afternoon (yesterday & today)


(calling out the front door for James)

J:  (no answer)
J:  (no answer)
S:  (gets on boots & jacket, feels a little worried, goes back to back door)
R:  (who was outside in the yard looking for him)  MOM!  I found him.
J:  (pokes head around side of the house)  What?
S:  Didn't you hear me?
J:  Yeah I heard you.  Why were you yelling AIMS so loud?
S: (bangs head against door frame)



I did the second mile of my new DVD (biggest loser walking one) today and loved it!  They use hand weights and it was a lot of fun and felt like a really good workout, even just doing one mile.  (16 minutes...kind of short but today IS Friday and Friday is for taking it easy in my world.) 

When you mention a walking workout to someone you can almost always see them trying really hard not to roll their eyes.  Don't be a hater!  Walking workouts are low impact but can be as high intensity as you make them.  Here is a mile with Leslie on you tube that you can try.

Go on...give it a try.  :)

My mom said I can keep talking about exercise so I'm going to.  heehee.  Honestly, if I can inspire anyone to do it, especially my mom, I will be so happy.

It's Friday!  We just got home from the thrift store a while ago.  It was nice to get out and see our buddies.   I picked up a huge stack of new books from the library earlier so I am pretty excited about that, too.  My US Weekly & People also arrived in the mailbox today.  Holy cats, that's a lot of good stuff for one day.

Tomorrow I get some time by myself.  I might be learning to knit, and I'm not sure what else, but don't really care.  :)

I drank yesterday's coffee this morning and that just isn't cool.  I need to go make a new pot.

Here is my baby, whom I find particularly cute today.  I like how he clings to my (very lovely) sweatshirt.

He is ticked because he cannot have the camera.

Happy weekend, all.  Enjoy that big game if that is your thing.  xoxo


  1. HAHAHAHA that is hilarious what James said!I can see your exact expression! lol Have a good day, sounds a lot better than friday did :)seester

  2. It was great see you today. Please no one yell at me if she starts talking all knitting.... it really is cool:)


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