good morning, dear friends...

Our home is in disarray.  This TV caused a flurry of reorganizing and furniture moving this weekend and we are still not all back together.

It's looking good, though!

Right now I am sitting on the couch with a wireless keyboard looking at a huge "monitor" on the wall that is actually our new TV.  Patrick is going to hook up the regular monitor for me but we are waiting on a long enough cord.  This is kind of weird but kind of cool, too. 

I have to admit, I do like this tv.  We've never had a flat screen before, isn't that funny? 

The other reason we had to do some reorganizing is a fat little baby named Nicholas.  He is kind of a terror and was starting to reach the shelf on the art shelf that he wasn't supposed to be able to reach.  sigh.  Silly baby.  So that prompted some of the rearranging, too.  All the crayons and markers are now in a plastic lidded tote so he can pull that off the shelf but can't get at them.  Good, right?  I thought so until this morning when he pulled down the small tote and STOOD ON TOP OF IT and realized he could reach even higher!  Little turkey.  I find myself trying to stay one step ahead of this kid all day - and our house is baby proofed. 

He was 9 months old yesterday.  One of the best parts of my day is when I look down at him and he breaks into a huge smile.  He has the most beautiful eyes and the fattest drumstick legs and the smooshiest bum and the blackest belly button.  He is a bossy nurser and a total tornado around the house.  Over and over throughout the day he opens drawers and doors and pulls stuff out.  When he goes down for a nap I will put everything right and as soon as he is up he makes his rounds and does it all again.  As exasperating as it can be I like our home to be a place that he can explore as much as possible.  (this does not mean that I love picking up my dishtowels 400 times a day, but I will do it for now because he is so cute.)

He has 4 teeth now and when his second incisor is out a little more I will take a picture.  (just for you, kari)  I hope his front teeth wait a while because he will look cute with fangs.  :)

As an aside, I looked back and saw that Ruby only had one tooth by 10 months old.  She was so cute.

Okay, I'm done gushing.

I exercised this morning and am re-starting my ultra-effective self-motivation tool:  no blogging until I've exercised.   Care to join me?

My body feels creaky when I get up off of the floor or couch.  I am stiff and my joints ache.  My body is craving exercise and stretching and it's high time I give it some.  (I was giving myself 9 months off from structured exercise.)

Okay, this "computer screen" is freaking my eyes out.

Man, I am getting some kind of OLD.



  1. so weird, I sent you that fb message, and then read this. OK, you are officially my motivator. I will follow your lead, as my body is also screaming out for exercise. Thanks!! seester

  2. you must take a pic of this new "computer" invention to give my a visual.


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