I have had kind of a craptastic morning.

I hate that.

Here are a few pictures. I got this hat for Nicholas at WalMart for 50 cents. I do love a baby wearing a hat.

James is happy to be playing miniclips again.

Seester, these are the jammies I told you I stained.  sorry.
I think this one is funny, the fangs coupled with red eyes.  ha!

I am going to go work out again.  (I did a startling hard pilates video this morning.  Rather, I tried to do it.  For a lot of it I just laid there and stared at the screen, silently weeping.)  I got a new DVD at Target and want to try it out.  Besides, I need a little more of that natural prozac today.



  1. awwwwwwwwwwww.....sorry your day has been crappy. Good for you though, at least you tried to do the Pilates :). Nickolas is SO flippin cute. The fang one w/red eyes is a little scary though........I'm having dry popcorn that I got free w/a fill when I stopped for gas earlier today.....ick, but still, I'm eating it....sigh. In a minute I'll probably start one of my coughing fits too.....sheesh.
    Anyway, I love you honey...thanks for the pictures. Kiss everybody for me ok? xxxxx mama


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