hopscotch & things I miss

Yesterday afternoon James said he wanted to play hopscotch.  I think he mainly wanted to throw rocks in the living room because once I googled the rules and set up the board he had moved on to Legos.  Ruby and I had a good time, though.

Hopscotch is not easy.  Well, it is pretty easy but balancing on one foot while picking up a rock (or a bean bag, in my case)?  Not so easy.

We used a pack of new washcloths for the board.

After talking with his Dad, Patrick decided he best not wait until the weekend to see his gram.  He headed out this morning and will return tomorrow.  I hated to send him off in the light snow, all alone, but it's what he wanted.  He was so cute getting ready...he kept grabbing things from the garage just in case.  He collected:  one bottle of root beer, one blowtorch, one shovel, two gloves, one blanket, one half empty bottle of power steering fluid, some rope and a hatchet.

haha!  He kills me.  I hope he doesn't need any of that but if he does manage to get stuck in the wilderness along I-94 he will be totally fine until help arrives.

So, first on my list of things I miss is, of course, Patrick.

2.  going on dates with my husband

3.  going out at night  (will resume this when pickles stops the annoying habit of waking 1.5 hours after going to bed.)

4.  Going away for the weekend  (not that I did this a lot but I like the idea that I can and am planning on doing this when the baby weans.)  (you know, when he's 14.)  (ha!)

5.  watching TV all the time  (okay, we haven't done this since we had James and even when we did this before we had James it never left us feeling that good but still...sometimes I crave hours of uninterrupted mindless television.)

I guess that is it, really.  Kind of a boring list.  I did really miss reading in December but we have been reunited, reading and I.  kiss, kiss, reading.

I shouldn't complain because I did watch TV last night while I held my little sad baby...

As an aside - How many teeth does one baby really need anyways?  I think 2 would be PLENTY.  (his poor gums are bulging but NO OTHER TEETH YET.  teething was not this hard for my other two children, or it was and I've just forgotten.)

...I got to watch the Bachelor (he is kind of a sap) and then this show on HGTV? called Cash & Cari about a woman who runs estate sales and has a shop, etc.  I liked it.

It reminded me of when my sister and I had the idea to open an antique shop, one idea for the name was Antiques A La Mode, that would have cool vintage finds and a bakery.  We were going to rent a UHaul and move her back from Mass while stopping along the way and buying loads of old crap.  This was years ago but I still think it would be lots of fun.

Anyhow.  Pickles is up from his nap so I must cut this short.

HA!   I bet you wish he would have woken up about 3 paragraphs ago.

;)  Have a good Tuesday and pray that my husband doesn't need his hatchet, okay?  thanks.



  1. Antiques a la Mode? I could buy a Homespun and have a piece of pie at the same time? That sounds like heaven to me!

  2. Oh your Patrick ..... I have visions of him creating a small village in the woods for all the stranded drivers. But in all seriousness, I hope he is safe and sound.
    Hopscotch is NOT easy. I can not balance and do all the shenanigans associated with the game.

  3. Thank you for your hopscotch commiseration, Susan. :) Patrick did make it safely.

  4. Glad he made it safely. I was envisioning him by a fire in the woods, constructing a litte fort to sleep in and drink his root beer. Glad he's getting some time with Gma. Way to go on the hopscotch. We brought our mini trampoline in the house, BIG hit after school. :)

  5. Oh yeah, heidi.


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