more of the super exciting stuff like yesterday

So here are a few pictures of what's going on around here. I didn't try to make anything look nice, just snapped them. Real life, people. :) The first two show the TV. We ordered a new media cabinet for below it that will be mr. pickles-proof.  The third pic shows where the computer used to be and we ordered a small computer armoire (patrick hates that word) for right there.  My new (not fancy but I like it) file cabinet is moonlighting as an end table.  (I CANNOT wait to set that up with pretty new files!!)  The CPU (just the tower part of a computer...where all the guts are) will stay downstairs and in the new cabinet will be a monitor and printer and other random stuff I need for paying bills, etc.

I have to tell you, I am looking forward to having a regular mouse again.  I hate touch pad mouses.  Old school - that's me.

The "new" art shelf in the kitchen keeps a few more things out of pickles' reach and I'll be able to move my cookbooks to the top shelf, thus freeing up some cabinet space, once the DVD basket gets stuck in the new media cabinet.  (did you follow that?)  :)

I know this is incredibly boring to most of you but I also know that my family was curious as to what is going on over here.  :)  (and kari.)  :)

The last couple pictures are just baby being baby.  Sorry about the runny nose but that is standard these days.  The last picture shows him tumbling out of the basket he had crawled into a few minutes earlier.  silly pickles.

I have PMS.  NO FAIR!  I didn't tell you but I had my first, ahem, cycle around Christmas.  Christmas Eve to be precise, right when we arrived at my Dad's house.  nice.  PMS with January and no sleep just feels mean.

I am kind of kidding as I did get some sleep last night.  Praise the Lord!  Last night I was all sad and made Patrick lay on the bed with me and rub my head until I felt better.  He is pretty sweet.

I also have to clarify that I always joke about homeschooling but I have a friend that does it and I have always admired her.  I just know it would drive me batty.

Have a good day, darlings.  We are going to Trader Joes I think.  xoxo


  1. i like the new arrangement. i also second your thoughts on a mouse - i've had nothing but headaches with the touch pad on my new laptop.

  2. $259,000 for two bedrooms and two baths is ridiculous!!!! James is pretty damn cute but he drives a hard bargain. hehehe couldn't help myself.
    I love all the pics - you are doing some really cool things. I wish had a vision for our house. We did go to the home show ... that's a start, right?
    I love love love the expression on Pickles face in the pic of him in your kitchen. So cute :)

    Miss you much.

  3. Susan - I love your house! I always think about all the colors you have and want to paint my whole house. wood floors, too! miss you, too!

    kari - touchpads suck. xo


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