to swim lessons then to a thrift wasn't a bad afternoon...good to be out of the house. On the way home we stopped for a LARGE diet coke (me) and some Pop-Tarts (them) that we enjoyed while I nursed the baby. Once home things improved and the rest of our day went well.

Right now I am planning the menu for when our guests will be here. I'm thinking pulled pork sandwiches, homemade coleslaw, canned baked beans and fruit salsa with cinnamon chips. Sound good? And maybe some banana cake for dessert. Yum.

But what about the next night? :)

Cheers to a better Tuesday. xoxox

Thursday, June 24, 2010

just had to say this before bed...

I feel better now. I was grumpy about all of this this morning but after some time playing Legos (one of the few toys I like to play with with the kids) and some coffee I felt better. Then I got the sweetest card in the mail from my auntie and that pushed me far, far away from the dark side. I took a picture of the card...I'll post it tomorrow. Thanks Kristy - I needed that. xoxo

Zoe left a comment earlier thinking that I was upset because of a funny comment she made yesterday. I don't know if anyone is paying attention but what I wrote this morning was totally not aimed at Zoe. Totally not. I had a weird experience last week coupled with some anonymous comments posted here last night and that's what had the bee in my bonnet. It's over now. I truly appreciate the kind words you guys left for me. I love your blogs (for those of you that have them) for the same reasons and I feel happy & thankful to have found some kindred blogging spirits/friends.

We just got home a while ago from a picnic dinner (with wine coolers!) and I am pooped. This was a super busy day and I can't wait to go upstairs and read all about why Jake & Vienna broke up.

Love to you. xooxoxox

one of those posts

I've been fighting off the urge for a few days to write a big emotional statement about my blog. This usually means that I've had my feelings hurt and I want to defend myself. I am feeling not so emotional now so I feel safe saying a few things:

I am happy right now. So happy and thankful. I am so in love with my baby and so badly want to have a good summer with my kids. I am also so busy, every day, from sun up to sun down. If I do have a few minutes to blog it's mainly putting up cute pictures for my family to see. I don't think myself or my kids are perfect and I hope if you spend any time with me in real life that that is obvious.

I understand that my blog may be boring to read right now, or for maybe the last 11 months even. :) That's okay, it doesn't hurt my feelings if you don't want to read about how much I love my baby anymore. Honestly. You should probably leave now because I don't see this stopping any time soon.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

nicholas nursing


I took this little movie yesterday afternoon. Don't worry, you won't see much skin...just a couple little flashes. I'm sure you see more at Target on a hot day. ;) There is a little can just hear him talking to me.

It's the sweetest thing, nursing a baby.

(if you just see a black box, click on it, it should work)

(happy sigh)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

he giggled


I had no internet access yesterday!  What a creepy feeling.  I survived, though.  I resorted to that old standby, the telephone.

First of all, Nicholas giggled last night.  Three times.  I could have just eaten him right was so cute.  All I had to do was bark and growl at him a little.  (softly)  My buddy.  I also swaddled him last night as he seemed way overtired.  He settled right down and went to sleep.  I don't think we'll call the swaddle "over" but I will try to not use it all the time.

Hmmmm.  What else?  The kitchen is done.  Yay! I asked Patrick if he'd help me do the bathroom next (just white) and he said sure.  Same idea...I'd start slowly this week and he'd help when I asked.  Yeah, right.  I got back from Target on Sunday afternoon and he had everything out of the bathroom.  sigh.  At least I don't have to try and make dinner surrounded by that mess.  :)  I do appreciate his enthusiasm.


We went to the zoo yesterday afternoon after swim lessons were canceled do to someone yakking in the pool.  It was hot and muggy but we had a nice time.

Brief explanation of some of the pictures:

raisins "dive" in sprite  (try it!), cyclones in sprite are fun to make, one of James' huge drawings (on the wall behind him), new rug (with dominoes), Ruby at play, and a hilarious card from my seester.


Friday, June 18, 2010


I don't feel fully prepared for how fast this time with baby Nicholas is going. 

We put him to sleep last night, unswaddled.  He slept for 8 hours, ate, and slept for 4 more.  I put him down for his morning nap awake and unswaddled and he put himself to sleep with no crying, just some complaining.  (I had rocked him for about 10 minutes and he just wasn't settling in.)

(insert sad face)

I am thrilled if we can really switch over to him being unswaddled so easily.  It gets harder and harder the bigger and stronger they get and I remember it being a big transition with both James & Ruby.

He just looks so little in that crib all alone.  He looked cozy swaddled up, with his sleep positioning foam blocks and a blanket tucked over his legs.  Now there is no bumper, no nothing.  Just Nicholas. (I did wrap the bumper around the outside of his crib so it's not totally bare.  He loves the stripes on it.)  (I think.)

