collage artist that I can't remember, eat your heart out

For years and years my mom and I have enjoyed cutting cute stuff out of magazines almost as much as we've enjoyed reading them.  (some of us more than others.  ahem.)  I have made homemade cards with my clippings and even kept an inspiration book about our future home before we owned one. 

As all of these children have appeared in my life, I find it incredibly hard to find a moment to even read a magazine, much less spend hours (ahem.) cutting them up.  I still have my thick accordion file of cuttings but I was halfway thinking of getting rid of them. 

Not anymore.

Behold!  The beauty of collage:

My mom has made 3 of these now and they are all so incredibly lovely.  I love mine the most, of course, because it is filled with stuff that I love!  Mom - how sweet.  It's perfect and was a perfect gift.  Thank you. 

Can you spot all the things that are just me?  Let's see, I spy:

massachusetts, built to last, starbucks, thread, quilts, hydrangeas, pie, peonies, books, magazines, vintage ornaments, super cozy bed, SALE, vintage signs, coffee, cottage, ocean, globes, old dolls and mannequin heads,

Wait a minute.  Old dolls and mannequin heads???  WTF??

(nobody's perfect.)

hahahahaa!  :)  Anyways, I adore this and will keep it until I die.  (that is something my mother would say.  And they she would say, "Give this to _______ when I die, okay?")

And now I want to make one of these!  So I am keeping the clippings for another 5 years or so until I get the chance.


p.s.  My mom found an old metal tray and used that as her base.  She used elmer's glue to glue all the pieces down as she found them and covered the whole thing with mod podge when she was done. 

This is not dishwasher safe.



  1. Very cool!!!! I see Etsy in her future :)

  2. oh, i love this. your mommy is so special and she loves you so much. you lucky girl. makes me miss you when i look at everything you love.


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