no ifs ands or (shakey) butts

James was sitting on the couch the other afternoon quietly talking to himself.  I thought I must have misunderstood what he was saying but I hadn't...

J:  Sometimes girls wear thin pants and when they walk you can see their butt cheeks shake a little or something.
S:  whaaaaa?????  Did you just say (repeats above)?
J:  yeah.  And sometimes when they bend over I can see the top of their butt!
S:  How does that make you feel, James?
J:  Disgusted.  I wish they'd just wear jeans.

Why is my son noticing girl butts at 7 years old?  Is this normal?  At least they gross him out still but I wish they weren't even on his little radar.


  1. I truly laughed out loud with this one :)

    Brayden gives all girls (young and old) the googley, flirty eye.. already..


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