I cannot believe it is 11:42

Our whole day is running late.  Nicholas is still taking his morning nap, at almost noon.  Patrick is still upstairs sleeping.  (he caught the dreaded man cold.)  Ruby and I have been down in the basement cleaning and purging fabric!  Yay!

I have another rule for myself that I'm implementing next week.  It might be the hardest yet.  I am also going to measure my body today...I wish I would have 4 weeks ago.  Even if there isn't much weight loss, I can definitely see small changes in the way my clothes fit.  I need to document that for myself. 

Either way, I've been exercising for 4 weeks and the benefits have been amazing.  I don't remember feeling this good about it in the past but I also started in the late summer.  Exercising in winter probably has twice the benefit, don't you think? 

That's not to say I am not sick of winter.  Let's be clear about that.  ;)

I shouldn't leave you hanging about my new rule.  It's not that it's secret, I just haven't worked out the kinks yet.  Something like, "no more thrifting for vintage stuff or fabric unless I list 5 items on etsy (per week) or sew one thing to try and sell that week."  Something like that.  We'll see what I come up with as I mull it over this weekend.  I just see all this cool stuff piling up for "someday" and someday really has to be "now" or I'm just going to chuck it all.

Ruby and I are having a date tomorrow...going to see Gnomeo and Juliet.  Looks so cute.  (I always love reading about Teresa's dates with her boys and miss that with my two big kids.) 

Alright.  Have a super awesome weekend!  LIKE, TOTALLY RAD!!!

(enthusiasm is fake but sentiment is real)



  1. ohmygosh......you better keep your new rule as it's what you've been harrassing me about for YEARS! I want to come on your date w/miss Ruby......
    Good job on your perseverance honey....I am enjoying you enjoying how good you feel about it....GO STEPHANIE!!!! XOXOXO to you all, mama mowanza

  2. Ally and I are going to see the same movie tomorrow as well!! If she is feeling better. She wanted me to take her today but I didn't think it would be cool to have her ralphing in the theater. ;)
    Great job with the exercising!!!


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