Ruby was feeling better so she went to preschool yesterday.  yay!

Nicholas woke up from his morning nap as hot as a pistol and fairly miserable.  boo.

Ruby ate cookies played by herself so well all day while I held the baby.  yay!

My arms got sore and I was kind of bored.  boo.

I did get to watch some tv.  yay!

James came home from school feeling hot.  boo.

Patrick came home and gave me a break from the baby holding.  yay!

Baby didn't sleep well.  boo.

His fever broke!  yay!

We are all home today.  (the boo or yay is still to be determined...)


I took a bunch of pictures of sick pickles yesterday because he was so soft and mucky and cute.  (sick + pickles = sickles)

This last one is my favorite.

(the picture, not the baby.)   heehee.



  1. Love the bins seester! now, where did I put those cloths pins? hee hee Poor Mr Sickles! I hope everyone falls magically asleep at 6:30 tonight and sleeps for 8 hours!


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