Thursday, September 30, 2010

dinner shminner

I just know my kids are all going to be drug addicts because family dinners at this house?  A thing of the past.

Nicholas is a peach of a baby.  That being said, he is at his neediest every afternoon.  He wants to be held or nursed from basically 4:30 on.  He is tired and cranky but won't nap and I struggle to keep him up until Patrick gets home at 6:30 most nights.  He does love to be outside so we walk or sit on the patio a lot but that doesn't really get the kids fed, does it?  So, we make do.  Sometimes even James and Ruby eat at different times.  sigh.

I am trying not to lose too much sleep over this but it's hard as I am a mother and pre-programmed for guilt.  Getting dinner ready in the morning helps but even heating it up some days is a challenge.  Isn't that crazy? 

I know this will get easier as he gets older and can sit in his high chair with finger foods, etc.  He seems too crabby to even eat but I am going to make more of an effort to give that a try.  Even him staying up a little later will help.  (did I just say that?)

(This is a total brain dump so forgive all grammatical errors, please.)

I hate dinner time right now!  James & Ruby will each eat a lot of things but they are not the same things so I find myself angry with them every evening even though I know better.  I don't make special foods, they can have what I make or applesauce & bread with sunbutter.  But it still ticks me off to make it and not have them eat it!  And to make it with a crabby baby and STILL not have them eat it?  OH NO THEY DIDN'T!

Okay, I'm done now. 

That felt good.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

homemade cards

 From time to time I get the urge to make some cards.  I used to spend gobs of time cutting cute images & sayings from all the magazines I had around...they just seemed too good to "waste" by recycling.  I've had piles of them (neatly contained, of course) since before James was born and it's fun to actually use them sometimes.
 I kept a couple aside to add some stitching to and forgot to take their picture before they were mailed.  Sewing on cards is also extremely exciting if you are me.

 Some of my earliest work can be seen here, if you're interested.  I used to use postcards but like using these pre-made cards (from JoAnns) much better.
 My mom also enjoys (UNDERSTATEMENT) cutting from magazines and has recently made some amazing collaged trays.  I forgot to take pictures of them this past August but will next time we go up for a visit.
It takes some time getting everything out and finding things that work well together (this stuff was all on our kitchen table for the better part of a week) but it is very rewarding to send a card off to someone that you made with them in mind.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had to get that other picture of me a little farther down the page.  Here is a slightly less ridiculous one.  You can't tell but I have earrings on.  (fancy pants, I know.)  I was trying to take a picture of my hair but that is hard to do.  It is just angled from the back like 50% of all haircuts you see nowadays.  (again with the herd!)  Holly asked to see it, which was thoughtful of her.  She blogged yesterday about wearing cute flowers in her hair and if she looked silly or not.  Heck no, girl!  You look adorable and I want one.  They would fit right in with my plan to take over as an accessory evil genius.  mwah ha ha.  Go visit her and tell her how cute she looks.  Holly always rocks the cute accessories. 

I am sick today, as I was yesterday, but not quite as much so.  There is a whole funny story about me getting over one attitude hurdle on Sunday afternoon only to get slapped in the face with another one Monday morning.  I struggled through (and it was not gracious or pretty, I'm sad to say) and made it to a new day.  I think my body was hanging on for me because within 5 minutes of Patrick getting home last night I was in bed shivering.  It took a hot shower, double socks, a foot massage, ibuprofen and hot tea to get me to warm up.  Then I started sweating.  You know the drill, right?  Today I am merely sick and not miserable and feel so grateful for that.

We just got home from Nicholas' doctor appt.  He is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 85th for height.  He is a tall boy, my little pickles.  Now Ruby and her friend are here and I'm going to feed them frozen pizza from Quik Trip for lunch.

Mother of the year.


Monday, September 27, 2010

4 years

It is the 4 year anniversary of Built to Last next month.

wow.  Ruby was about the age Nicholas is now when I started.


(note the hat)

James was 2.75 and my conversations with him usually went like this:

S: I will put them on your feet.
J: My will take them right off.
S: I will glue them and then tape them.
J: My will say, "Uh! My can't get them off."

Thank God for my blog.

Who would have ever thought??

This week will be a walk down memory lane.  Would you like to come along?

