I knew it

I am just dropping by to tell you how my kids are driving me absolutely NUTS today. 

I gave James Tylenol and I knew I'd regret it.  As soon as it took the edge off of his fever he was well enough to get up and be a crab.  I'm bored, he kept whining.  GOOD, I kept replying.

They are all in their rooms now for an hour or I seriously would have lost my mind. 

Now, where did I leave my beer?


  1. Oh how I wish I lived near you!! My youngest is driving me batty. Refused his nap, yelled from his crib for over an hour "Am I done sleeping?!?!?!" with a horrible whine, all while I was trying to do school with Mason. sigh. i miss summer.
    I so hear you on the tylenol.

  2. If I lived near you I would come over with beer for you and wine for me. right. now.

  3. Just go to your cupboard and look at your jar-o-marshmallows. That will make it all better.

  4. OH Jules. You're making me weep with longing.

    Teresa - I tried it but it didn't work. Maybe I need an even bigger jar?

  5. A jar big enough to hold my parenting sorrows.




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