the longest week ever

My sister and I were talking yesterday and I was saying how BORED I was.  We thought maybe the 7 year parenting itch?  Sounds possible but I think it's more like the (feels like) 7 year WINTER itch. 

So sick of winter now.  So sick of being inside.

So, yeah.  Yesterday was pretty boring in my world.  I did next to nothing all day but rallied at the last minute and got that filthy bathroom cleaned.  I put Nicholas in the tubbie while I cleaned and he loved splashing around.  so cute.

Nicholas is barely signing right now...sometimes "where", that's it.  He does this adorable hand clapping thing that I wish I could get a movie of, though.  He also says "OW" right now and sometimes MA.  I think I remember this with the other kids...a burst of development and then back to their base level again.  (I hope.)  heehee.

There was lots of stuff I wanted to share but I just lost interest in blogging this week.  We shall see what next week brings.  I know I need to snap out of it, though.  We still have some winter left.



p.s.  I also hate taking vitamins.  I'm not sure why?  I've been doing it but it makes me kind of mad every morning.  Isn't that odd?  At least all of my shorts from before I got pregnant fit me again!  (they didn't fit last year)  That doesn't make me mad.

p.s.s.  Last night at bedtime:

R:  Mom, just to know, I will never say ASSHOLE.
S:  What???  Ruby!  Don't say that!  That is a very bad word!  (leaves their room) 
(a few minutes pass)
R:  (comes in sobbing)  Mom, I am so sorry I said ASSHOLE.  I will never say ASSHOLE again.  I know I shouldn't say ASSHOLE.
S:  Ruby!  Stop saying it!  It's okay.  Just don't say it!
R:  (sobbing)  You're mad at me.
S:  I'm not mad!  see, I'll say it, too!  ASSHOLE.  Now go to bed, okay?
R:  (stops crying.  smiles.)  Okay, goodnight.
S:  (to Patrick)  I feel like I just got played.

I love how James and Ruby both say "just to know" instead of "just so you know."  James also still says "yesterday night" instead of last night.  I hope he keeps that up until he is 8. 

Do your kids have anything you really hope they won't outgrow?



  1. oh that Ruby.

    It's good for me to come here and get a little perspective, since I've been a little single-focussed lately - probably to a fault.

    Finn still says "the next day" or "the last day". I don't see that ending any time soon. Used to amuse me. Not anymore.

    Enzo still talks about his bosses. His latest boss is named "Snowdrift".

    Alex talks about walking on his "tippytoes".

    I'm relying on your blog to help keep me grounded in what's really important, so thanks for sharing even the boring days with us.

    And? fix your computer speakers! there's a lot of great stuff out there to watch, if you want to come onto the (dark) side with me.

  2. oops - I meant to say that Finn's error used to annoy me. It did. It now amuses me.

  3. Ruby kills me!! i love her!!

  4. I think you got played also, but it made me laugh so it was worth it (all about me right?)

    I love that Ada calls it sprinkle time (spring time). I hope she calls it that when she is 70.

  5. Oh and what is Pickles doing with all that string (is he going to start knitting?) :)


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