(wait.  don't answer that.)



it's best if you don't talk

The post title is something Patrick and I like to say to each other when we're playing/kidding around/sick of each other talking.  It might be from a movie?

Anyways, if he was here, or maybe inside my head, that is what he would say to me today so I'm going to take his advice.  I have a whole lot of ugly brewing in my head today, the kind of ugly that is whiny and full of self pity and you only share it with someone who really loves you because you know they won't think less of you for it.  (Hey you!  Give me a call!)  ;) 

About an hour later:  I'm actually beginning to lose a little of the ugly.  It's starting to burn off a little, like fog.  Thank God. 

Right.  On with the Stephanie Show, then.

 Here are a few of my most favorite things & current thoughts:

1.  walking with Nicholas on a chilly day.  I love (practically) nothing more than to stop our walk and see this sweet muffin, all bundled up.

2.  I love my green scarf.  I've worn it twice now.  I have vowed to wear some sort of accessory every time I leave the house from now until the end of October.  It might only be a pair of earrings, but there will be some adornment on my body.  I used to wear necklaces & earrings every day.  I kind of miss it and it definitely makes me feel cuter.  See how cute I am?

Haha.  I was trying to catch the green scarf and the bracelet.  Maybe I should skip the earrings and head to Sephora for a make up lesson?  Note to self:  this position makes your hand look big and elfin.

3.  I wish our little town had a bluegrass band playing in the park every Sunday afternoon.

And now I am tired of this list.  I tried, right?  I need to go clean a closet or something.  Maybe that will help.


Friday, September 24, 2010

what's going on in my world

I have bought a lot of new stuff lately.  This is unlike me but sometimes needs to be done.  You can only go to so many thrift stores in search of jeans before you finally give in and head to the mall, you know?  So I got new jeans (2 pairs - 1 at Target yesterday for only $15), I got new shoes (2 pairs), I got a new phone (bye bye $10 Aloha), and actually that might be it.  That isn't so much is it?  Oh yeah, I was lucky enough to score $25 of loot from Heather Ross' studio sale.  I love her fabric and she promised to be generous & playful in the selection she sends us.  I can't wait!  I also (just remembered this as well) got a set of Shabby Chic sheets on clearance at Target for $15.  FIFTEEN BUCKS!  They were originally $60...that stuff hardly even goes on sale so I was thrilled.  I think they are the same ones (pink with tiny pink flowers) that are on my Grandma's bed.  sniff.  So a spending spree of sorts!  Fun. more thing...a plane ticket to Massachusetts!  Good times.  I can't wait to meet little Jacob.

Now I'm broke.  (but happy)

I also want to make so many things but find myself not getting much past the wanting part.  This weekend my goal is to get my machine set up downstairs again so it is ready for me.  That makes a big difference in my ability to sit down for a quick 15 minutes and sew a little.  I might make a list up, too.  Maybe that will also be good.  I did make a bunch of simple cards for people last week and that was rewarding.  I took pictures that I'll share after they have been received.

I have also lost about 5 pounds in the last few weeks.  (thus the new jeans)  The only big change I have made is cutting out fast food (for the most part...I did have a hamburger and small fries at BK earlier in the week.)  I was eating more ff than comfortable with this summer.  Yuck.  (more than my jeans were comfortable with too.  haha!)  I am sure that part of it is breastfeeding, too.  Breastfeeding has never (obviously) made me skinny but it's always helped me lose almost all of the baby weight without trying and still eating lots of muffins.  I have been walking a fair amount, too.  Who just feels good.

Speaking of feeling good, Patrick is huge on the sexual innuendos, always has been.  (He would say, "I'll show you huge.")  He loves them and says them almost every chance he gets.  I like to do it, too, (I'll show you do it.) especially in the morning when I know we don't have time to actually follow through.  haha.  I think that might be called teasing?  I don't know.  We laugh about it and he heads off for work.  (I'll show you a - nevermind that one goes a little too far.) 

Mr. Pickles is under the table that is next to the couch.  He wants me to play with him so I better sign off now.  This weekend includes some volunteering (for the fall festival!), making cupcakes (for the bake sale), a first cub scout meeting (digging for fossils!) and other good stuff.  Today I have to put away lots of laundry and make some (previously mentioned) muffins.


