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Hello to you,

  I met up with my old friend Leslie Sansone for a walk this morning.  Remember her?  I used to talk about her all the time.  It was good to see her again, if only for 12 minutes.  heehee.  I did 15 minutes of Yoga first and that felt goooooood.  Oh, my body needs those stretches. 

I had a crappy morning up until the baby went down for his nap.  I had to give Ruby a bath which always adds a layer of stress to our already busy mornings.  I fantasized about cutting all of her hair off, maybe a super short bob, while I combed out her snarls afterwards.  Overall Ruby seems a lot better since when she was driving me mental a while back.  She is still a 4 year old girl, though, so there is always some drama.  Sometimes I look at her tiny face and can't believe she's going to school next year.  How bizarre.  I'm thinking of homeschooling her.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!  Totally kidding.  I am actually giddy when I think about next fall.  Isn't that awful?  Sue me.

Our computer, the main CPU, is now down in the basement so all I have up here is the TV and a wireless keyboard.  I took some pictures yesterday (for Kari.  Kari - I cannot believe they made Simon give back the ICEE!  That was crazy.)  (go read her blog for the strange, sad tale.  Kari's Korner - over on the right sidebar) but to get the pictures off of my camera I have to go downstairs.  I am soooo tired.  I just walked a whole MILE.  (one must start somewhere.)

I am finally reading Pillars of the Earth, a book recommended by my brother and sister in law.  Cheryl, my sister in law, sent it to me a long time ago and I started it last week.  I am almost finished and have enjoyed it.  Ken Follet sure uses a lot of words, though.  Oh my gosh, Ken, have you no editor???  Ha - I should talk, right? 

I know I have written a number of boring posts but this must be in the top 10.  My eyes are half closed.  I think I desperately need my coffee...it is 10:37 after all.



  1. Home schooling HAHAHAHAHAH That is what we pay taxes for right!! I mean if not what for ... trash??? come on I could take the trash to the dump, but home school????? HAAAAAAA!!!

    I agree about Simon!! Suckie people!!!

  2. hey - I just wrote a blog about how, in part, I am the I.T. person for our house and I don't even know what a "main CPU" is. So, I'm impressed by whatever it is you have going on over there. I think my computer is currently being held together by paperclips and gum.
    And yes, public schools are a wonderful thing.


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