J:  (came downstairs at 6:45 and found Nicholas and I in the living room)  What are you guys doing up?
S:  Pickles couldn't sleep.
J:  I normally get up in the late 6s.  You know, before the 7s.  Did you know that about me?
S:  Yes, honey.  I normally get up in the early 7s but pickles is really the decision maker.
J:  He is your alarm clock and your baby?
S:  yes.

(you might need to really know James to see the humor here.  He had his very serious tone and look on his face when he was explaining what time he gets up.)

J:  I just want something, ummmmm, hot and kind of...meaty or something.  Like I want to bite something like that.  (thinks for a minute)  Like a hamburger!


R:  Mom, Sophia took a book right out of my hands today.
S:  She did?  What did you do?
R:  I did not punch her, Mom.  I just thought in my head, "Sophia is a jerk!" but I didn't punch her.

R:  (showing me a picture with pretty hearts and baby Jesus with a cross)
S:  That is very nice, Ruby.
R:  I know.  I'm sorry about what is on the other side.
S:  What is on the other side?
R:   (shows me)  Thunder shootin' at baby Jesus.
S:  (?!?!)  Why would you draw that, Ruby?
R:  I was mad at you.

oh dear.  I think we might need to talk about Him dying for our sins a little more.


I love how James kept coming in to check on me when I was sick.  He had his "caring and concerned" look on and would kiss my forehead.  so sweet.

Here is the new tooth:

And I particularly liked Ruby's outfit yesterday:

Warning:  Long paragraph about BABIES movie ahead:

Patrick and I watched Babies last night.  We really liked it.  We agreed that the Mongolian baby seemed to have the best life.  Living in a yurt, surrounded by animals, with a satellite dish and a laptop.  (minus the evil big brother)  We also loved the Namibian baby.  Although we wouldn't let pickles chew on an old bone or perfect-choking-sized rocks, watching her did make us want to throw our baby in some dirt and streams.  (watch out this summer, pickles.)  The Japanese baby's life was much like life in the US and not very appealing.  I did love when she was so frustrated with her toys, though.  LOVED that.  So cute to see babies try and figure stuff out.  Hattie's (the American baby) life seemed pretty boring, really.  I didn't find it offensive or that it made us look particularly bad.  Sure, she had too many toys (pickles could bury her with the toys he's accumulated) and spent time in a johnny jump up but whatever.  Overall I think they did a good job of showing how babies are babies, no matter where they are.  Also?  All mothers look at their babies the same way.  I love that.  I agree with my sister, it was too short.

What did you think of the movie?  Which baby life looked the best to you?

that is all.  xoxo


  1. I LOVE your kid's conversations!!! And btw, if you haven't yet, I think you should start reading Junie B Jones books to Ruby because she talks in the voice these books are written in. They are laugh out loud funny and about kindergarten & first grade.

  2. I loved all the babies, of course, but the scene I loved the most was the babies in the stream. Water=life=joy!
    Beautiful movie.


    ps-agree with Kathy on the Junie B books for Ruby. Amelia Bedelia is fun, too.

  3. Yed and I also liked the Mongolian baby best. They captured him so sweetly. I could have watched those babies for much longer. It made me realize how little stuff it really takes to raise a baby, but you already knew that...elimination communication anyone? It's not too late for Mr. Pickles to be diaper free. Remember how the Namibian mama wiped his butt and tandem nursed. She'd swing it over and whack the older kid in the mouth with her nipple!

    I vote for more kid conversations. I always love them and find them to so perfectly show your kids' personalities. You write everything so perfectly :) love you and glad you feel better,


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