Here is Ruby taking down the laundry yesterday.  She folds it, too.  (Nicholas and I love to watch her.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

this is usually the first clue

that your child can crawl out of their crib.

This is my niece, Miss Vivi.  I want to squeeze her.

Cher, you are in trouble.


one of those long, rambling posts

Remember how bored I was last week?  This week has been busy, busy, busy.

James told me on Monday afternoon that some kids have been chasing him on the playground and trying to trip him for the last week or so.  He said once they dragged him by his foot and that he didn't really want to go out at recess and wasn't sure what to do.  Oh, my heart.  I was so sad and felt unsure of what to do, too.  We muddled through and things seemed to go much better yesterday.  I hope to hear a good report again today.  His teacher, who seems a bit on the frosty side, was very nice and seemed to give James some good advice and then helped him talk to one of the boys who is in his class.  He was friends with all these kids last year so who knows what happened.  I hope it passes, though.  Yesterday after their talk the one little boy gave James a silly band.  BFFs again?  Only time will tell.

We also visited the allergist yesterday and were lucky enough to be there for two hours.  (ha)  All of his numbers went down but not enough to skin test him on anything.  (Patrick dumping milk on him a few weeks ago was skin testing enough.)  :)  There wasn't much else new except they were pleased that he is tolerating baked egg & milk so well. They told me that the amount of egg in something shouldn't's how well they are cooked.  (cooking them changes the shape of the proteins so his body doesn't recognize them as the enemy)  I'm still going to go slow, though, and only try things like bread and muffins.  Cookies might not be in there long enough??  (although I know Elijah is fine with cookies, right Zoe?)  He also had his flu shot.  I felt like I had been shot by the time we got to leave.  (the kids were all very good though.  I think the DVD and gummy bears were a good call.  Pickles slept.)

I got my hair cut.  It's much shorter but at least there is less of it to fall out now.  sigh.  I am losing SO MUCH hair.  I hope it stops soon.  She said she only saw one thin patch by my hairline in the front.  I wonder if I should get some Rogaine?

Mr. Pickles is sleeping a little bit better and liking his foods.  I still just feed him once a day, out of laziness, but will add another feeding next week maybe.  His little digestive system still seems to be figuring this all out.  I stocked up on frozen veggies at whole foods so I can puree some stuff at home for him.  He is rolling all over, with purpose, and favors going under things.  Yesterday I found him under:  our dresser, our bed, his crib, a table in the living room, my desk chair, and the futon downstairs.  My camera is dead or I would have had some adorable shots of his little face peeking out at me.  He is sitting up on his own a little bit better every day.  He adores Patrick and is trying out a fake laughing-type sound this week.  I think he is adorable but have noticed that he's not a baby that most people go nuts over.  That's okay.  One woman at JCPenney did go a little nuts last Saturday evening and that was fun.  She was saying he was so cute and such and such and then leaned in and said to me, under her breath, "He's a hefty one, ain't he?" Then she laughed the best laugh, nudged me with her elbow a little and walked away.  I liked her.  She could have put me in her pocket and I would have gone right with of those types of women.  (I hope I am one of those types some day.)

My coffee is done, my baby is sleeping and my stomach is rumbling.  We are out of most everything but luckily have creamer and toast.

Publish Post

p.s.  I'll be back later to show you something cute yet heart stopping.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my first time

Here is a picture of me last Saturday morning.  I was about to leave my house by myself (during the day, for longer than a half an hour) for the first time in FIVE months.

It was really fun.

It dawned on me last Friday that Nicholas can easily go 3.5-4 hours between nursing sessions.  Couple that with him now eating some solids and we are a go for some solo mama time. 

Patrick was game so I headed out a little before 10am, returning with bursting you-know-whats at 2pm.

I haven't really felt the urge to leave Nicholas (except on a few particularly hard days) but I know myself and I know that a little time alone can go a long way.  I wasn't as crazy excited as I thought I might be...I was actually a bit unsure what to do with myself.  Mostly I felt really thankful.  (and I managed just fine, thank you very much.)

