vintage stamp valentines

Here is a photo of the finished sheet of collaged stamps:

I love them all together.

Again, from yesterday, here are the hearts we made in GIMP:

After I finished the full sheet I wanted to try a couple of things.  Instead of working on my original I printed out a copy to experiment with.  (hello, captain obvious!)  (remember, I am functioning on very little sleep these days, friends.)

I cut a bunch of blue stamps into letter shapes and did this:

The blue didn't POP as much as I liked against the red background so on my printed copies I lightly colored the blue stamps with a blue crayon and that gave me more of what I was looking for.

This was fun to play around with and fun getting it all ready to share.  These 3 images are on Scribd as PDFs if you want to download them, click here to see the collection.  (I think you need an account to do so but it's easy to sign up.)  You might also be able to click on the image, then right click on the opened image and save it.  I think the quality should be pretty good.

If you decide to use these for your valentine crafting or anything else, send me a picture.  I'd love to see!  :)  If you publish anything using these images on a blog or website, please link back to this post.

I am posting this as part of Allison's Tell Me Tuesday on Vintage on the link below to see some great ideas:

(p.s.  don't worry, I will be back later with my usual drivel.)  xoxo.


  1. Fun! I love it! I don't know yet if I will use it, but I love love love it!!!

  2. Yay!! Thanks for linking up and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

    PS I think I need a business partner . . .

  3. Hi from MN!! These are awesome- thank you!! I am following :)


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