more about that natural prozac

"Exercise not only spurs endorphins, but it can also help stabilize your mood by raising the level of neurotransmitters in the brain.  Going for a 12 minute walk may be the natural equivalent of taking Prozac, says John Ratey, M.D., an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain."

I clipped the above quote out of a Whole Living magazine a few months back.  The 12 minute part stayed with me over Christmas while I quietly whispered to my neglected body, "soon, soon, soon."

Do you have 12 minutes?


p.s.  I promise I will shut up about this soon.  Well, not for good, but I will stop mentioning it every day.  It just feels so good!  Get yourself some!  12 minutes!


  1. you don't have to stop mentioning it are inspiring me, too bad it's just in my mind at this point, but, at least I'm thinking about it more and recognizing that it wouldn't kill me to at least try :). hope you are all well and happy. xo, mama

  2. thanks mom. :) try a mile from that Leslie DVD I gave you! this weekend. do it.


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