the dogs, they are hot

Good morning to you.  What a fine Tuesday morning it is.  What is wrong with me?  Why am I speaking (typing) like this?

(shakes head)

I have exercised 8 out of the last 9 days.  TOOT!  (that was my horn, not my bum)  You've heard it takes 21 days to make a habit so that is what I'm going for, hard core.  I am not foolish enough to think that I will exercise every day for the rest of my life but for this first period I am doing it as much as possible so I get kind of addicted.  I'm not even setting any guidelines (aside from this introductory period of no blogging until I exercise) for the future...just telling myself to do it because it makes me feel so good.  I just want it as part of my life like it was before.  I feel like that is in reach for me and it feels goooooood.

I am totally mixing the type & length of exercises up.  I am getting reacquainted with my old DVDs and trying new stuff on You Tube (zumba) and Netflix.  Yesterday I did a fat burning dance one.  I don't think I burned much fat but I DID do the cha cha, so that is something.  (and yes, I did close the curtains.)

So anyways.  Here are a few pictures:

First we have Nicholas inspecting our new media cabinet.  (which is very nice but fairly large.  I feel like we got a new dining room table.)  Second is just Nicholas being very chew-able and third are his fangs.  Do you see those front teeth?  I shudder with fear every time I think of the night that those have to come through.  Poor buddy.

I just sent Patrick an email telling him that I reserved the movie Red in blu ray at a Redbox near his work.  He replied with, "hot dog."

(if you don't know him you might think that a lackluster response.  It really meant he was quite happy and very thankful.)

I love him.

I need to get in the shower.  We are getting! out! after preschool and seeing! friends! 

hot dog.



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