isn't it february yet?

Patrick is home safe and sound after traveling to and from Superior in lots of bad weather over the weekend.  Thank God.  We watched Gold Rush Alaska together last night and I just kept squeezing him, so happy to have him back with us. 

Our weekend went pretty well.  We played outside for a long time on Saturday morning and had a lot of fun.  We came in when mr. pickles woke up and instead of everyone being happy, everyone was very unhappy.  what the heck?  The house was a mess, the kids were crabby, the baby was up.  We needed a plan.

I called to invite a friend of James' over for the afternoon, but not until 2pm.  It was 12:30, that meant we had a lot to do in an hour and a half.  We all worked on picking up the house and by the time Blake got here everyone was in much better moods.  Ruby bothered the boys for a while and then her and I worked on valentines while Nicholas took his afternoon nap. 

That evening we watched "I used to be fat" on MTV.  James loved the show and was inspired to pick up my weights about half way through to pump iron along with the 18 year old boy on the show.  very cute.

On Sunday morning James and Ruby both exercised with me while Nicholas slept.  (Thank God babies sleep.)  After that we went to the Pinewood Derby for a very long time.  James' car didn't do very well and he was pretty sad when he got home.  (I left with the baby & Ruby after the Tiger Cub races were over...a friend brought him home a while later.)  I asked him what I could do to help him feel better and he said "give me a cupcake and play ropes & ladders with me."  Done.  He was fine after the cupcake but the game cemented the better mood.

As an aside...have you ever played Chutes & Ladders?  Well, Ropes & Ladders is the same game, just a 1954 version with pirates.  It is soooooo cute, I will take a picture of it soon.  I threw away our Chutes & Ladders years ago because that game takes a painfully long time.  The other night we all played R&L and it was taking forever, which I had warned Patrick about.  And to make it worse we were all shaking an unbelievable amount of ONES.  Not kidding.  We ended up using 2 dice and it makes the game much more fun.  (shorter = more fun.) 

I'm in the mood to go somewhere today but we are getting a lot of snow so it's probably not a good idea.  bummer.

I did a sexy body workout this morning that I found on Charter On Demand.  Holy cats!  I am so sexy now!  haha, just kidding.  I have been working out for 2 weeks now (daily, except for one very bad no good rotten day that I never told you about) and definitely see some improvements.  First of all, I am not as stiff when I get up in the morning.  That was driving me crazy and making me feel old.  I'm not like a spring chicken now but do feel a lot better.  Also, I totally have more energy in the afternoons.  I am still tired at the end of the day but can really tell a difference, especially during that crabby, low energy time of day. 

I haven't lost any weight yet but remember before that I lost an average of one pound a month by just adding exercise and keeping my diet the same.  Not a huge loss but better than a gain!  (Plus all the other benefits.)  I also remember that after a while (and I do already see this a little) I wanted to make healthier eating choices in order to take care of this stronger & healthier body that I'm working on. 

I think my baby is up and he might have a present for me.  A big stinky present.

Oh baby says UP and MAMA now.  I think mama might mean milk more than anything but I'll take what I can get.  :)  He also nods his head when you ask him a question, both affirmative and negative, but doesn't always get them right.  He is right about 50% of the time.  :)  I gave him a bite of cupcake (no frosting) on Saturday and as we walked out of the kitchen he started signing "more" faster than I've ever seen him do it.  I understand, baby.



  1. I loooove that picture of pickles! He is so flippin cute! I miss you guys!! xoxo seester

  2. He is so handsome!!! You are like flippin super women over there!!! I admire you. Love, Melissa

  3. Love the teeth!! Makes me laugh when I think about it.


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