later today (I mean right now)

Ruby and Nicholas are napping.  James is on his bed reading for another 45 minutes.  I dozed on my bed for a few minutes before the lure of fresh coffee got me downstairs.

Everyone seems to be feeling better today.  No more fevers, no more puking.  (Ruby puked yesterday but Ruby always pukes.  If given the option to puke or not to puke, her little body would always choose puke.)  We've had a nice day with just the usual ruckus.

I've taken my vitamins and exercised both yesterday and today.  I wanted something soothing today so I did a flow yoga workout (on demand) and it was a little too chant-y for me.  I just tuned that part out, though, and the stretching left me relaxed but with a nice sheen of sweat by the end.

I had so much fun watching the Bachelor last night.  It was hilarious and I was just so! happy! to be watching it.  I am so excited for Bachelor Pad this summer.  heehee!  fun.

Before I forget, this is for Teresa:

:)  She asked why I take the things I take and I guess it's because I've read such good stuff about them.  If you scroll down on this page you can see Dr. Oz's Ultimate Vitamin List.  I should probably add a calcium, and in June, WHEN I'M 40, baby aspirin.  Good thing I have a baby to poach them from.  :)  (I see the good Doctor suggests algae based Omega 3s.  crap!  been taking wrong health food for 3 days!!!!)

Here is Mr. Pickles reaching a shelf he is not supposed to be able to:

He looks a little defiant here, don't you think?  I mean, FOR A BABY!  jeesh, mr. pickles.

I love this picture of Ruby from yesterday.  She looks like she did when she was a newborn.  My little gigantic newborn:

My sister-in-law called me out on facebook for setting the valentine's day bar pretty high. 

Really?  I thought it sounded kind of garbage filled, but fun and easy, which is what I'm looking for.  :)  All of it involves some convenience item except for the cookies.  The pielets (?) will be made with pre-made pie crust.  The pizzas, pre-made dough & sauce, and the cupcakes with a red velvet box mix and 12 ounces of seltzer water.*  I am planning it this far in advance with the hopes that I'll be able to actually carry out at least 50% of the ideas.  :)  (if anything will get nixed it will be the homemade cookies.  fo rizzle.)  I will also add strawberries and red grapes for their color and to assuage my guilt about all the sweeties.

Also - you can get a set of 4 heart cookie cutters at Target for $4.99.  There is a larger size heart that will be good for the pizzas and sandwiches.

Speaking of Valentine's and (thinking about) candy and before I forget again, Jelly Bellys are peanut free!  Did you know this already?  I found out at Christmas time and James was very happy to be able to eat some of these yummy jelly beans.  Here is the info on their website, make sure to check packages as their might be some old ones (with the peanut butter flavor) still available.  (They also suggest avoiding bulk beans as who knows how old those could be!)

It seems there was something else but it's time to sign out for the day.

:)  Thanks for stopping by.  xoxo

ETA:  I remembered!  * Wendy told me about making cupcakes with diet soda and when I googled it I read you can also use seltzer water.  A couple weeks ago I tried it with a dairy and egg free cake mix and it worked great.  I also added 1/2 C of applesauce.  (as a binder, they are super crumbly without it.  yes, I had tried previously without it.)  So take your cake mix, 12 oz. of seltzer water (to avoid baking diet pop if that makes you squeamish) and 1/2 c of applesauce and mix together.  Bake as directed.  A nice & easy break if you have been making the same chocolate cupcake recipe for the last 6.5 years.  :)


  1. I so love those kids......the pictures make me lonesome but I still love seeing them. xo to you all. mama

  2. hmmm, I *thought* I left a long comment here yesterday but it didn't show up. i'll repeat...

    Evidently, I will now pattern my life after yours.

    I am retooling my vitamin intake.
    I plan to buy the heart-shaped cookie cutters from Target.
    I am still on my creative-jar-use quest.
    I will make cupcakes with diet soda.
    I exercised this morning.
    I even QUOTED your 12 minutes/day information.

    I'll just be hanging out here, waiting for more direction. :)

  3. hahahahahhaha- Teresa. this killed me! :) Now I've got to think of something good....


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