I wanted to document this day as it felt important.  I also thought I looked kind of happy and peaceful in this photo which is exactly how I felt.  How often does that happen?  (not very, if you're me.)


p.s.  I also used my maid of honor gift for the first time!  Thanks Seester...I LOVE IT and felt very stylish all day.  xoxoox

Monday, September 20, 2010

mr. pickles gets a hat (sort of)

Last week I read about making a more rounded hat top from this tutorial.  On Sunday morning I decided to try it.
Not too shabby, eh?  (please excuse the flash photo because we all know flash photos are the devil!!!)  (sorry for that outburst.)

Later on, I decided it needed just a little something.  You know, to make it cuter.

Pretty sharp, eh? (bangs head against sewing machine)


At least it fits somebody:

Back to the drawing board...

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Ask not what you can do for your country.

 Ask what's for lunch."  ~Orson Welles

So, what's for lunch?

I am still in the honeymoon phase of school lunch preparation.  A big part of that is due to a little list that James and I compiled together.  I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else could use some inspiration.  (not that it is particularly inspiring.  It's not like over here or anything.)  (so cute!) (so not happening!)

Without further ado, a milk, egg & peanut free list of lunchbox main dish ideas:

  • roast beef & vegenaise sandwich  (he is SO over salami)  (vegenaise is really good!)
  • cracker & cream cheese sandwiches with cucumber slices (on the side)
  • hot dogs (in his hot thermos)  (I love this Thermos.  It keeps things warm until lunch when preheated with hot water) with buns on the side
  • cold chicken nuggets (he also likes the dinosaur nuggets cold but I've made this recipe 3 times in the last month and my family loves them.)
  • cold pasta salad with chicken, bacon & vegenaise
  • good old tunafish & vegenaise sandwich
  • cream cheese & jelly on a whole wheat tortilla
  • mac & chreese
  • cut up turkey, carrots, peapods, pretzels and ranch dip (dip made with tofutti sour cream)
  • yogurt, fruit & a muffin
  • cold cereal with milk & a sliced banana to put on top
  • waffles or pancake strips with a little container of syrup and some sausages in his hot Thermos
  • chicken noodle soup & a roll 
  • spaghetti leftovers
  • sunbutter & jelly baked in refrigerator croissants (only way sb&j is accepted)
  • hot dogs baked in refrigerator croissants (mini corn dogs!)
I always add fruit and a cookie or another small treat.  This year he is suffering through with chocolate milk only one day a week.  

I think it helped that he and I made this list together so there shouldn't be any complaining when he opens his lunchbox.  I'm sure there will be at some point, that's practically a given, but there hasn't been so far.  I hope we can add to it as the year goes on.  Having it written down also helps me out in the morning.

What's on your lunchbox menu?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

pass the glitter, please

For a long time I felt so happy that I wasn't as tired as I was when I was pregnant.

I am that tired now.

It's been a stretch of Nicholas waking up at least one, maybe two additional times a night (for a total of 2-3 instead of 1).  He'll do this for a couple nights then give me one blessed night of an eight or nine hour stretch.  (that was last night...thank God for it.)  He always just eats and goes right back to sleep but it is still an interruption.  It's a good thing he is so darn cute.  ('cause I'd let an ugly baby starve??  what a dumb expression.)  (that I've used many times, btw.)  It's also a good thing he has such creamy vanilla skin and the chubbiest and most perfectly formed mini legs I've ever had the pleasure of chewing on.  Seriously.  Oh, how I love his legs.  This all started when he rolled over, you know.  It took him a week or so to adjust to that, then he hit his 19 week "wonder week" , then he got his cold.  I hope our old beloved patterns resume soon.  (at least for a while before the teeth start...)  (James' 5th month was HORRIBLE as far as sleeping.  Ruby's was hard, too.  I think this is why I always loved the 6th month so much.  It's usually over by then.)

I fell down carrying him this morning.  I tripped over the hose but luckily that same hose cushioned his head when he hit the ground.  Man, that was scary.  I tried to twist my body so I wouldn't land on him and ended up twisting my ankle a little bit and banging the heck out of my knee.  It could have been a lot worse.  I decided after that (after I knew he was okay) that I needed to get out today.  I've been home all week (except for going for walks every day) because I wanted him to get his normal naps and kick that cold (and because I've been so tired), but MAN OH MAN, was I bored.  (and his cold is definitely better today but I don't think it's because of my selflessness.)  hehe.  So we got out and it was good.  After preschool we went back out with Ruby, to Target, and looked at the Halloween loot for the first time.  It was fun.  I would like everything in my home to be black and glittered.  Thank you.