I need to sew a little sleep sack for him.

sigh.  my baby.

I just wasn't quite ready for these big changes.


Day six, yesterday, was another good day.  We had swim lessons, did some errands and then met friends at the Middleton spray pad.  Patrick then met us at the park and we had dinner there. 

I just don't have much else to say right now.  (sniffle.)  I hope you all have good weekends and I'll see you back here next week. 


p.s.  He's nine weeks today.  sob.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

day five


Yesterday we stayed at the pool with Wendy for a while after James' lessons.  It opens for open swim right when he's done at 1:00 so that is nice.  Ruby still wanted to collect all the squirt toys like she did last year and James was happy to find a classroom buddy to play catch with.  I wish that lady wouldn't have been so close for that shot of him cute.  I was nervous at first because Nicholas was awake and there is no shade there.  Luckily he fell asleep and stayed that way.  See him sucking his thumb! 

As a matter of fact he is napping right now unswaddled.  Could this be a new trend??

My mom suggested I get one of those camp chairs with the umbrella or canopy attached.  Has anyone seen them anywhere this year?  I found them on Amazon but would rather just go pick one up.  I think that would be perfect for holding the wee one at parks and pools where there is no shade.

I was alone when I started this but now the children are circling.  Have a good day!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

day four


James is totally into drawing these days and wants to draw everything SUPER sized.  His teacher let him take a few Mr. Sketch markers home which brought back a ton of memories for me.  My mom used to work at A&E Supply Co. (an art supply store at the mall) and I remember her bringing home the smelly markers for me.  We stopped at Staples on Monday and got a couple packs for our summer drawing.  Love them.

I am almost ashamed to admit how I am "remembering" how much fun James is to have around.  I've mainly seen him at my tiredest point of the day for the last 9 months and I am really enjoying having him around in the early, more energetic hours. 

We seem to be getting into a little groove and I am beyond thankful.  Another thing I am thankful for?  That James will go back to school in September and Ruby will start preschool again (for 2.5 hours/day this time) and I will be able to easily run to Target or the thrift store or wherever with just my little nickle. 

I hope that doesn't sound awful.  I am no where near wishing this summer over's just fun to think of that bit of a break a few months from now.  Just like I don't really have the urge to leave Nicholas yet but it is fun thinking of browsing the fabric or book store alone again some time in the future.

Maybe tomorrow I will share the list of ideas we came up with for stuff to do this summer.  We can't draw with smelly markers all day every day, can we?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day three


I decided to start painting the rest of the kitchen on Sunday morning.  I had a nice plan to do one section at a time so as not to blow the kitchen totally apart as it is the most used room in the house.  Enter Patrick. 

The kitchen is totally blown apart.

The good part is that he is totally helping me.  The bad part is that it is a horrible mess and I am the one who has to be in it all day.  Add a whole ton of groceries that we got yesterday and OH MY, what a mess!  oh well.  I hope to have it back to normal by the end of Saturday.  There isn't that much left to paint so it should be doable. 

James talked me into going to my room for our quiet time instead of them going to their room.  Nicholas is sleeping on the bed next to me, it's raining outside and I just heard a chair slide across the kitchen floor.  I don't even's so peaceful up here.  :)

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of summer school but James decided he didn't really want to go.  I was so hoping he would do that.  Nicholas usually naps most of the morning and I really hated the thought of losing that chunk of time every day.  He is still going to do his swim lessons at 12:30 though and chose to go today, even in the rain. 

I stopped doing crunches on June 9th, after having completed 850 of them, and haven't started again.  I had also lost 3 pounds but haven't been counting points since my birthday last week.  I haven't been going overboard with food though and am going to commit to restarting this Thursday.   (I weigh myself on Thursdays)

Nicholas has his 2 month appointment tomorrow morning and I am not looking forward to him having shots.  I am only going to let him get one of them.  I want to go slowly with him...we have plenty of time to get them all in before Kindergarten.

Gots to go read for a while.  xoxo

Monday, June 14, 2010

day two (last friday)


Our second day all together went really well.  The kids got squirrelly in the morning but I made them play outside and that seemed to work for all of us.  In the afternoon we met Wendy and some of her friends at the Janesville wading pool.  It's a little trip (45 min) but well worth it...such a fun place!  We are definitely going to go back there this summer.

I felt pretty happy driving along the highway with our 3 kids tucked in their carseats behind me.

I am almost out of time.  Today is our third day and so far, so good.  I mean, the kids are acting like kids not angels, but there has been nothing out of the ordinary.  Thank God.   

I miss it here but will be around more eventually.

I always am.  ;)

p.s.  That close up of Nicholas TOTALLY reminds me of my Dad.


Friday, June 11, 2010

day one


could not have gone any better.

It was a total answer to prayer as Wednesday afternoon was another hard one (understatement) and yesterday was the first day of summer vacation and my birthday. 

