I'm married to a hairball

Does this picture look blurry?  I have to say I am sick of not having my old computer set up.  I totally cannot focus with this huge screen and the keyboard on my lap.  And the touch mouse...AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!  The wires we need should be here by the end of the week.  I look forward to catching up on my blog reading & commenting then. 

How are you?  I'm good.  Just finished working out (I exercised on Sat & Sun, too!) and about to clean the oven.


I turned it on to preheat last night and smoke started billowing out.  Not a good sign.  I sprayed some toxic cleaner in there before bed so I want to go see if it will wipe clean. 

I do have to say that my husband has been spectacularly funny lately.  And spectacularly hairy.  Are you watching Gold Rush Alaska?  Patrick looks like a cross between Dorsey (on Gold Rush) and Zach "Grand dad"Galifianakis.
I'm not kidding, so I guess it's a good thing that he's funny.

I've always liked a little facial hair but this is getting ridiculous.

I am now starving.  Making that little photo collage took a lot out of me.  :)



  1. Don't think I didn't notice you didn't come back on Friday. Nice to 'see' you today. I'm a bit jealous as Micheal's work won't allow facial hair (because it's run by old men who don't know how hot it is...). OK, back to work! ♥

  2. Good job exercising seester! I am only doing it because you are, not on my own free will. The shape of my buns depends on you. NO pressure. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA


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