Ruby and I both love her preschool.  It is so nice to have a break 4 mornings a week.  I normally start dinner prep, have breakfast and coffee, play with pickles, lay on the bed and watch a little tv (we have a tv in our bedroom for the first time in 12's kind of nice) or read a book...nothing too strenuous.  It's good.  I think next week I'd like to work on a few projects but that will depend on the sleep.  Everything is dependent on the sleep, you know?  If I'm tired I try to cut out all expectations except for laundry, dishes, feeding and being kind to my family.  (last but certainly not least)  Last week must have been a better sleep week because I did all. that. baking.  Who was that woman?  Certainly not the dish rag typing this.  :)

Mr. Pickles is 5 months old today.  We celebrated by having some pears.  Okay, that wasn't much of a celebration but he liked it.  Yesterday was his first "official" day of solids and he seemed fine with it all.  He actually seemed to like the "unofficial" vegetable broth he had last weekend more. 

Hmmmm.  What else?  Oh!  I decided what Nicholas obviously has to be for Halloween.  Can you guess?


(sorry, no pictures today)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

most excellent

I just read about this website,, where you can rate restaurants based on how allergy friendly they were in your experience.  I love this idea and just rated Hubbard Ave (a place we normally love) based on the poor service (regarding their willingness to answer our questions about ingredients) we had there a couple of weeks ago.   I also rated Ian's Pizza, a place that I was very impressed with. 

Do you have food allergies or intolerances?  Please go there now and share your experiences...let's make dining out easier on all of us.

bad bad bad

Do you ever feel bad about something?  That's kind of a stupid question...I mean feel bad about something just a little, like a low grade fever?  Last night I fell asleep feeling kinda bad about a couple things and it made me sad that I couldn't just let them go.  I remember starting to pray but then I fell asleep.  (thanks & sorry, God.)  This morning I can only remember one of those things:

Not being able to be a Tiger Cub leader this year.  So many boys signed up in our little town that they immediately sent out an email asking for a couple of Den leaders.  (I guess I should just be glad that there will be lots of young men willing to help me across the street in a few years.)

What was the other one??  I guess I should be thankful it's gone.

I put up a new header but I will say it is just a working header.  I'd like to refine it a little so we will see...


p.s.  Remember ADVANTIX cameras??  Oh, how my sister & I laughed about that "technology" this morning.  That and PAGERS had us rolling.  :)

p.s.s.  If you want ideas on how to tie a scarf on, watch this (scroll down a little).  She is very cute, no?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

assbergs & skirtains

A long time ago, in a land far away, I sewed some simple curtains from a thrifted linen skirt.  Hmmmm, I thought, skirt + curtains = SKIRTAINS.   And so I present to you:  skirtains!

While my sister was visiting last summer we came to discuss how cold my butt gets and how it is the final frontier (so to speak, as it is in the back) in the warming up process of my body.  Patrick and I have always joked about my freezing cold bum but never given it a proper name.  Suddenly he said, "Eureka!  It's an assberg!"  How clever of him...and to think, it only took him 15 years to come up with it.  I know this winter he's going to be all, "ASSBERG, DEAD AHEAD!"  I'm really looking forward to that.

(Okay, he didn't really say Eureka.  And I'm not exactly sure how the conversation transpired but it probably went something like that.)


Now that we have our vocab out of the way, how are you doing?  I am tired.  Surprised?  Probably not.  Nicholas STILL has his cold, poor kid.  (And poor mama, I might add as this is my blog and mostly about me.)  He also hadn't pooped for 2 days and seemed miserable, squeaking out a forceful toot every hour or so.  I finally decided to go get him some pears & prunes for his first solids yesterday afternoon.  I packed us all up and headed to the grocery store at 5:15pm. 

Never go to the grocery store at 5:15pm if you can help it.

The place was packed with tired looking moms (like me) and wild half-starved children (like mine).  We did give each other sympathetic eye rolls over our charges heads, so that helped.  Anyways, I got the first fruits, paid, loaded them back up and got us home only to find...POOPIES!  Glorious poopies.  Apparently Sentry is Nicholas' Target??

