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  1. When my mom came at Christmas she was bewildered to find our drinking glass cabinet full of jars.  Ha.  I had neglected to share with the world that we use a lot of recycled jars as glasses now.  I just like them!  We mostly use jelly & salsa jars but there are a few pasta sauce ones thrown in there, too.  For years I have saved these jars but never used them for anything.  (makes a lot of sense, right?)  When visiting my sister (I think it was for her wedding) I saw that she kept small amounts of baking stuff in her empty jars (yes, she saves them too.  no, we had never discussed this.)  and thought she was brilliant.  Now I do that, too.  They are the perfect size for those little bits of brown sugar or chocolate chips you usually have left.
  2. I love how Ruby calls Nicholas wubba or chubba.
  3. I just plain love Ruby.  She has the tiniest little face.  Yesterday we were being crabby with one another and I asked her, "What would happen if we were both just really nice for the rest of the day?"  She said she didn't know but we should try it.  It was a really nice day.
  4. James and Ruby have some elaborate games going in the lower level and they have been playing down there for over an hour most afternoons.  It is a combo of dragons/Mario/castle fort and they both seem to love it.
  5. Now that I mentioned it they will never play it again.
  6. Patrick's Grandma passed away yesterday morning.  It is sad but we know she is not in pain anymore.  The hardest thing is that it was pretty sudden and she was totally with it the whole time...she knew she was dying.  :(
  7. Patrick shaved last night.  The funeral is on Saturday.  I want to go but he is leaning towards going himself, which I understand.  I went to my Gramma's funeral myself, too.  It was nice to just be with my family and catch up with those I hadn't seen in a while.  We'll see.
  8. I have toilet paper and scotch tape over my right pointer finger because we are out of bandaids.  Makes typing even FUNNER.
  9. Nicholas just fell asleep and I'll have to wake him up in 30 minutes.  I knew I shouldn't have let him sleep in this morning but I really needed that shower.
  10. Nicholas was up about 100 times last night.
  11. I still loved seeing his smiling face this morning.  Isn't that odd?
  12. Whenever I have to wake him up early from a nap he is really sweet about it and I always say to myself, "He is so good natured."  He really is.
  13. I love when my obliques feel like someone is pinching them.  That means it was a good workout.
  14. I just took chocolate chip cookies out of the oven.  
  15. I am not worrying about losing weight right now.  One thing at a time!
Okay.  I could probably go on and on and on and on but I have stuff to do.

I guess I feel like there is something I should be doing but I'm not sure what that is.

Maybe eating a cookie?



  1. I have you beat, Carson was up 101 times last night screaming for hours at a time....darn babies! When will it end?

  2. You are cute seester. it is hard to study when your seester has a blog.

  3. Eat the cookies, eat the cookies:) It was great talking to you today.

  4. darn babies is right. I am thinking it will end in about 9 months. Right when they start being naughty. :)
    thanks seester and I am sorry I make life so hard. ;)

    you,too zoe. And I did eat the cookies!

  5. you are right annie......she is cute, isn't she?

  6. 1. Love the jar idea. Why have I never thought of that? you are brilliant!
    2. Love hearing about your sweet kiddos. I bet it feels like Nicholas has always been a part of the family, doesn't it? So fun seeing the older ones be tender and loving.
    3. What a lovely interaction betw you and Ruby, promising to be nice to each other!
    4. Sorry about Patrick's g'ma. Death sucks.
    5. I was way more "wake-the-baby-up-whenever" with #3 than #1, who was NEVER woken up early. And who seems more adjusted? Yup, #3.
    6. Does this count as a blog post for me too? :)


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