When I saw this picture of Nicholas (on the left) this morning I immediately thought of this one of James (on the right, at 12 1/2 mos). 

Ruby is home today because she had a fever again last night.  She, of course, is feeling fine.  

After the baby naps we might try to get some groceries as we really need them.

I really need a shower.  And some more coffee.

One of my resolutions is to drink more coffee.  I usually only have one cup in the morning and that isn't nearly enough.  It's so good.  Have you tried it?  (ha!)

Our house feels kind of bare with all the holiday stuff down but I am enjoying it.  I have to show you the amazing gift my mom made for me...I just love it and it looks so nice on my living roof shelf.

Baby is telling me he is ready for a nap.  Thank God.  :)



  1. hi pumpkin,
    what a resemblence, hmmmm? so sorry little rubles is still not feeling well.....tell her gramma loves her, ok? Glad you like your gift :). i love you all....mama


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