So that was good.  He barely napped yesterday and it was exhausting.  He is upstairs sleeping right now, bless his snotty little heart.  Boy, did I need a few minutes to myself.

I am loving our weather.  LOVING it.  Although yesterday afternoon it was 78 degrees in my house.  I will forgive that minor indiscretion, September, if you don't let it happen again.  Thank you.  I baked my heart out last week, making two batches (for a total of 4 dozen) of these delicious muffins, some boring banana bread, and this delectable baked oatmeal.  Patrick, James & I loved the stuff.  I think it might be an every-other-weekend tradition.  We are giving James some baked egg along with baked dairy now.  In both of these recipes I used 1 egg and 1 banana and they worked perfectly.  We will eventually try 2 eggs but not until James is ready.  (he even ate a bit of melted cheese the other day!)  (but also got a legful of hives when Patrick spilled some milk on him so he is definitely still allergic to dairy.  BAKED is the key word for his tolerance.)

Here is a not very good picture of the oaty goodness:

I like to serve it in a shallow pool of warmed milk, fyi.

In other exciting news, I bought a trendy scarf!  I wore it out of Old Navy on Saturday and Patrick said, "Now you look like everyone else."  Exactly, dear husband.  Sometimes you just want to go with the herd, you know?  Especially when the herd looks really cute.  Now I just have to wear the darn thing...

Do you watch American Pickers.  Oh man, I love those guys.  They are so funny. 


Thursday, September 09, 2010

my hats off to you

I made pickles his first hat when he was tiny.  It was too big.  Now it's too small.

All weekend I asked Patrick if we could go to Old Navy or The Gap to get Nicholas one of my favorite cotton knit hats for babies.  (love babies in hats)  All weekend he kept telling me I should just whip one up for him.  Finally I gave in (and remembered that Old Navy's big baby sale is this weekend...shhhh.) and decided to try.

The striped one below is the first botched attempt.  Way too small.  I used it as a basis for another one and decided to try this adorable knit shirt I had thrifted because he can't wear it.

This time it turned out all lumpy up on top.  See?  I thought he looked kind of like a baker.
That was an easy fix, though.  Just sewed some new seams and finally got a semi-decent fit.  I interrupted Patrick's shower to show him.  He said he looked like a swimmer.  ha!  He is funny, isn't he?

It is still kind of lumpy but it does the job protecting his precious little nearly-hairless head on these perfectly chilly days.

Here's a gratuitous shot of him sleeping:

Little buddy.

Oh yeah, here are my other two kids:

I love them a lot, too.


p.s.  there was also a fleece attempt that was too horribly funny to photograph.  I tried to piece 4 pieces together and it was NOT easy, let me tell you.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

this is like drunk dialing only I'm not drunk or dialing*

I have a computer again.  This is nice.

I will have my first full morning at home tomorrow while Ruby is at preschool.  This is also nice. 

Ruby really likes preschool.  This is also (also?) nice.

Today as we were walking out her teacher said, "Ruby is funny."  She smiled while she said it but in my head I wondered, funny as in funny ha ha or something is a little off  with this girl funny?  I asked if she was being nice to the other kids.  Her teacher said, "Oh yes.  She is just really funny."

I'm happy that Ruby is happy and all the other students should count their lucky stars as well because you know the saying...If Ruby ain't happy ain't nobody happy.  (It is also good that she can juggle performing her stand up routine along with learning to write a good captial E.)

I am going to bed now.  with a bowl of popcorn.  and maybe a glass of wine (cooler.)


*this rings a bell.  If I just recently read it on someone else's blog, please forgive me.


My internet access is intermittent at best.  Patrick should be hooking up the desk top computer tonight so maybe tomorrow I'll be back up and running?  I hope so. 

I did get a ton of cooking done yesterday afternoon so that was fun.  The weather is gorgeous here.

I felt like I needed a stiff drink by 9:30 this morning.  First week of preschool and a doctor appointment at 9:30 means a hectic morning for me...I'm not quite used to that pace yet.  Oh yeah, and the appointment isn't even until the end of the month!  Ha!  That was a good one.

Nicholas' cold (mostly just a stuff nose now) is making it hard for him to sleep and nurse.  I'm tired.  And so boring, I know.  I'll give you a break now.  Hope your week is going well.  :) 


Monday, September 06, 2010

just chillin'

No, really.  I'm not kidding.