I had a very happy birthday.  Yay!  :)

I am going to limit my time online until we get a good routine going and things are back on track with my boy.  I hope yesterday was some indication that they are??!  One can always hope, right?  ;)

I hope you all have a happy weekend filled with what you love.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

hot and bothered

Hot refers to the above hot pads for James' teacher that I just finished this morning.  The simplest project can be such a pain in the bum sometimes...especially when there are many layers to be sewn through.  I like them though, and was very happy to finish them.  His teacher did a wonderful job this year in both teaching him and helping to keep him safe at school.  I am so thankful we had her. 

Bothered refers to James.  OH MY GOSH, the boy is testing me.  (well, both of us but mostly me)  (gee thanks)

Wendy and her girls stopped over after school yesterday and James was so wound up and naughty.  He couldn't stop being naughty and disrespectful and it kept spiraling until he ended up in his room for the rest of the day and lost his computer/iphone/nintendo privileges for 3 days.  He also has to go to bed tonight at 6pm because he wouldn't stop hollering at me from his room.  Then he lost having hot lunch today (this one killed me) because he called me a dummy.  Seriously.  He doesn't know when to quit.  This morning went well, he seemed remorseful but not overly so, so we'll see what happens after school.

I was laying on Nicholas' floor last night (after crunching) and just started crying because I felt so exhausted.  James seriously put my patience to the test yesterday.  I feel good about how I handled it but it still took a lot out of me.  I prayed about it for a while and then came downstairs to check my email.  What was there but an email from another friend, who I really respect as a mother, who had also had one heck of a day with her child.  Now, I was not glad that she was struggling but it sure made me feel better to hear someone else going through something similar.  Thank you, friend...that instantly lightened my heavy heart.  (and thank you God because that was no mere "coincidence.")

I re-read this and think it sounds kind of dramatic but this was seriously a BAD day with that boy.  I think Wendy can attest to that.  I was also thankful that it was Wendy that was here because she didn't act appalled even if she was.  :)  Another funny thing:  at one point James did something and Ruby muttered, "That was NOT awesome, James." 

So that's my drama.  I told Patrick this morning that I want to put James in day care this summer.  This was after calling him yesterday morning to tell him how happy I am with my life.  Oh, the joys of being a mother. 

I don't really want to put him in day care.  (maybe just part time)   I mainly want to get through this and have a fun summer with my kids.  We will.  (I hope)

I have to go brush my teeth now.  I have coffee breath and we are having some visitors in a little while...not a good combo.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Well hello there!  In the 30 seconds I had to blog yesterday blogger was down.

Here's my baby:

 I am up right now, at 5:30am, and my baby has been asleep since 7:30 last night.  I am aching for him in a couple of ways, if you know what I mean.  ;)  Well, a few ways as I just miss the little bug, too.  Right now I just want to squeeze him and smell him.  I might have to get him up soon.

A bunch of stuff happened over the weekend but I don't feel like writing it all down now.  I mean, it's practically next weekend already, right?  I'll just say it was a good one.  There was some stuff bothering me and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out solutions so I could feel better.

One of the things bothering me was that the finger paint stain didn't come out with the carpet cleaning last week.  sigh.  So, I decided to get a new area rug.  I found one I liked but then decided I needed the next size up so it's coming in the mail sometime soon.  Patrick thinks I'm crazy but what does he know about decorating?  I told him the new one will cover the entire first floor, it's so big. hahaha.

I fell madly & deeply in love with this rug but talked myself out of it.  Do we need a light colored, 100% wool professionally-clean only rug right now?  Um, NO.  The one I got is very nice, too, and stain resistant.  Bingo.

Here are some highlights from my husband yesterday:

P:  What did you decorate today?
S:  Nothing.  I didn't really have the time.
P:  I thought for sure you would have sewn a duvet for the house or something.


P:  (walks in the kitchen after work and sees two pots, one with eggs and one with hot dogs)
P:  Eggs & hot dogs!  My favorite!

He is truly awesome, that man.  I'm worried a bit though as I read in Oprah yesterday that eye rolling is a bad sign in a marriage, a sign of contempt.  Uh oh!  I roll my eyes all the time at him....and our kids!  I'll have to work on that.  I don't think I feel contempt for any of them, they just drive me nuts sometimes. 

Oh yeah, definitely not contempt.  I just looked it up and that is definitely not how I feel about them, even when I'm mad.  I'll have to try to stop that, though.  Hate to give them the wrong idea.  :)

OH yeah, in case anyone cares, I am 50 crunches behind (from Sunday) but have been averaging 100 a day for the last week!  I break them up in to groups of 25 and it feels pretty manageable.  I have also been following WW all week and staying within my points.  I am still eating too much junk, I think, but am working on it.   Off to have my tasty bowl of Fiber One!



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