my baby

Patrick and I think pickles might be the funniest of our babies.  Which is ironic because at first look he appears to be quite a serious little fellow. 

He's not.

He is so silly and clever and just seems to "get" so many things.  He woke up to nurse the other night and then fully woke up and wanted to play, play, play.  He was just cracking us up and Patrick said he must be having the opposite of sleep terrors, sleep jollies.  He said, "Should I slap him??"  heeheeeeee.

If I ever go in to get him after sleep and am wearing something different or something he hasn't seen before he will narrow his eyes at me.  He looks me up and down for a moment, seemingly to decide if I am still his mother, and then will carry on with his usual business.

I am just so in love with him right now.  I want to remember this because he has seriously brought me joy every single day of his life.  He is so perfect and squishy and darling. 

And his second big tooth is out and he's sleeping so very much better.  yay!  for a good sleeping period. 

I want to express how much this experience, the experience of being Nicholas' mama, means to me but I have such a hard time finding words these days.  I'm just so thankful.

I know what is next, you see, and it's coming quickly. 

I know he is going to get sassy and naughty and test, test, test me.  I know he will hit and bite and run away and have time outs.  I know his face will forever be one of my favorites but I know there are times ahead when I won't want to see it.  I know that I will love him the same forever but he will not be in this perfect little package forever. 

That's what makes babies extra perfect...their packaging.

Excellent marketing, God.


(I know this post doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  It really is just me trying to describe right now, with my heart just bursting.  Do you know that feeling?  xoxoxo)


  1. Yes, I know what you mean, and no one deserves to "burst" more than you. What a great mom you are.
    You are blessed, and so are your children!!
    Love you honey.
    PS Loved the Valentine!

  2. Aaaw seester, you are a wonderful mama.

  3. love you, Kristy and seester! xoxoxoxo


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