Our laptop is in the fridge right now.  It keeps overheating and shutting down so Patrick moved it in here to chill it out long enough to back up all of our pictures.

What a dreamboat he is.

Pickles has his first cold.  It is so sad.  His first fever.  Poor little pickles.

We had a great weekend.  Ruby got pink sparkly shoes.  Patrick & James defeated Zelda.  I enjoyed every minute of the gorgeous weather and my family, even though they all drove me nuts at one time or another.

I'm not sure if this will work tomorrow so I might not be back for a while.  Have a great week and like Alabama says...roll on!


Thursday, September 02, 2010

thursday morning love

I still have that Baby Beans doll.  (Her little legs are empty and tied in a knot to keep her upper beans in.)

That's my Dad and I when I was (obviously) small and my Dad was (obviously) sporting some 70s hair.  My Dad is recovering very well from his surgery and my sister is recovering very well from the laborious task of expelling a human from her coochie.  Jacob is a good eater and very tiny and very cute.  I miss him.

Nicholas is grumbling on the floor.  (he grumbles a lot and I love's very cute and not nearly as terrifying as he'd like.)  Ruby is over at Brennan's playing house.  (oh dear)  James is at school for his second day and was looking forward to it and hoping they could have outside recess.  He helped me pack his lunch this morning:  buttered (well, margarined) noodles, cold dinosaur chicken nuggets, a little container of ketchup, a little container of green grapes and one cookie.  Oh, and a thermos of soy milk.  (does that remind you of the Frances book where she very carefully describes her & Albert's lunches at the end of the book?  I always loved that part the best.)  He even took the bus home yesterday and did just fine...and best of all, he didn't ask if I'd pick him up today.  (which is good because I wouldn't have...hahaha)

The effing sun is shining.  (did I really just say that???) so I might get to dry my laundry outside today after all.  Hanging clothes in your basement is not nearly as romantic as outside.

I talked to my aunt Kristy this morning (she is a teacher) and she had some really good ideas for me regarding school/allergy/teacher stuff.  I forgot to tell her that her name came up yesterday in a facebook conversation I had with my sister in law, Cheryl.  (Cheryl has VERY fond memories of Thanksgiving at Aunt Kristy's.)  (As do I.)

Kristy mentioned Samuel to me this morning and I had to stop for a minute and think, "Now, who the heck is Samuel?"  (Nicholas gave me 2 long stretches of sleep last night but I am still pretty slow mentally.)  (Samuel is my new baby cousin.)  So many babies in this family right now.  We are practically Mormon.  (hahhahaa)  :)

Patrick hasn't seen Nicholas since Tuesday night.  He told me last night he hates when he doesn't see him (due to baby being asleep) for a whole day.  Patrick never says he hates anything so I knew it was pretty serious.  If Nicholas is in bed when he gets home tonight I'm just going to tell him to go pick him up and snuggle him a bit. 

Nicholas is now quiet and slowly making his way to the patio doors.  I think he's telling me it's time to hang the laundry.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

good gravy

Nicholas has been getting up 2-3 times a night for the last week and it has left me pretty darn tired.  Couple that with school starting and dealing with beginning of the year allergy stuff and I have been fairly emotional the last couple of days.

Luckily the baby was back to his usual 9 hour stretch last night (yay!) and this morning I talked with Wendy about allergy/school stuff and she helped me to feel a lot better.  Patrick and I spent over an hour talking last night (mostly me talking and him listening) and that helped a lot, too.  (He also agreed to play Scrabble with me tonight!  Don't ask me what I had to do to get him to agree to that.  haha  ;)

I can't write everything out right now but it's just one of those times that I feel a bit sad about the whole allergy thing.  I've realized now that these times come (and thankfully) go and I just have to let myself be a little sad for a little while. 

The sleeping business?  Well, it's a normal part of baby-hood and I am just going to roll with it.  I have been so lucky with the little pickle, so far.  The good thing about baby #3 is that you KNOW that it will pass...that helps a lot.

I hope you are having a good back to school day if you are in my area and just a plain old good day if you are elsewhere.  :)  xoxo

first day

He is my biggest little buddy and I love him so.



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