for my valentines

I had such a fun time with my valentines this year.  I didn't make any last year so I was happy to be sending something out to all my loves again.

I was inspired by this up-cycled map stationery I thrifted years ago.  I let my mind wander for a few days, tried a few different things, and ultimately decided on this:



I made a different version for a few friends (with a pre-folded note that was with the set) but forgot to photograph them.  I had grand plans to send them to all of my friends but that got shelved when I ran out of time/steam.

Luckily, there is always next year.  :)


p.s.  My kids totally brought Target valentines to school and I am so okay with that.  ;)


  1. I loved ours! TRULY LOVED IT. So thoughtful. Thank you. xoxo

    BTW I am so sorry you were sick for so long! That is terrible. Goodness I am glad you are back on your feet.


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